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Choosing Possible Over Easy (And An Exciting Announcement)


Possible over easy Meghan TelpnerFor better or worse, I have never been one to choose easy.

Sometimes I wish I could. Sometimes I would love to just leave things as they are and coast — find a simpler path and collapse into the hammock of passivity that sometimes tries to lure me in. I trick myself into thinking life would be simpler, more light and breezy if I could just take the easy route, follow a path that has already been laid out, forgetting that ultimately it is our own footsteps that are the path.

Taking the easy route often leads us to creating, doing and being less than we are capable of.

We stifle our great potential at the risk of feeling safe/comfortable/fill-in-your-blank. Attempting to force our own stagnation is the surest path to our own suffering, whether that be in the form of loss of passion, crumbling relationships or the development of disease.

And so every once in a while, often when that fear sets in just before we make a big decision, we have to ask ourselves:

Do I want to choose easy, or am I capable of doing what’s possible?

We are all capable of choosing possible over easy. Possible is turned into reality by knowing that we are always able to put first what is in our heart to learn, create, try, share, do and be. And it is our responsibility to do so.

Easy or possible: Meghan Telpner #Quotasm

Anything is possible when we decide that it is.

How many thousands of great examples can you think of? We know of greatness not because these are examples of easy, but because they were possible.

This is me and this is you. Being who we are today and who we have the ability to be tomorrow means honouring the fact we are all capable of so much more than easy.

The result of trying to do what I believe to be possible has resulted in the most amazing gifts life could dream up.

Once again, I am taking a leap and attempting Possible. 

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program was once my dream to create, to fill a need for this type of education and make it accessible no matter where anyone may live. I trusted that because I felt the desire to create this, that it was possible.

I am thrilled to announce that we are now taking it to the next level, because that too is possible.

We at Meghan Telpner Inc. are building our very own school: The Academy Of Culinary Nutrition. 

The school will officially open its doors this Spring and will be the new home of the Culinary Nutrition Expert program along with several advanced Culinary Nutrition and Business For Health Professionals courses taught by me and other experts in the field.

The school will be 100 % online, making everything we offer possible to anyone in the world. A portion of tuition from every course will go to organizations that support people who have likely never known easy, and have only dared to dream of what is possible.

To be kept up to-date on the development of the school and our programs, please sign up for our updates here.

Are you ready to take on what is truly possible? Check out these love notes from our most recent graduates who proved to themselves what is truly possible!

Now what are you going to aim for, just because it is possible?

What can you make possible?

8 responses to “Choosing Possible Over Easy (And An Exciting Announcement)”

  1. Amanda (@PicklesNHoney) says:

    I love this post, Meghan. For years, I wanted to enroll in a culinary nutrition program and it simply did not exist! There were a couple of schools that had classes, but they required moves across the country and very hefty tuition fees. And then I found your online CNE certification. It’s a game-changer, and I could not be more excited to start classes this Spring! Congrats on all that you have accomplished with what is soon to be The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. We NEEDED this, and kudos to you for making it happen! Your story is so inspiring. xo

  2. Marianne says:

    Congratulations Meghan! You must be bouncing on the bed, over the moon excited :D

  3. Kelly Childs says:

    Congratulations Meghan! You rock this!! So powerful to see you pull this off and GO FOR IT!! xo

  4. says:

    Congratulations! I am so excited to be enrolled in the new SCHOOL starting in the spring!

  5. Tracey says:

    Well done. Clearly a lot of work, creativity and foresight went into this. I am particularly proud that you created this school right here in Canada, with an international flare and an intention to make it accessible to great people all over the world. Can’t wait for class to start! I keep thinking that one day there will be an Order of Canada for you!

  6. Laura-Jane The Rawtarian says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to find out more. Congrats!

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    […] me more clarity on my path, above all else, it has reaffirmed for me that you should never stop experimenting, learning and growing. It’s what continues to bring Meghan’s team success and what continues to bring me closer to […]

  8. Ross Galán says:

    Doing what’s possible is not always possible as there are many obstacles laid either by oneself or by someone else or may even be from the society, government, etc. Doing what’s ‘allowable’ and doable for the self and others may get us some sort of contentment.

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