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Cheese and Mustard Sandwich


The other evening I was having a late night chat with our Superhero Lisa Borden about neurotic parents, people who still drink out of plastic, throat punching, and poisonous cupcakes, when she happened to drop in the little fact that she had just finished helping her son write a poem about cheese. Ryan,  a sweet as can be 10 year old, who was raised by the bully-cycling, envirothusiastic self-proclaimed bossy pants Lisa Borden, chooses to write poems on cheese, spend his allowance on mustard and is obsessed with chocosol.

Now, I am no parent, and hope not to be any time soon (hoping this combo of methods ensures that), but I still stand by my claim that if we raise kids on great food, connecting them with the people who grow their food, and give them the freedom to grow and cook some themselves, they will have one awesome relationship with the goods they need to actually fuel their bestest development.

Since I don't have any wee ones of my own, I just borrow other people's kids as proof that this is the truth.

Allow Ryan to be my first example. Every Saturday, Lisa and her fam head over to the Brickworks Farmer's market where Ryan works his shift with the Kozlick's Mustard peeps.

He is seriously in love with this food. Lisa sent over this pic of Ryan's reserved shelf in the family fridge.

Ryan and I have yet to get together to share our love of Montefort Cheese and Kozlick's Mustard over the best sandwich ever, or even to rejoice in our shared love of poetry. But until then, I will share with you my favourite new poet and also, my favourite sandwich recipe.

You may find it surprising that I am endorsing the consumption of cheese on this here mostly considered vegan blog. Incidentally, I have never labelled my eating habits for anyone else's judging pleasure. No need for that, now is there. But I do want to stress a few things choosing cheese. Get the very best you can get and enjoy it like the decadence that it is.

I think Kraft Single Slices and Fresh Sheep Milk Feta should even both fall under the category of cheese. They are very different foods. Don't you forget that when you order that slice of pizza slathered in ooegey googey high sodium homogenized plastic cheese-like substance.

If you're going to indulge, as with wine and chocolate cake, indulge in only the best. If a ten year old boy can get that, live it and love it, well, my lovers, so can you!

This sandwich is one that your very own ten year old (or even 6 year-old, or maybe even 50+ year old spouse) can make all themselves. You just have to have the goods in the fridge.


Meghan's Ode To Ryan Cheese and Mustard Sandwich

2 slices of your favourite whole grain bread (or one you baked yourself)
choice of favourite leafy green
1/4 cup sprouts of choice
2 slices tomato
1/4 avocado
healthy dollop of  Kozlick's maple mustard (or your fave dijon, non-fluorescent yellow variety)
3-4 slices of top of the charts quality sheep cheddar
horseradish (optional for extra kick)

  • Lightly toast your bread
  • Smear one piece of bread with loads of mustard
  • Smear the other piece of bread with avocado
  • Pile up your cheese, tomato, lettuce and sprouts on one half
  • Top with the other slice of bread and cut into triangles. Sandwiches taste better in triangles.


Question Of The Day: What are your favourite farmer's market treats?

10 Responses to “Cheese and Mustard Sandwich”

  1. Deborah said…
    A good extra-old cheddar with a good strong mustard is about my favourite food combo in the world!!! YUMMMMM!!!!! Ryan is very smart and what a cutie-pie :-)
  2. What a smart kid! Though I also eat vegan 95% of the time, I make exceptions for a really delicious hunk of goat cheese or some farm-fresh free range eggs for the market. Yum! xo
  3. Stephanie said…
    Oh my gosh, good quality cheese is where it's at! My hubby is from Quebec and they take their cheese quite seriously there :) Our mustard collection does not rival Ryan's (I don't think...), but we do have quite the selection!
  4. jamie said…
    Love this post :O)
  5. sarah said…
    That is an awesome poem. Cool kid!
  6. joanna schupp said…
    loved the poem!! writing about food is one of my favorite things. i won a poetry contest with my poem "scrambled eggs." while i eat cheese only a handful of times a year, i always enjoy it to the fullest.
  7. Erin Budd said…
    I completely agree that sandwiches taste better in triangles. That's the only way I eat them too.
  8. Andrea T. said…
    Love this. I too am a fan of Montefort Cheese and Kozlick’s Mustard (though I only have 3 or 4 varieties in my kitchen and only 2 are open). If I ever have children, I hope that at least one of them has the sophisticated palate that Ryan does. You shouldn't have to ever justify eating cheese or anything else. Hopefully people don't judge. If they do, I judge them as people who suck. :) My favourite farmer's market treats: Anything in season, really. I squeed when I saw asparagus, ramps and nettles- and I don't like nettles much. Also, farm-fresh eggs. Oh, and Fifth Town makes a great goat cheddar. And...and... (I could go on.)
  9. Jennifer R. said…
    Love it -- my Ryan is 10 years old as well :) And he loves going with me to pick up my goodies from my CSA.
  10. [...] one I made using one of my favourite ingredients that the ultimate foodie, 10 year old Ryan introduced me to, Kozlicks [...]

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