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No One Likes A Teese


Greetings and salutations to all of you and an extra special hip-hop-hooray and hello to my 5 -Day Vegan Challengers. How are we feeling on day 1 of this goodness eating challenge? Excited? Inspired? Energized? Gloom and doom and off to the nearest greasy spoon for bacon and eggs?  Have no fear- your Vegan Cheerleader is here!

Since you all know what needs to be done, what you need to be eating or more important, what needs to not be eaten, I will spare you any more preaching on the bennys (short for benefits) of giving veg eating a go and instead turn my attention and nose up to soy. Consider this part 1.

This past weekend I rocked it out veg style at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair. The largest of it's kind, apparently. I did an hour long Cooking Demo/Circus Performance where I cooked and chatted and laughed and totally spazzed out and had a grand old time. After the spectacle, I was famished. My beautiful assistant Ashley and I went on the hunt for some lunchy-lunch and realized very quickly that there was nothing to eat. We were at the Veg Food Fair and couldn't find anything to eat. It was all soy. And not soy in usual soy forms. There was no tempeh to eat, not even tofu, which would have been fine. No.

We were a couple whole foods, healthy girls that were being swallowed up by the land of Plastecine soy foods that had been configured into all manner of quote surrounded "meat" foods. You could get tofurky, tofham, tofacon, and teese (see pic above). This was a faux-cheese food-like product made from soy, soy by-products and other sorts of nitrates and preservatives and carried an expiry of Jan 2010. Good thing too because if anyone were to eat this any faster than that, I am pretty sure they might grow an extra breast or more likely drop a testicle. The scariest bit of all (aside from the faux-cheese in the plastic tube) was that this was the last one! Apparently there had been a run on Teese!

Ashley and I left the Veg Food Fair starving after inhaling a cookie (we at least knew what was in it), sucking back a coconut each and munching on some left over Quinoa from Marni Wasserman's cooking demo. The best snack we had was when we were driving away from the veg fair and a bunch of Jehovah's Witnesses surrounded my car and gave us bags of peanuts and raisins (and you know how I feel about peanuts).

The challenge I have with the Veg Fair is that it is designed as an event to help expose people to the veggie way of life. My intention with 5 Days Vegan was in part to expose peeps to a meat-free way of eating, but also to do so in a healthy way. Healthy veggie eating does not include 'tofham' and 'teese' sandwiches.

Check back tomorrow where I get down and dirty on why I say No-fu To Tofu! And if you are participating in the Vegan Challenge- be sure to follow me on twitter to get coaching through the day!

Here are some more pics from the fair!

V for Veggie!

Look at that crowd!SANY2152They just kept pouring in!

SANY2153And I was doing my absolute best to wow 'em all with my lemon juicing prowress.

DSCF9056They say it's good to make an audience laugh. I don't know about them but I was making myself laugh a whole lot.  I kinda felt like I was on an infomercial. And I totally dug the microphone. I want to get one to wear around my kitchen at home so I can chat and once in a while give the old "Is this thing on?"

DSCF9044Check out my sexy-hot-stuff assistant over there on the right. Hi Ashley! You rocked!!!


Team Making Love In The Kitchen (decked out in matching T's and all!)SANY2162

Re- hydration Time from my all time fave bevvieSANY2163

Aaaand I'm done. Passed out on the faux-grass. That's right. Vegetarian Food Fair. Outdoors. Fake grass. Went with all the fake food being served. Weird. IMG_6679

31 Responses to “No One Likes A Teese”

  1. Alex said…
    I was soooo disappointed in the food quality/selection at the fair too! I had come all hungry and ready to eat on some healthy veg, but ended up scrambling for some whole, nutritious food. I don't eat wheat, dairy, soy, or sugar, so it was a big challenge. It's sad that what is marketed as a "Health" expo has turned into a "Look at all this fake stuff we made!" expo. It gives vegetarians a bad name, man. I stopped in to see you make falafels were great! I was at the very back though so unfortunately I didn't get any samples :(
  2. Judy said…
    I wanted to make it to TO for that weekend event, but unfortunately I didn't. I am continuously amazed and disappointed by the lack of whole foods in most 'vegan' and 'vegetarian' diets. (Processed) Soy is so over-consumed in our society, and we are just now starting to see the negative health effects of such a diet. Many people following these diets do it for ethical reasons, and forget about health. Too bad.
  3. Andrea said…
    Hey Meghan! I felt the same way about the fair too...all these gimmicky products make us vegetarians look bad. As someone who spend the more years chowing on fakin' bakin', chickenless nuggets and tofurkey then she would like to admit...I feel really passionate about speaking up and fighting against the so-called "health foods"! Arr...they are so backwards.
  4. Marie Poulin said…
    Its funny, but I think all of those products are there to lure "meat-eaters" in, and to show them that veggie food can taste good too! But we're not being true to the other vegans and vegetarians that are looking for "real" healthy options, and not just meat substitutes. I would probably have kept going along merrily eating my fake meat products (in moderation) had I not sat in on your demo and talk. Now they have no appeal to me! I always thought being vegan meant having to buy all sorts of crazy health food products that would be really expensive... or only being able to eat vegetables, and I thought it would take so much effort to be creative and get all my vitamins/minerals/protein, etc. Now I realize, you are just introducing the more natural things that should be there anyway, like nuts/seeds/grains etc... I've been making 1-2 of your recipes per day for the last few days, and I seriously feel amazing. I am really, really glad I stumbled upon your talk/demo! Thank you so much for the inspiration, I'll see you around the neighbourhood! ;)
  5. Glad the fair went so well! I hear ya! I walk a fine line answering people's questions on dairy-free without blurting out my own personal health opinions. I know a lot of people aren't ready for a foodie life without labels ... but I can nudge them that way ;)
  6. Meghan Telpner said…
    Me too! I have a feeling the influence will be reciprocated :) Parkdale united.
  7. Lindsey said…
    Meghan...I'm a couple of days behind starting the vegan challenge. I'll probably start it on Thursday. I went grocery shopping and couldn't find several of the ingredients for your recipes and was wondering if you have suggestions for substitutions. I'm going to try to go to a natural food store in the next day or so, but I live in a smallish town in the southern part of the U.S. and I have to drive a ways to go to a specialty grocery store. I couldn't find: buckwheat, any of the specialty flours, tempeh, sesame seeds, red lentils, pumpkin seeds that weren't roasted and salted, quinoa, dulse, guar gum. Do you have any suggestions for when I'm unable to get these type foods? For example, can I substitute brown rice or couscous for the quinoa? Thanks for all you do....I'm very excited about this.
  8. Meghan Telpner said…
    My first suggestion would be to swap in other recipes where you do have what you need- that would be the simplest- other tips: Some Subs -buckwheat/quinoa- you could use: brown rice. cous cous is fine but it is a form of wheat so would contain gluten- which we are working on avoiding -specialty flours: you could grind brown rice in a coffee grinder or magic bullet to make a gluten-free flour -tempeh: I think this recipe you would have to substitute a different recipe- or use beans in place of the tempeh - sesame seeds/pumpkin seeds- could use a different nut or seed of choice (avoid peanuts though) - red lentils- be sureto check the bean/lentil isle of your supermarket. dried beans/lentil have been very standard I've found. You could always use a green or yellow lentil or even kidney, black, or any other kind of bean pumpkin - dulse- skip this snack for another - guar gum: ground flax with water until recipe/batter binds. Might be worth making the driving to stock up on all these's best to store your grains, flours nuts and seeds in the freezer if you'll be buying a lot for a few months, and just keep out what you'll need for a couple weeks.
  9. Crazy Charm said…
    I feel like you always have the quirkiest post titles!
  10. Meghan Telpner said…
    If I didn't have fun writing them, I wouldn't be doing this ;) And the blog is called Making Love In The Kitchen.

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