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Coca-Cola Made My Day


What a beautiful hot summer's day. Nothing quenches your thirst on a day like today quite like an ice-cold can of coke.

What? As if.

The mere thought of chugging back a can of coke makes my teeth hurt and I can already sense that horrible furry teeth feeling that would surely follow that dosage of nauseating sweetness.

Was I the last to know that the 2009 slogan for Coke was "Open Happiness"? Open a bag of pea shoots. That is happiness! Or some fresh local strawberries, a home baked banana bread, a day at the beach, a sleep-in morning, laying in a hammock, dinner with friends... Happiness.

I opened a Coke... sunshine and rainbows did not come floating out. I didn't get a cuddle, or even a hug. Nope. No happiness. Just the nauseating brown syrup. Indirectly, however, the Coke did make me happy. Actually, given the day I had, it is possible that opening that can of Coke may have been the highlight of my day- thought this may not be saying much as my day included  taxes, banks, lawyers, trying on jeans, and a mean email from a dietitian (maybe a combo of my least favourite things ever - I might as well have gone bathing suit shopping and gotten a needle).

But Coca Cola totally made it all okay. Coca Cola made my terribly burnt stainless steel Paderno frying pan (almost) good as new. Amazing!

And before you go on telling me that I should have tried baking soda and/or vinegar and/or lemon. I did. No luck. Coke was my last hope.

I simply put the frying pan on the stove, cracked that red can open, poured out its' contents, turned on the element and watched it simmer away the black burnt up bits. I threw in a little scrubbing and just like that, if I squinted like crazy, I could see my reflection in my frying pan (skillet if you want to get shmanzy).

Not that there would ever be a next time, but if there were, I would get two cans of coke and a steel wool pad to scrub with. And I am sure you are wondering what I had done to make such a mess of the pan in the first place since I never really fry anything.

I did that to the pan by trying to toast brown rice tortillas. Oopsy daisy. Now I toast them in the oven.

Any tips you'd like to share on delightful and unexpected uses for everyday 'foods'?

15 Responses to “Coca-Cola Made My Day”

  1. Michelle said…
    That is so funny! I can't even imagine tasting Coca Cola... ugh. I made a great discovery the other day. I scratched the surface of my hardwood floor while yanking stuff out of the way to try and vacuum quickly with a toddler vying for my attention. It was a light coloured scratch... not a groove, just took the stain off. So I googled and found a tip about using nut meat! You crack open a nut... I used a pecan but there were others recommended. You rub directly on the mark and it darkens the scratch! Awesome, I was so happy. I have some more marks to work on with the nut meat. I also love the term "nut meat"!
  2. Leesie said…
    Off the top of my head I don't have anything to share...but if that's what Coke can do to your pans I can only imagine what it does to your insides! I was a diet-Coke fan...even wanted a six pack in the delivery room after my son was born (I did give up drinking it while I was prego-more than 16 yrs. ago;) I have since given up drinking soda altogether giving herbal iced teas and Kombucha a go. Thanks Meghan for the tip and video though. It's always fun to "see" you!
  3. Leesie said…
    Oh and how can anyone be mean to YoU? A certain someone needs to GET A LIFE!
  4. gettinggreen said…
  5. Cindy said…
    My hubs is a plumber... he uses Coke to un clog drains...HA and yes SIGH he drinks too much of it.
  6. Emma said…
    I am typing this comment while drinking a diet coke. oopsies. perhaps it can clean out my stomach like it did your frying pan ;)
  7. It's hilarious that you afraid of getting caught. I can imagine your reaction if you had been. I've heard that Coke is also good for rust. I've never been able to drink the stuff. When I was a kid the bubbles of carbonated beverages made my tongue hurt (my sensitive nerves) so I never developed a taste for it. "Bubbly sugary syrup" is right. All I taste is "sweet" when I drink pop. So gross. And people are addicted?
  8. Cindy said…
    wondering if you could (or have you) done a post on Kombucha tea? I love the stuff...wondering if it's really that good for you. thanks.....funny too..I am soooooooooooooo nauseous today... could hardly put a salad down...HUH..ME salad??
  9. Lynne said…
    As a nurse we use Coke to put down blocked naso-gastric tubes. It works. Scary, huh?!
  10. Taryn said…
    AWESOME! I am wondering how coke would work on a ceramic coated frying pan... I remember that my Mom used to tell me you could put pennies into Coke and they'd dissolve, yummm-ehhh. Hurm... my favourite tip is cleaning your kettle out with vinegar, it removes all that nasty build up that can funk up your tea. Just simmer 1/3 vinegar with 2/3 water on low for about an hour or so and rinse with fresh water. Voila! Wait, I guess baking soda isn't entirely natural, but whenever you spill on carpet toss that on and vacuum it up. If it is a stubborn old stain, sprinkle it on and scrub scrub scrub with a damp towel.

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