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Cookies for Mia Jean


My grandpa, Gene Telpner, was a journalist. A world famous one at that. My grandma Fritzi was diligent in keeping scrapbooks of all his writings and adventures that included photos of him next to the likes of Marylin Monroe, Alfred Hitchcock and the delightful couple of Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy (you know as a little girl I was most impressed with this one). He wrote a daily column for the Winnipeg Tribune and later the Winnipeg Free Press.  He was an entertainment reporter, and the only one of his kind. He never, ever, ever wrote an unkind word about anyone. The legacy of my grandpa Gene inspires me each and every day when I sit down to write, as I aim to do so always with integrity, truth and a special lightness that he embodied to the utmost.

Whenever there was a family occasion to celebrate- whether it be a marriage, a graduation, a new career, or a new baby in the family, my grandpa wrote it up in his column and so his readers became a part of his family.

Without it being my intention, I know that you, who read me daily, feel a part of my life and over the last year and a half have also come to know the supporting characters in it. In carrying on the tradition that my grandpa Gene established, I feel blessed to have this space to share the following:

It is with the greatest amount of love, joy and happiness, that I announce the birth of the newest member of the Telpner family. On Friday, February 5th at 3:34pm, my brother Michael and sister-in-law Carly welcomed their sweet baby girl, Mia Jean Telpner, into the world.  She is already a true Telpner, with a head full of curly hair and marching to the beat of her own drum, making her appearance ten days past due. She is a strong and healthy little thing and we are all settling in well to our first time roles. My brother and sister-in-law as first time Dad and Mom, my parents as grandma and grandpa, Carly's parents Bernie and Judi as Zaidy and Baba.  She is the first great grandchild of  grandma Fritzi and the third of  Zaida Harry. Mia Jean has her Uncle Joey and Aunt Kat to keep her giggling, her Uncle Michael to teach her how to kick it on the dance floor and me, her Auntie M., to dress her up in pink and sequins, tiarras and tutus, to jump on the bed, swing from the hammock and eat cookies for breakfast.

When you love someone this much, all the rules go out the window. They will be healthy cookies I promise.

This is Mia Jean Telpner with her grandma Patsy and her Auntie M. I have never in my life been around anything so pure as life, that is just three hours old.

20 Responses to “Cookies for Mia Jean”

  1. dakota said…
    Masel Tov! Blessings! Congratulations! All of it! There is no Greater Joy than a new child to Love and Spoil Endlessly! She is beautiful.
  2. Jeana said…
    Congrats to all and lots of love to little Mia Jean. Being an Auntie is the best job ever! I L-O-V-E LOVE it! I know you will too!
  3. ashley said…
    Bright blessings to you and the newest little member of the Telpner family. She is so precious. How lucky she is to have such a wonderful family to be welcomed into!
  4. Michelle S. said…
    Wow... your family life will be so enriched by the beginning of this next generation. I remember watching my nephew enter into the world and it was literally one of the most incredible moments of my life. It sounds like you are in love already -congrats!
  5. Cherie said…
    Congratulations to you and your family Meghan!! Sooo happy for all of you and Mia Jean (love her name) is so beatiful! It's exciting to think about all the wonderful moments ahead for all of you. Thanks for sharing your family's special time with us!
  6. Sham said…
    congrats to all, what a special time for you and your family!
  7. Lindsay said…
    Congratulations to the family -- enjoy your time together!
  8. tova said…
    enjoy your time with the newest purest addition. health and happiness to all.
  9. yay, congrat on being an Auntie and to your brother & sis-in-law! that is one cute baby!
  10. [...] year and a month ago, I announced the birth of my sweet niece, Mia Jean, in a post entitled Cookies For Mia Jean. The gist of it was that all the rules go out the window as you fall head over heels in love with [...]

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