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Homemade Parsley Hummus


Can we agree that it is a known fact that every time we go to the store, we tend to buy the same things each time- our staple goods? Often these are things that we know we could make but for whatever reason, over and over again, we fall into the habit of just buying it. No more mis amigos/amigas. We are gonna start doing it from scratch.

That there above was made from scratch by moi. A teff/buckwheat bread, with parsley humus and cheeseless cheese kale chips. (Wait- you haven't tried kale chips in a sandwich yet? Really? They're amazing! And yes, I was one of those kids that put salt and vinegar potato chips in my sandwiches)

There are certain things I refuse to buy at the store. They are, in no particular order:

My reasons for doing so, in no particular order:

  • Fresher
  • Less package waste
  • Waaaaaaaaay cheaper
  • Waaaaaaaaay better quality
  • Waaaaaaaaay more delicious

Think of that one (or multiple) thing that you always buy in a package even though it can easily be home-made. You know that I’m a big proponent of doing things the old-school way. Why let a company put icky preservatives into my salad dressing so that it can last five years unopened? I don’t want my food to age prettier than me! This means that there is something seriously wrong with it. Let’s all save ourselves the gross chemical aftertaste and get whisking, simmering, blending, or whatever it takes to make your favourite “store-bought” goods.

Reasons Why Home-Made Kicks Butt

  • Tastes better. You really will be able to taste the difference. Many companies load their products with preservatives to make them shelf stable, and colourings to make them appealing. Thank you, but I do not need Yellow #5 in my salad dressing. These additives are 100% unnecessary in our diets and often give foods a strange aftertaste. However, when we’re so used to eating these packaged goods we may not notice. Try going off all the synthetic stuff to recondition your taste-buds.
  • Costs less. You have the freedom of not relying on any company to do your cooking for you and they are no longer eating up your money. The ingredients that you need to make your own stuff cost a fraction of what the final store-bought product would cost. Take salad dressing for example – all you need is a bottle of apple cider vinegar, some raw honey, a good quality oil and you’re pretty much good to go. These bottles will last you a long time so you can get many dressing batches out of them and use them in your other cooking endeavours as well. I bet you already have some of the ingredients you would need sitting in your pantry. I mean, who doesn’t have a bottle of olive oil around?
  • Healthier. You control the ingredients. Instead of putting canola or soybean oil into a dressing, dip, or sauce you can put flaxseed, hemp or olive. That simple switch will do wonders for your health. Genetically modified (GM) canola and soybean oils are commonly used in commercial products because they are cheaper, mild-tasting, and the GM crops are abundant because they are banned in most other countries so we have nowhere to export them to. These oils are inflammation triggers. We do not need anymore of that in our lives. Soy is also a common allergen, far too abundant in our diets. When we make our own condiments, we get to add what we believe to be health promoting and delicious ingredients. It’s a done deal.
  • You Get Bragging Rights. When you serve, for example, a dip and home-made crackers at your next soiree you can take every ounce of the credit.
  • Know The Source. Now you can say that you do it all and you can involve your kids and loved ones in the preparation of these items. Maybe you’ll even take on a recipe that’s been in your family for generations but have shied away from because it seemed too complicated.

Parsley Hummus with Kale Chips

The hummus recipe you get today, the bread will come next week. Patience my love, patience.

Parsley Hummus
2 cups or 1 can Chickpeas, Rinsed and Drained
1/2 Lemon, Juiced
1/4 Cup Nutritional Yeast
2 Tbs Olive Oil
1/2 bunch of parsley
1 Tbs  Miso Paste
1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cumin
1 inch fresh ginger, chopped
1 Tbs tamari
2 Tbs of water if needed or more
sea salt to taste

  • Place all ingredients into your food processor or high powered blender.
  • Blend until smooth
  • Add water as needed until desired consistency is reached.

Are you a Hummus Junkie? Ready to add this to one of the things you make from scratch? Check out these goodies!

Question Of The Day: What item do you often buy, do you think you could commit to making from scratch? (Sharing recipes is much appreciated!)


35 Responses to “Homemade Parsley Hummus”

  1. Liz said…
    bread is my holy grail for this year!! it is challenging to make a whole grain loaf that the kids will gobble up like they do the local organic breads I buy! recipe suggestions welcome!
  2. I love homemade hummus its always so much better. I have never tried nutritional yeast in my hummus though... I cant wait to see how it turns out!
  3. Definitely down with the bread baking. Homemade bread is always SO much better than store bought. Especially when you sprout your own grains to make it ;)
  4. [...] of an awesome blog post I read this week from the lovely Meghan Telpner on just this subject: making foods from scratch! Her parsley hummus looks divine and is definitely on my list for next [...]
  5. Tracey said…
    I am going to be giving this recipe a try :-) Edamame Hummus 2 cups of frozen shelled edamame (green soy beans) 1/4 cup tahini 1/2 cup water (chicken or vegetable stock work as well) 1 lemon (about 3 tablespoons), juiced 1 teaspoon of minced garlic 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/4 teaspoon ground coriander 3 tablespoons of sesame oil 1 tablespoon chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley Directions Boil the beans in salted water for 4 to 5 minutes. In a food processor, puree the edamame, tahini, water, lemon zest and juice, garlic, salt, cumin, and coriander until smooth. With the motor running, slowly drizzle in 2 tablespoons of the olive oil and mix until absorbed. Transfer to a small bowl, stir in the parsley and drizzle with remaining oil. Garnish with sesame seeds if desired. Enjoy on whole grain crackers or with cut up cucumbers!
  6. Beth said…
    Canned chickpeas!!
  7. Delicious! RT @meghantelpner: Homemade hummus tastes better & costs less! What's not to love?
  8. Yum! RT @meghantelpner: Homemade hummus tastes better and costs less! What's not to love? recipe is green and glorious!
  9. I'm a junkie - yep, I am! (a homemade hummus junkie!)
  10. I am too! a home-made junkie, hummus junkie, & home-made hummus junkie! MT @meghantelpner I'm a homemade hummus junkie!

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