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Healthy Living For Hormonal Balance


What comes out of our body is pretty much a status report on what's going on inside. Pardon the visual but we know that green snot is a sign of infection. How about loose poo? Perhaps a bacterial infection, yeast issues or nerves. You get the idea. The best way to know what is going on inside, is to have a peak at what's coming out. Periods are part of that little clique. They are a part of nature, as are we. But when was the last time any of us city dwellers took the time to escape the pavement to check out the beauty of the season and hug a tree? We ignore the natural cycles that surrounds us, and operates inside us.

We can tell a lot from our hormonal health by looking at things like how long our cycles are (meaning how often we are getting out period), how heavy or light they may be, the colour, the amount of clotting etc. - all those ooey gooey details that tampons (did you read this?) help us to ignore. That's why I am a huge fan of the Justisse Method and why I chart my temperature with It's good to know where I'm at in my cycle. It helps me keep track of how and why I feel the way I do. In my lunar cycle tutorial, I go into details as to the moods and emotions that are associated with the different times in our cycles.

The monthly period is like a cleanse for the vag. We go on funny diets to cleanse our digestive systems, bowels,  liver. Cleansing the vag is easy, all we have to do is let nature run its course. The period is the body's way of washing out the uterus and vag of sperm and bacteria. It's like a sweet little self-cleaning oven.If we aren't putting our best period forward, perhaps we should think about addressing this from the root cause, rather than popping a pill and waiting for the next problem down the line to rear its ugly head. It always does.

The best remedy for regulating hormones, and all imbalances in the body is of course, first and foremost, with a clean diet. If we can keep it clean going in, we can let the icky grime and toxins find their way out.

Do I need to remind you what a good diet is? Whole and minimally processed foods will do it. Simple changes like brown rice instead of white rice, whole grain flours instead of refined flours, natural sweeteners instead of sugar. Really? Do I have to go on? Keep it fresh and keep it clean.

And get off your bottom! Regular exercise helps promote hormonal balance. In addition to the estrogen we may be taking in, it is also produced and stored in fat cells. Excessive estrogen levels can also make it harder to lose weight because estrogen can contribute to insulin resistance.

Regular, moderate exercise helps maintain proper hormone balance by maintaining a healthy weight or assisting with weight loss in order to reduce production of estrogen to normal levels.

Additionally, exercise releases endorphins, the hot bod's pain numbing chemical. These endorphins also help to relieve stress and what happens with high stress? Mood swingalings! And of course yoga helps calm us down too!

Other useful things are supplements and herbal teas that support adrenal function and stress levels. These would likely contain things like magnesium citrate, vitamin B5 and B6, licorice, lemon balm, ashwaganda, rhodiola and/or passion flower. As well, you may want to chat with your natural health care provider about hormonal balancing herbs like chaste berry (vitex)

We all get in funks once in a while. Hormonal or otherwise. Since the information I have provided here, is really stuff that all of you wise women know, I am going to offer some seriously healing recipes. Cook them now and have them on hand for when you need to throw a tantrum, are dying for a chocolate bar, but know that a bag of chips and a carton of ice cream are part of the problem, not the solution. All seems so simple doesn't it? It is.

And if you need the sweet fix:

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