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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program


It's here! At long last. Just what you've been asking me for.

It is with absolutely ridiculous excitement that I introduce to you there very first of it's kind in Canada....

Introducing Canada's First Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

(Click here for ALL the details)

The time has come and this program is well needed in Canada. There is nothing being offered quite like it.

Here at Meghan Telpner Cooks, (formerly The Love In The Kitchen Academy), we have been working very hard to put together a complete and thorough culinary nutrition training program that offers both practical, every day natural cooking skills as well as going deeper into an exploration of the therapeutic properties of the foods we eat and how we prepare them.

This well rounded program includes hands on cooking classes, demonstration style workshops, reading materials and includes Meghan's own tutorials, along with recommended reading lists, take home study assignments, cooking and menu planning assignments, involvement in community food events and practical co-op placement, as well as 'on the job' training around prep and planning for classes.

We are confident that we are presenting the most complete, extensive, fun and delicious Culinary Nutrition Expert Program that we could dream up.

You have been asking for it! It is now here!

We are very excited to introduce Canada's first and only Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

We have done our best to outline as many details of the course as we can below. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions.

Program Outline

Certification requirement: Completion of  a minimum of 200 hours of  training over 12 weeks.

Holistic nutrition, clinical nutrition, dietetics, homeopathic, naturopathic and medical health training is extensive. We spend much time with our heads down in books, researching, writing and then finally working with clients and patients.

Unfortunately, very little emphasis is placed on hands on cooking techniques, holistic food preparation methods and how we can actually make all these foods we know are good for us, taste delicious, be easy to prepare and get our clients/patients to also get on board. Without the hands-on cooking experience, we will have a tough time inspiring others to be eating this goodness.

This course combines hands-on practical cooking (and eating), a series of demonstration workshops taught by Meghan Telpner and a selection of qualified instructors, a collection of required readings, documentary viewings, and tutorials along with take home cooking and food prep assignments.

This program was developed as a collaboration with The Canadian Association Of Natural Nutritional Practitioners to address the needs of the professional nutrition industry as well as by individuals wanting to take their skill level to the next level.

You do not need to already carry any professional designation to apply. See application guidelines below for further information.

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Curriculum: Fall 2011 Year

Part  A: In Class

  • 10 Week Cooking Program (Beginning Thursday  September 23rd, 2011) (30 hours in class/hands on training)
  • Ten 2-hour Workshops with a minimum of 6 workshops taken before December 2011).  (18 hours demonstration/education)
  • Attendance at the Foods For Healing workshop, Sunday, November 13th (5 hours demonstration/education)
  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Education Sessions with Meghan to present home-study projects and evaluate past projects. This will be conducted Wednesday afternoons at 3:00pm via phone/skype/video conference. (6 hrs) Should you not be able to join the conversations live, they will be recorded and made available. At least 70% must be participated in.
  • Two in-person sessions for all students tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 6th from 6:00pm- 9:00pm + Sunday, November 27th, 2011 from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. (6 hrs)

Total In Class Hours: 70 Hours

Part B: Home Study/Practice

Part C: Research Component/Required Reading

Part D: Co-Op. Practical Skills Development

(Click here for ALL the details)


This is school and will require some real time. We anticipate the in class time to work out to 70 hours after we include classes, workshops, meetings and final dinner event. Home study and practice hours could easily surpass 135 hours, depending on how you work in the kitchen and how quickly you can do your own dishes. What we're saying here is this is a commitment and we only want you to apply, if you believe you can make the time for this.

Should you choose to take on this course over a 3-month period, early September- early December, you can expect the following time commitment:

  • 3 hrs/ week for cooking classes (additional 4 hours if assisting)
  • 2-4 hrs / week for workshops (additional 2 1/2 hours if assisting)
  • 4 hrs / week in your own kitchen
  • 3 hrs / week reading/watching/writing
  • Video conference chats 1-2 hrs every other week (these can be recorded for your convenience should you be unable to participate live).

Application Process

We wish we could welcome in everyone who wants to join us, but at this time, our space is limited to just 5 participants for the first running of this program. We will be reviewing applications and interviewing applicants as they are received.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • 2 Page essay on why you would like to be a Culinary Nutrition Expert and how you hope to use your new skills.
  • A Resume
  • Any other information, links, references etc. that you think might help us in getting to know you better.

Application Deadline for September, 2011 Program is August 10th, 2011

(Click here for ALL the details and tuition)

What Can People Call You After?

This program is recognized by The Canadian Association Of Natural Nutritional Practitioners. (CANNP).

Through Meghan Telpner Cooks, upon completion of the program in a timely manner with full effort put into all classes, workshops and assignments, you will be granted the title as a Meghan Telpner Certified, Culinary Nutrition Expert.

You will also be encouraged to list yourself as Meghan Telpner Certified and emblems/logos for both designations will be provided that can be used on your website or other promotional materials. We will also feature the outstanding work of graduates on our own website.

Still pending: We are working closely with The Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP) to create a designation that grants you a status under their esteemed organization. At this time, we cannot confirm what that title will be or cost for application. We are hopeful that this will be confirmed by mid July.

What Can You Do With These Skills?

When all is said and done, there is a whole lot you can do with the skills and knowledge you will acquire and this is in high demand! Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Run cooking classes
  • Teach cooking at community centres, youth centres, schools etc.
  • Meal planning
  • Cooking/catering/private dinners, events or delivery service
  • Cook book development
  • Recipe tester
  • Community dinner party host
  • A better nutritionist, dietitian, naturopath, doctor etc.
  • Work here with us!

Further Questions???

This program is brand new and still in development. Should you have any questions, or would like to make any requests or recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us by email at hello(at)meghantelpner(dot)com or by phone at 416-558-0233.

10 Responses to “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program”

  1. peace said…
    How exciting! Congratulations :)
  2. I am SO excited :)
  3. No wonder you have been so busy!! Congrats - this is amazing!!!
  4. I hope this goes over amazingly! If I lived in Ontario, I'd be all over it but it's a wee too far of a commute from BC! Bring it west my dear, run with this!
  5. Beth said…
    I have been following your website and blog for a long time and I'm very happy to see you starting this course. As a qualified naturopath, I feel this is an essential area that is all but neglected in such education. I imagine your personality and energy will quickly make a success of the program. I hope it will expand to Montreal in the future so I can participate. Best of luck.
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  7. Awesome. Congrats, Meghan!!!
  8. Andrea said…
    That's awesome! I'm so flipping proud of you. I'm seriously going to consider applying, even though finances appear to be a barrier. Questions: - Do workshops taken with you previously count towards certification? - Is this program compatible with having a day job? (Is there time to do both?) You're going to rule the world some day.
  9. Marilene said…
    WOWZERS! Amazing Meghan! This program sounds so perfect. I'm all booked up for school in 2011-2013 but maybe afterwards...Lucky 13 never cease to amaze me:)
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