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Choice Is A Tricky Thing: The Cleanse Debate


I can't believe how many emails we've received in the last week asking for recommendations on what cleanse to choose. I am overjoyed that so many of you are open to taking this on- making 2013 the year for YOU. As it should be.

We can only give to others as well as we give to ourselves. As you may have heard last week- we're giving you an extra kick in the booty to help inspire you to get your health on with me and the team in the new year. When you register for any of our online programs this month, you'll get a complimentary hot off the presses hard copy of our ever popular Green Smoothie Cleanse (pictured above).

PLUS - and this is brand new- You also get complimentary registration in our brand shiny Make It Happen: Goal Setting Workshop (valued at $28).  You can also just register for the one workshop if you like right here.

No matter what program you choose, all of us will start together on January 12th with twitter coaching and of course, our sweet and quickly growing community in the private online forum.

What Cleanse To Choose? Let Me Break It Down For You

UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy

This is the ultimate full meal deal package. This is ideal if you have intentions to eat well but can't seem to get it together to actually make it happen. This program offers you all the tools, worksheets, sample meal plan + recipes, 21 entertaining videos and loads of reference guides including everything from how to choose and store produce to how to cook various grains. The whole program is plant-based, gluten and dairy free and has 9 cooking videos.

What you've told me about it: The program is amazing.  Almost immediately from the access of the first videos I was wowed . The way Meghan makes the recipes flexible and what to do with them is great. Salads were boring in the past, now they're fun. My son has been asking why I am adding nuts or dried fruit. I ask back does it taste good and yes it does.  My goal in the next month is to organize better and use up things that are amazing to my body. - Pam Sokoloski

Get all the details, preview videos and register here.

21 Days To Health

Three weeks to amazing health? Do it. In this program, each day for 21 days you take on a new health challenge, keeping up with the ones from the days before. By the end of three weeks you'll have effortlessly incorporated 21 amazing new health practices into everyday. We start easy with lemon and water, ease into with suggestions like flossing your teeth, packing your lunch, creating a sleep routine and so much more. Recipes are included as are checklists to keep you on track everyday.

What you've told me about it: It is seriously awesome. You've really put a ton of time/research and thought into it, and I love how it doesn't seem overwhelming, because it's ONE SIMPLE thing to do each day. There's no excuse because you've made it so easy. - Marie Poulin

Get all the details, preview video and register here.

The Fab Uplift Detox

The Fab Uplift Detox

This is a jam packed 16 day food cleanse. No gimmicks and no supplements. We start you off simply by cutting back on gluten, dairy and other animal based foods. For the main nine days of the cleanse, day-by-day we eliminate grains, beans, nuts/seeds to have one day of smoothies and juices and then bring you out by introducing food groups day-by-day. This program is amazing to help break old patterns, kick cravings and also to help decipher what foods may be contributing to any health challenges.

What you've told me about it: I just wanted to say thank you so much to Meghan and everyone involved in the Fab Detox. The entire experience was absolutely amazing and went way beyond my expectations! I have been eating plant-based and vegan for about 2 years now...  I had tried a few different types of “cleanses” where I was only drinking supplements or eating a particular bar and was completed starved and miserable for the 7-10 days I was doing this. Although I have been eating plant-based for some time now, I definitely wasn’t feeling 100%. I was not energetic and therefore was more of a couch potato then anything else. So when I saw that Meghan was running another detox program I was the first to sign up!! I must say that although what I was eating did not have to change very significantly during the cleanse, the way I started to feel and still feel is AMAZING! It was almost instant; I was so full of energy.  I wasn’t sure I would notice any physical change, but I was so thrilled to start feeling so amazing so quickly. I did lose a few pounds which felt great, but what I love more is how much lighter I feel in mind and spirit! I am able to concentrate much better; my mind is not cloudy at all like it was at times before. I just feel lighter all around! I have never been very “regular” for as long as I can remember, even when eating plant-based. But man oh man! This cleanse was like a miracle when it came to the bathroom department! I was doing little celebratory dances in the bathroom every morning and sometimes more than once a day!! Amazing!! - Tina Glaser

Get all the details, preview video and register here.

Gluten Free Cleanse

There is a major shift happening in our little land where in America, nearly 1/3 of the population is making efforts to remove gluten. We know it's a problem but too often we resort to processed replacements that are full of more junk like potato, corn and soy starch. This two weeks program educates you on why you want to kick gluten aside, how easy it can but and of course- how delicious. It includes 2 one week meal plans, loads of recipes and great info. When we ditch gluten we effortlessly will lose weight, increase our energy, focus and mental clarity. Try it!

What you're saying about it: Once again, I am blown away by the results I have gotten from one of Meghan Telpner's programs.  She and her team make it fun and easy to follow.  I feel like I can commit to sticking with giving gluten the axe for good.  I feel less bloated.  I feel more energized and am able to fall asleep much quicker.  My head is clearer, too!  I didn't realize that I was allowing myself so many small "treats" containing gluten.  Knowledge is power and that is something you will gain by participating in any program from Meghan.  For me it is priceless!  Thanks so much! - Amy Bailey

Get all the details, preview video and register here.

So then...

It has been a busy seven days of registration and as I write this, we have just 42 spots left. Are you in?

We'll be sending out the Green Smoothie books right after Christmas and expect them to arrive the first week of January.

Have a great weekend!






ps. Don't forget- the bonus goodies of a hard copy of the Green Smoothie Cleanse and Make It Happen Workshop are only available for December registrations and are valued at nearly $50. Booyeah I say!

2 Responses to “Choice Is A Tricky Thing: The Cleanse Debate”

  1. Claire-Louise said…
    Hi Meghan: I am interested in your program as I was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance, but also have a milk and egg intolerance. I use Almond Milk instead of milk, but not sure what to do about the egg intolerance. In many of your recipes you use eggs and wonder if you have a substitute I can use should I decide to purchase/attend your classes/recipes?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I too have an egg intolerance and so most recipes offer egg options. Not to worry.

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