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Big Reveal Of An Exciting Little Project


Did you catch my segment on Breakfast Television last week? If you missed it, do check it out. You can watch it online here.

Since the show last Friday, we have been flooded with requests for events, interest in our scholarship, and of course oodles of class registrations (I have included the full schedule at the bottom of this post).

The power of TV continues to amaze me! Which brings me to something very special I've been wanting to share.

Over a very, VERY cold two days way back in March, some extremely talented people came together to put together this little project for and with me. They see the potential and are helping others to see it to.  Are you ready for the big reveal???

We put together this little pilot/demo. A full TV crew went out on the streets of Kensington market with me as I chased down people in -30 weather to ask them about squash. We went back to my kitchen, I cooked up a bunch of squash recipes and we went back out to the street to get some taste testers.

Though I have done TV work before, I was amazed at how many people, how much equipment, and how much thought, planning and post production efforts go in to such a project. I am forever grateful to the people

I would love to know what you think (and please leave my overly made-up face and frosty make-up out of this. I know!)

Here are links to the recipes we created in the show.

Here are some pics from the shoot.
Check more behind the scenes pics on my Facebook Page.
Hope you are having a beautiful long weekend! We've got more love coming to you this week.
See you soon!
Much love,

Upcoming Classes at a Glance


Tuesday, September 13: Veggie Loving Transition (4 spots)

Thursday, September 15: Meal Prep Made Easy (4 spots)

Sunday, September 18: Get Baked: Gluten-Free

Tuesday, September 20: One Pot Wonders

Thursday, September 22: 6 Week Complete Cooking Program (1 spot)

Thursday, September 22: 10 Week Total Goodness Cooking Program (1 spot)

Sunday, September 25: Eating For Awesome Energy

Tuesday, September 27: Elixirs and Herbal Medicine


Sunday, October 2: Smoothie Up, Juice It Down

Wednesday, October 5: Detox Made Easy

Wednesday, October 12: Keeping Breasts Healthy

Saturday, October 15: Raw Food Power

Sunday, October 16: Meal Prep Made Easy

Tuesday, October 18: Edible Beauty Care

Wednesday, October 19: Raising Healthy Eaters

Wednesday, October 26: Everyday Supplementation

Saturday, October 29: Elixirs and Herbal Medicine

Sunday, October 30: Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats


Wednesday, November 2: Use This, Heal That

Saturday, November 5: Get Baked: Gluten-Free

Sunday, November 6: Veggie Loving Transition

Monday, November 7: Blood Work Explained

Tuesday, November 8: Smoothie Up, Juice It Down

Thursday, November 10: 4-Week Flavours Of The World Cooking Program

Sunday, November 13: Foods For Healing

Tuesday, November 15: Raw Food Power

Sunday, November 20: One Pot Wonders

Wednesday, November 23: Meal Prep Made Easy


Sunday, December 4: Edible Beauty Care

29 Responses to “Big Reveal Of An Exciting Little Project”

  1. Patrizia said…
    Congradulations Meghan!! I loved the demo! You look beautiful-radiating health and joy. I like the premis of bringing the food to the people and the streets. I don't have TV but I may have to reconsider that if you get your own show ;) I really am looking forward to your cookbook-I love your recipes-they never fail! You're changing the food world a little more everyday- how great!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      If I get my own show. It's 'when'. ;) Working on making it happen.
  2. Carlen said…
    Haha I watched this a day or two ago as I'm subscribed to you on Youtube. ;-) Awesome demo and those burgers look delish! :D
  3. Jennifer said…
    I really enjoyed watching this! You are beautiful!
  4. Theresa said…
    Loved it! I'd watch =)
  5. Deborah said…
    Loved it!!!! The street interviews were great :-) xoxoxox
  6. Ami said…
    Loved it!! We def need more shows out there filled with good quality info for people!!!! Plus it always cheers me up seeing your bright sunny outfits and smiley face :)
  7. Erin Budd said…
    Well done! It made me want to go out and buy a butternut squash (and in fact, I did, after watching the episode on Saturday!) It also made me realize how much I am loving the summer now and that I would really love to not be here in Toronto in the winter!
  8. Nancy D said…
    Fabulous, Meghan! How could everyone not want to try those squash brownies?? You would have a super fun show!
  9. Five Seed said…
    OMG, I would LOVE to watch you on TV!! You're awesome! These look so yummy, I can't wait for the squashes to get into the grocery store this autumn!!
  10. Dana said…
    this is amazing i would LOVE to watch this! congratulations :)

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