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Kicking Caffeine Dependency to the Curb


Wouldn't you know it, that after years of not drinking coffee (I drank tea during university when I pulled all nighters) I found myself at the ripe age of 22 years old becoming a coffee fiend.  After a trip to the magical land of Costa Rica- home to some of the best coffee in the world- I decided I didn't hate the taste of coffee after all, and that sweet little buzz it gave me really was worth all the fuss.  Drinking one coffee in the morning before work was harmless, I enjoyed the rich flavours immensely and would savour the warmth of every drop. When I started working in restaurants, the espresso machine called my name daily.  My innocent one cup a day turned into 3 or 4 and sometimes even 6 cups over the span of 8 hours. I was hooked.  After a while, though, the massive amounts of coffee felt pretty rough on my body.  I would go home and keel over in pain from gut rot cramps, or just shake my way home on the streetcar.

Flash-forward to the 2011 March round of the Fab Detox. I was well into my coffee obsession- bringing in a quadruple Americano to work every morning and jittering all the livelong day.  Mad props to Meghan, who sat next to me for those first 5 months without judging the ridiculous quantities of caffeine I was intaking, but perhaps she knew what lay ahead...

When the Fab Detox began, I went cold turkey on the very first day, even though the program offers great tips for weaning off your addictive bad habits.  The first day wasn't too bad, Meghan knew I would be withdrawing and so she made me a bev similar to this one.  I swapped in the morning quad Americanos for a warm cuppa Dandy Blend- which is a perfectly delicious coffee alternative that helps you detox to boot.

My energy soared and I didn't have my typical afternoon drop in energy.  I felt more clear headed, focused. The gut rot was long gone and my body was not overwhelmed with shakiness. I felt a new sense of empowerment knowing my reliance on coffee was over.  Now, almost 7 months down the road, I have stuck to most the healthy habits formed during the Fab Detox.

I still drink the occasional coffee because nothing will change my love for the taste...but that's okay!  The point is that I don't drink coffee every day, not even close, and when I do I savour each drop and move on. I am not chained to the constant up and down that accompanies caffeine dependency.

Maeve's Top 3 Tips for Ditching Coffee Dependency

  • Drink Dandy Blend. This stuff is not only amazing for detoxing the liver, because of it's Dandylion root, but also helps wean you off coffee without the headaches typically associated.
  • Load up on water, lots and lots of water.  Hot lemon or ginger water can go a loooooooong way.
  • Swap in the morning coffee for morning tea- ideally caffeine-free.

For my pals participating in the Fab Uplift Detox, if the idea of coffee seems to unbearable- take it from this former caffeine fiend, you can DO IT! This is true for ANY vice you wish to rid yourself of- whether it's meat, dairy, gluten or sugar. I am living proof and your guarantee that the Fab Uplift Detox is a real game changer.

Question of the Day: What's your favourite warm non-coffee warm beverage?

3 Responses to “Kicking Caffeine Dependency to the Curb”

  1. Raeanne said…
    I've never had a drop of coffee in my life. I've never cared for the smell or the taste - which surprises most! I love a nice loose leaf herbal tea though, so delicious and warm! Also there's nothing like some hot apple cider with a sprinkling of cinnamon in the fall months. I'm feeling cozy all of a sudden!
  2. Eleanor said…
    Mmmmm, hot apple cider with cloves. Camomile mixed with citrus zest is one of my favorites too. This post is coming at such a great time as I've been feeling a lusting for caffeine creeping back up on me lately. I'm going to make today a caffeine free day!
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