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Born This Way: Epigenetic Goes On


True fact: my mom Patsy and I look alike. The photo above, which you may remember from last year, is my mom at 22 or so, and me at 31. Yep. We look alike.

Here we are now- me at 32 and my mom at 60.

Yes. We still look alike and yes, my mom looks all kinds of awesome. Not awesome for 60, just awesome.

The truth though is that I don’t come from a great gene pool at all. Sure- we’re stylish, pretty smart, and oh-so-attractive (right? right?), but the genetics, when it comes to sickness, actually blows monkey balls. My mom and dad are each the middle child of three. My father and both of his sisters have had cancer. My mom’s younger brother past away when he was 31 with cancer and her mother at 48 with cancer. My mom’s father has had cancer twice. I’ll spare you the auto-immune family tree but it’s a long one.

This is why epigenetics is so important. The diseases of our family are not our birthright. Please watch this video. It explains the ins and outs of epigenetics.

If you watched right to the end of the video, you likely heard our science friend talk about how we’re kind of effed with all the accumulation of bad genetic tags that may have been passed down to us. I have to disagree. I think it just presents us with a greater opportunity to make greater change.

If tags can be passed along to us by our parents poor diet and lifestyle, that also means that we can work with the good stuff we’ve inherited or make amendments to our lifestyle to change up the expression of our genetics within our own lifetime in an effort to avoid succumbing to what ails others in our family.  This also means we can help dictate how our DNA is sequenced in our offspring. To me, that’s all kinds of awesome.

There are things I do and eat everyday to help me express my genetic goodness to its fullest potential and hopefully, in a long loooong time from now when it’s time to pop out the babies- I can pass that on.

My Top 5 Super Gene Expression Practices

  1. I choose to drink kidney and liver cleansing Dandy Blend instead of adrenal fatiguing and stress inducing coffee.
  2. I use only 100% edible body care products to reduce my carcinogenic load.
  3. I walk barefoot as much as possible to strengthen my entire body (starting with my feet) allow the nerve endings in my feet to get massaged to lengthen and strengthen my spine.
  4. I sleep at least 8 hours a night in absolute darkness to aid my hormonal cycles in staying balanced with day and night (and my monthly cycle keep up with the moon).
  5. I drink spring water and filter my shower water to improve hydration and reduce any chemical inhalants.

Does this mean I will never get sick again in my lifetime? Who knows. But as the saying goes “If the world were to end tomorrow, I’d still plant my apple tree”. (Tweet it!)

7 responses to “Born This Way: Epigenetic Goes On”

  1. Nikhil says:

    Absolutely pretty! Both you daughters… :) Suggestions. There are always free. 1. For once, let go of that tabulated DO’S and DON’T. 2. Go live like you don’t care. 3. Die you must; everyone will. Don’t bother.

  2. Pam says:

    Hi Meghan. Thanks so much for the epigenetic information. In addition to the above, obviously you eat healthy and drink green juices and smoothies, I’m sure. As many of these practices stimulate the liver and kidneys to detox, what do you do on a regular basis to help eliminate the toxins from your body? Do you do coffee enemas or colonics? What is your advice to cancer patients who are going the alternative route to eliminate toxins? Thanks!

  3. Caralyn @ glutenfreehappytummy says:

    wow your mom is the fountain of youth!!! beautiful ladies:)

  4. Maria @skinwellness says:

    WOW!!! Amazing way to explain it, and amazing discoveries! Poor Darwin… lol
    Thanks for Sharing :)

  5. Jen says:

    I like that you admit that you don’t know if your efforts will prevent cancer. Somehow, this still resonates that it is worthwhile… I say this while someone in my family is trying to kick cancer’s ass.

    Thank you.

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      My feeling is truly that we we can’t control what comes into our path, the lessons we’re given or the opportunities we get to learn and grow- but I do want to know that no matter what does come my way- that I did all I could.

  6. Samantha Angela says:

    You’re so inspirational!
    My mom passed away from cancer and this is a good reminder that I need to take charge of my genetics. Thank you :)

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