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Do Organics Still Have To Prove Themselves?


Welcome to Meghan's Extra Crazy Super Simple Lesson On Nutrition- and no, I don't need 2 million in funding to effectively communicate this.

See that plate above. That's a healthy dinner. It's mostly vegetables purchased from the local farmer's market. There is also some black rice with grilled onions, a little piece of wild halibut that's been poached and the veggies include asparagus, red and orange bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, green beans and some romaine lettuce salad- all seasoned and dressed with some good oils, sea salt and not much more.

There you go. Eat loads of plants, in many different colours, add a few extras and you're good. Hmmm... should I wrap this blog up right now then? Is my job done? How I wish!

Wasn't there just a little too much ninny, ninny, ninkumpoop nonsense in the news last week?

Between all the 'excitement' over the still useless USDA approved food guide, peeps blaming cukes and sprouts for the e. coli outbreak in Europe, the government suddenly realizingthat a poison might be carcinogenic, experts questioning whether there are health benefits in sprouted grains but confirm that a pharma chemical should absolutely be part of a heart health program. We also learned that  cells phones are not harmless to the brain after all, but at the same time that diet and lifestyle have little to do with deteriorating brain function. We should avoid spinach if we want to build muscle, goji berries aren't really that healthy, ovarian cancer screening does more harm than good, and the US government reluctantly agrees that it might be best not to inject arsenic containing drugs into chickens intended for human consumption.

And that was just last week! Can you tell that I read the health section of newspapers for complete and total entertainment value and little else?

No wonder peeps are confused. After going through last week's headlines, I actually was beginning to feel like the health section of some major newspapers reads a lot like the old school National Enquirer. Where is the invasion of aliens from another planet coming to abduct the first born in the red house to the right of the green house on the uphill street on the full moon when the sun is in gemini?

And in amongst all of this, I am called in by a major Canadian News Network to comment on "The Organic Myth" and whether it is all just fakey fake nonsense. Seriously!

Is it human nature to make our lives waaaaay more complicated than they need to be? It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. To put it simply- (as stated above), how can we accept that a chemical, man-made drug is going to help a failing heart, but not trust the value in food grown chemical free, in a natural, seasonal state from our very own earth? Why is the onus always on the plants to prove themselves worth our time, money and effort to chew them?

If you missed my interview, have a watch...

Now, maybe as adults we do like things more complicated. That's okay. So here is a grade schooler to make it all crystal clear for us.

All clear now?

So let's answer Elise's question from the above video..

Question Of The Day: What potato would you rather eat?
Hint- the answer should be easy.

Question Two Of The Day: How do you decide what produce to buy and from where?

15 Responses to “Do Organics Still Have To Prove Themselves?”

  1. Peace said…
    Let's reiterate "Really complicated..." It's funny how anything with dangerous chemicals has been accepted as the norm and consumers need to be convinced that (truly) natural/organic goods are better for us. I loved Elise's video. Thank you for sharing.
  2. karen napper said…
    Another Megahn Telpner in the making!! I love the kids today, they are incredible!!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      They know more than we do! Probably because they don't read the paper.
  3. Vanessa said…
    So cute!!! I love her!
  4. Joy said…
    Great video on CTV News Meghan! Way to set the record straight. There is so much confusion around organics for people.
  5. wow, that last video is shocking! Thank you for sharing.
  6. Deborah said…
    Elise's video was fantastic! I loved it. Makes me happy that I get my first CSA box of the season tomorrow :-)
  7. Greta said…
    Aw, Meghan, you're so cute in that video! Well, so is Elise, but honestly, you're even sweeter.
  8. Kristen said…
    Omgoodness she is the cutest thing ever!! One big problem I have in my area is that none of the local farmers are "organic". So usually I end up buying my organic produce from whole foods. I've tried to do the local but not organic stuff but after researching more about pesticides and icky stuff like bud nip I'd rather not support farmers who use chemicals, local or not.
  9. Emily said…
    How cute is she?! It makes me happy that kids are learning this stuff so early on. I wish we had known these things when I was that young! Meghan, you mentioned the cell phone/cancer link and I remember a while back you had said you would do a post on how to avoid the harm our phones could be causing our bodies (and that those silly stickers and protectors don't work). Maybe the answer is simple, and it's to not use your cell phone much, but I would love to see this post you were going to do on it! :)
    • Erin Budd said…
      Hi Emily, here's a pretty good article for you to read.... Here are a few tips for lessening exposure that I've picked up: use your cell phone as little as possible, text if you can instead of making a phone call, don't carry the phone on your body (ie. not in your pocket), use speaker phone so that you are holding it away from your body, if you must hold it to your head, switch sides so that one side isn't getting all the exposure (less exposure on each side vs. a lot of exposure to one side), don't use your cell phone in the car, don't use it in low-signal areas (it has to work harder, emitting stronger signals..). I think most of these are written in the article I pasted above.
  10. Dana said…
    loved the video! even more convinced that organic is completely worth the money (always have been, but it is hard when on a student's budget and also when my parents get annoyed that the grocery bills are too high...which happens every time that I am home! )

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