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What’s Wrong With Government Regulated Food Guides?


Is questioning convention too much for mainstream media? This article was rejected from The Huffington Post and we're not sure why. If they ever tell us, we'll let you know.

Do you look down at your dinner and see 680 calories? Perhaps a healthy ratio of carbs to proteins to fats? Maybe you see some fibre, vitamin C, beta carotene and just the right amount of Omega 3’s.

This is weird right? Looking at a plate of food without actually seeing the food.

Of course it is beneficial to bring awareness and mindfulness to our eating, but the counting, weighing, ratios and isolated nutrients turns our meal into a math challenge rather than the enjoyable nourishing endeavor it once was.

Let’s just discard all we know of the Canada Food Guide, or any other trendy diet. We don’t need a chart to determine what we should be eating. Intuitively we already know.

These generally accepted, mass-market-approved nutritional guidelines are recommended by doctors and dietitians, taught in schools, and fully supported (and sponsored) by the milk board, cow farmers, grain farmers and food industrialists. But do they work? Are we healthier now than we were 50 years ago, before we had these guidelines to follow? Our general attitude around food has become neurotic and a very confusing preoccupation.  Our health is suffering for it.

Here are two words that might change the rest of your life: Whole Foods.

I am not referring to the grocery store, but to the most basic, most natural form of food; foods that managed to bypass the chemistry lab and processing factory, making as few stops as possible in the shortest distance between the land on which it grew and the plate that sits before us. These are foods that have the goodness intactall present in the healthiest of ratios as they naturally occurred in nature.

To fully regain and maintain our health, there is no better guide than our inherent wisdom. We know what good food is. Relying on health claims and food labels hasn’t been working. If what we're doing isn't getting us the results we're after, perhaps it's time to change the approach. It is really that simple. It's not about measuring the micro or macro nutrient proportions, calories and subbing in fat-free or sugar-free/chemical-rich foods. Eating whole foods, a variety of whole grains, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, beans and lentils and leans meats, poultry, fish and eggs if desired, will be the last diet anyone needs to try.

When the body gets all it needs to heal, repair, recover and build, the natural state of optimum health and vitality is the inevitable result!

14 Responses to “What’s Wrong With Government Regulated Food Guides?”

  1. Andrea said…
    Jenny raises good points. I feel like another news outlet might have taken it but this post will make it around.
  2. No need for our plates to look like math equations! Eating whole foods is what it's all about!
  3. Meghan, This article is a great beginning to the discussion, but I see why it was rejected -- because you have not shown the evidence of the claims you are making (i.e. public health pre- food pyramid vs. now, etc.) even though there is plenty of evidence (you know just as well as I do, because it's how you came to your conclusions). You are a very well-researched health professional, and this article does not fully show it. I highly encourage you to add the evidence to this article and re-submit it; I'd love to read it in mainstream media. Your adoring colleague in health empowerment, Gabrielle

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