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Cutting Off My Hair. Living My Creed.


Does cutting off waist-length hair in one shot make me brave? Nah. But I did it. When I made a brief mention about it on Twitter- I couldn't believe the reaction. Hair seems to be one of those things. So many of us carry it as a wee little form of comfort blanket that sits happily on our head.

What happened to me was that I had long, long hair. And then when I got sick- and it all started coming out. I chopped it off. When I got healthy again, I began growing it back. I grew it longer and longer and longer, and it got curlier and curlier until- I stopped having the time to care for it.

This week we are shooting all the pics for my book. I decided there was a good chance between now and when my book comes out next year, that the scissors were going to meet my hair. And so I did it. I thought it might help me look all of my 32 years. No such luck, it seems.

My stylist took my hair in a ponytail, and in one fell swoop- chopped it right off.

Everyone in the salon was all "oh my goodness!" and "you're so brave" and "you're so calm". No way. I am just really a-okay with change. Something about daring to be different, creating a fresh new path whenever I can... just how I roll. It's in my nature. As a kid I used to rearrange my bedroom furniture all the time. Two years ago, I wanted to cut my hair off and my then hair-dresser talked me out of it. I went straight from the salon to get my nose pierced (took it out a few months later). When I am ready for change, it's got to happen immediately.

This seemed like an easy one. It's just hair.

We've all had bad lids at one time or another. When I was 18, I decided I wanted a Wynona Ryder haircut which, at the time, meant my head was essentially buzzed. I have never looked uglier in all my life. But you know what? It grew back. It always does.

When I was in university I also cut my hair short. When my mom first saw me she blurted out "Oh! Do you want to cry?"

Hair is just one of those things. I don't regret it yet. At all. We'll see what happens when I land in St. Lucia and the curls fight to come back. I may end up looking like a poodle.

The way I see it- it is just one more step in the direction of living out my creed. Today sure is the day. I will always break the rules. And so far, I am digging the new do. Even better- my love sweet love has a brand shiny new nick name for me.

Short Cut.

I like it.

Question Of The Day: Do you fear the scissors? Wear the same clothes everyday? How do you dare to be different? (Because I know you are! Everyone is!!!)

24 Responses to “Cutting Off My Hair. Living My Creed.”

  1. Five Seed said…
    It's really cute! Love it!
  2. Marilene said…
    You look great Meghan! I have a fear of change in general but changing my hair style has never been an issue. From one short haired girl to'll love it! And unruly, curly short hair in humid St. Lucia will look super cute :)
  3. Brooke Yantzi said…
    Amazing! Well said! and I LOVE your poster with all of your creeds! Laugh at the ridiculousness of seriousness! HAHAHAHH AMAZING! BIg love girl!
  4. Love it!

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