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David Wolfe: Nobody Wants To Be Tea Bagged



This is the fourth time I have seen David Wolfe speak in the last year. And you know what? He has yet to say the same thing twice, continues to inspire a greater level of health and still has the best sound bites of any speaker ever.

How can you not love a man who, when talking about brewing the best teas ever, will proclaim that “Nobody wants to be tea bagged”. He’s right, for certain, but makes a great point. If you have been drinking herbal teas for years, then get away from the tea bags and just throw fresh herbs in your pot and let them seep for an hour, maybe four hours, maybe with the super herbs and mushrooms you keep it going for a week. In his own words- “Add some goji berries to take the edge off the herbs, or add vanilla to just make it ridiculous”.

That is pushing our limits of what we do for our health to the next level and that is why David Wolfe remains relevant after touring, teaching, educating and most importantly, continuing to learn after 17 years in the nutrition field.

The last weekend of August saw the raw powered community from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and as far as the States converge on the sweet paradise that is the Land of Living Libations in Haliburton for an annual walk and talk in the woods. David “Avocado” Wolfe focussed much of his talk on mushrooms. Of course he did.

If you are already eating the best food ever, consuming the best herbs ever, it is then time to move onto the most powerful mushrooms ever.

Now, don’t expect David Wolfe to tell you about the benefits of broccoli or celery (though did you know that if you plant the celery bulb, it will grow into celery? And juicing broccoli helps to break down the bad estrogens associated with cancer?). As he travels around the world for from Peru to Iceland to Hawaii seeking out the best in traditional healing foods and merge it with the greatest advancements in modern technology- he continues to lead the way.

If you are just starting to eat your broccoli and perhaps just moving from white bread to whole wheat, you may not be ready to bare your soles (of your feet) and trudge through the forest looking for the king of all mushrooms. If you are still eating your 70% cocoa chocolate bars, you may not be ready for raw cacao shakes for breakfast.

What did David Wolfe introduce us lucky peeps to at this weekend event? The next big thing in the world of superfoods, and that is what he is calling the “Golden Coins”. These are 100% raw cacao beans, dehydrated with the flesh of the fruit still on them. For some odd reason he never explained, this has been a tough product to bring to market.

When we were in St. Lucia on my Nourish Your Soul retreat last January, we visited a cocoa plantation and were introduced to what the locals called “Rainforest M&Ms”. We were eating the fruit right from the cocoa pod- and sadly, spitting the beans out, for not knowing better. This year when we visit, I fear my guests may be leaving with more than just sea moss and lemongrass in their luggage. Chocolate trees abound on this sweet island- though sadly, most goes to Hershey’s.

If David Wolfe says to eat the whole bean, raw, fruit and all. I will.

Some of the other awesome highlights of this nutritionist’s version of a day at an amusement park were raw cashew cream cupcakes, sundried tomato wraps, Ron’s special blueberry pancake wraps with tocotreinols, loads of kale chips and the sweet treat of the day - Chaga Lattes- a delicate brew of chaga with some maca and we had our choice of enjoying it with or without colostrum. I had it with, of course.

I might just have become a groupie. I will be hanging with David Wolfe and other fine peeps like Daniel Vitalis, Dr. Mercola and the always delicious Nadine Artemis in Costa Mesa, California September 24th-26th at the Longevity Now Conference.

Question Of The Day: Who continues to inspire and influence you towards living the healthiest life ever?

6 Responses to “David Wolfe: Nobody Wants To Be Tea Bagged”

  1. fartygirl said…
    Who inspires me? YOU! Actually I just started following Wolfe's tweets and podcasts. He is FULL of info that I've never heard before. I can totally see why you love him so much. He rocks. I can't wait to hit up his books. :)
  2. Oh wow that looks like such a cool event!
  3. Lori said…
    I've seen David Wolfe speak once and it was amazing. He is so full of energy. He's truthful and in your face and engages the audience. He's definitely awesome and inspirational. And he loves his cacao beans. ;) I am inspired by myself, actually, and all the amazing healthful bloggies out there! I've gained so much knowledge and amazingly creative recipes through my blog and others'. :)
  4. renee said…
    I have read some negative things about raw cacao lately. Are you familiar with these thoughts. Here is just one link to the ongoing debate I would like your thoughts as I was having raw cacao daily until I read about the dangers. What do you think? Renee
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I am not an expert on cacao- but I know that there is amazing health benefit and that I feel great. I think the only thing we should really have every single day of our lives is water- the rest I would suggest changing up.

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