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Call Me Bowel Betty


I woke up early with a little bit of a warm feeling thinking that on this morning, there are 92 of us together making great efforts to improve our health. I wonder if we can be 100 strong by the end of the day!

What a morning I have had and it's only 8:54 am! Morning cleansing, meditation, bike ride by the water, smoothie, tea. And you? How are you feeling this fine Green Smoothie Cleansing Sunday morning?

Yesterday after the call, I received an email from one of the Super Green Clean Participants asking about Psyllium. I realized in amongst those 42 pages (fine Ricki- 44) I forgot to add in the information on psyllium fibre.

Psyllium is one of the most health supportive, and powerful fibre supplements. It is like the great grand-daddy of the fibre world. And it is also gag-inducingly awful to get down. It is by far the toughest thing I do for my health but likely one of the best. Which is why I am providing more motivation for you to do choke it down. It is really like drinking a glass of sawdust.... or barf. Take whichever analogy you prefer.

What I can't believe is that I have gone through 8 some-odd posts pertaining to this Green Smoothie Cleanse and have yet to talk about poo, a nutritionist's subject of choice. My friend Josh (also a nutritionist) and I have joked that we could be a superhero team called the Bodacious Bowel Duo. I'd be Bowel Betty.

If you missed my little appearance on CBCradio3  show Lanarama a couple weeks ago, I talked about poop on national radio. The topic was Spring Detox. Appropriate. Listen here. (select the third audio file down).

I will now make up for lost poop talk time. Here my friends, are the reasons why I go through this each and every night (and why you might want to too).

Benefits of Psyllium Fibre

  • Laxative Effect - increase colonic contents (meaning bulk), which stimulates propulsion (meaning evacuation).  Psyllium seed husk is a fermented dietary fibre that increases stool weight and promotes laxation by its presence in poo and by increasing the moisture content of said poo.
  • Anticarcinogenic effect - The long and the short of it- the structure of psyllium fibre is such that it is like a magnet to toxic waste in the digestive system, grabs on for dear life and removes it from our bodies. In scientific mumbo jumbo "the first observed effects of butyrate on the degree of DNA methylation is probably associated with modified gene expression..." bla bla bla. It removes waste most effectively.
  • Intestinal Health - The colon of the human gastrointestinal tract contains a large population of resident bacteria. The stats: 55% of the solids in poo is microbial biomass. Psyllium is awesome at keeping the bacterial balance in our colon- which then strengthens immune function.
  • The Great Sponge- Psyllium can absorb a huge mass of water and other stuff. It has the ability to absorb, from our colon, excess bile, cholesterol and hormones like estrogen. If these aren't removed efficiently, they get reabsorbed. This doesn't mean the body stops producing them. The body will still produce cholesterol and so cholesterol levels go up. The body will still produce estrogen and so estrogen levels go up. And do we all know what high estrogen levels mean? Weepy tantrums during PMS and greater breast cancer risk to name two.

Yes- I know you can buy psyllium in capsule form but you'll be popping a whole heap of pills to get enough (and will be way more expensive).   I want to wear a badge of honour that proudly states "I down 3 Tbs of psyllium in one go". I started at 1 tsp and worked my way up and I have become accustomed to the saw dust in water thing it does. As bad as it is to do at the time, I am always mighty proud that I went through with it when all goes according to plan in the morning.

Yep. There was your dose of poop talk. Too much information? I'm over it. Everybody poops.

So how was your smoothie breakfast? What'd you have?

And still not too late if you want to join in the 3-Day Smoothie Cleanse! Better late than never!

41 Responses to “Call Me Bowel Betty”

  1. Jeff H said… January 22, 2016
    Hey everybody, Super psyllium husk fan here. The best way to drink three heaping tsp of psyllium will be to use super cold ice water. First find a large glass that can hold 25oz. Fill half with ice cubes and the rest with water. Wait 5-10 mins then remove the ice. Pay attention this is the important part, quickly add three tsp of psyllium and use a wisk to stir the mixture fast and vigorously then quickly drink it.
  2. betty said… June 29, 2016
    Had 1 tablespoon psyillium powder in 6 oz water. Now poo how much water to drink to have a poo
  3. Amy said… July 1, 2016
    Excellent info! Thanks :-) *I am on Protein and high Fat diet. I eat only 2x a day. Only the 1st inch of my BM is constipated. The rest is perfectly normal. I have developed hemorrhoids even though I made sure not to strain. I am taking 3 tablespoons flax 2x a day with meal. 1 tablespoon Psyllium Fibre with warm water 3x a day. **How many times a day are you taking 3 Tablespoons at once?

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