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Choosing A Non-Toxic Personal Lube | MeghanTV


A personal lubricant is just that -- personal. But with all the options out there, it's important to make an informed decision.

Our first goal is, of course, to eat the best food, stay well hydrated and get in the good fats so we can all be happy, healthy, self-lubricating ladies. Of course, sometimes it takes more than just nutrition if we're under stress, recently had a baby, going through other hormonal shifts, are on the dreaded birth control pill (get off that thing!), or on some other medications.

So if all else fails and you need to lube it on up, do it right. The vag is like a second mouth. It's highly absorbent and whatever goes up on in there, is going up on in there! If you wouldn't drink it, it shouldn't be used on your delicate and highly prized lady parts.

You definitely don't want to use a lube with anti-freeze in it!

This is true and it does exist.

Lucky for us, The Red Tent Sisters (experts on all things eco-sexy)ย are back in the kitchen to share their wisdom when it comes to choosing the right lubricants.

In this episode, they share:

  • Which ingredients in lube could be causing chronic yeast infections.
  • The ingredient commonly found in lube that is also a main ingredient in anti-freeze.
  • How to improve nutrition for optimal natural lubrication.
  • Which ingredients you want in your non-toxic personal lube.
  • Their top recommendations for natural, non-toxic lubricants.

The Red Tent Sisters are truly amazing women and they have loads of awesome educational programs and empowering resources available. Hop on over to the Red Tent Sisters to learn more. If you are considering going off the pill, or simply want a better understanding of how to naturally approach birth control, you MUST check out this amazing program they offer.ย 

7 Responses to “Choosing A Non-Toxic Personal Lube | MeghanTV”

  1. Kika said…
    What about just using organic coconut oil? It seems effective and safe to me and no need to buy yet another product.
    • Kim Sedgwick said…
      Kika, thanks for mentioning coconut oil! That's definitely an option especially since, as you said, it means not buying another product :) We didn't cover it because it's not compatible with latex condoms (oils break down latex).
  2. Pia Sillem said…
    Add a heaping teaspoon of Maca to your smoothy or other breakfast. I'm 61 and after meno pause love making was pretty hellish. Maca is a supper food so I have been adding it to my diet just about daily. It's not overnight but after a few months on it I never need to use any lube anymore.
    • Teresa said…
      What an awesome tip to offer from someone who has been there. Thanks Pia, I will start on Maca today!
    • Wandi F. said…
      Where do you get Meca and what is it exactly?
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