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What To Do With All Those Tomatoes?


In case you haven’t noticed, or maybe have only been shopping at great big supermarkets where seasons don’t tend to exist, this is tomato season!

I have been on the road, out and about for most of the summer and so haven’t had the right time to load up at the farmer’s market and spend days after cooking up the best of the summer harvest. At last I did and the first thing I tackled were my tomato favourites.

I was at the market yesterday with a friend who was literally gagging as she watched me bite into these wee little cherry tomatoes. She said that it made her think of alien eyeballs. Seems a lot of people have weird things about raw tomatoes. I have a cousin who won’t go near them and doesn’t even like to eat anything that has been touched by raw tomato. I get it. I was there once.

Somehow, over time, they have grown on me. And it seems that even the peeps who stay far far away from the raw tomatoes, have no problem when they are cooked into greatness.

Tomatoes are one of the few foods that have more nutrient availability after they are cooked or processed in some way (and by processed I don’t mean concentrated, mixed with sugar and called ketchup).

Now, most of us know that tomatoes are loaded with lycopene, an essential phytonutrient for keeping our prostates healthy. Since most of us over here at Making Love In The Kitchen don’t have prostates, here are a few more healthy tidbits for you:

  • Anti-oxidant: Loads of vitamins A and C, thanks to the beta-carotene. These vitamins act as anti-oxidants, working to neutralize free radicals.
  • Blood Sugar Balance: Tomatoes have plenty of the mineral chromium, which helps get glucose into the cells- helping balance blood sugar levels- very helpful for those with hypoglycemic tendencies and diabetes.
  • Vision: All that vitamin A helps improve your vision-  night blindness anyone?
  • Skin care: The high amounts of lycopene (found in many of those fancy shmancy skin care products) will help us out externally and keep our inside tissues healthy.
  • Hair: Back to that vitamin A- it’s very good for keeping hair strong and shiny.

This is what I did with all those tomatoes!

What did I make?

Oh what fun it was making a complete disaster of my kitchen. I am loaded up with tomato greaties for the whole winter through. No Nerf Ball Tomatoes in this fair kitchen of mine.

Question Of The Day: Are you preserving any of the summer harvest? What are you making/doing? Share links too if you can!

4 Responses to “What To Do With All Those Tomatoes?”

  1. jen said…
    Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! I used the Vitamix and it only took a 1/2 hour to wash, core and chop the tomatoes! You can read my tomato story here:
  2. Karen said…
    I love canning! Pickled yellow beans, peaches (all the ones in the store are soaked in syrup - yuck), tomatoes, dill pickles, beets, and blueberry & strawberry jam (using Meghan's recipe of course!). The winter has colour in our house :)
  3. Alex said… cherry tomatoes are like candy! I'm using the big ones to make a big ol' pot of chili tomorrow. I tried your ketchup by the way, and it was yummers! Thanks Grandma Meghan! :)
  4. Naocqui said…
    Hi Meghan: Do Sun dried Tomatoes count as raw food? Thank you!

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