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Eating My Way To Fruitarianism in Hawaii


We often hear from peeps who tell us they are going travelling but haven't a clue what they're going to eat. That's one kind of problem. I choose to go places where I can't decide what I am going to eat. In Hawaii- I didn't make a choice. I just ate it all! It has been a long time since I have adventured somewhere brand shiny new. A whole new environment to explore and loads of crazy weird fruits to eat!

I figure pictures say loads and so I will just share some of the best delectables! Honestly- if this were available where I lived, I might actually turn into a fruit platter (me, as a giant walking fruit platter! Sounds like today's tweetable)! Enjoy the show!

Every morning started with cutting up the market finds. I'd either make us smoothies, or a fruit plate and pack some up for our day out.

A little noni action on walk.

Passion fruit found along the road. That squinty mouth is what straight up passion fruit makes me do.

Is there anything better than fruit in the shape of a star? Nope.

Just standing under a canopy of chocolate pods.

Best. Avocado. Ever. Tree ripened. Meghan enjoyed.

Turmeric root. Leaves and all.

Market findings. Those furry round brown things are called Chicu and they taste like steamed cinnamon covered apples. That root/bum looking thing is jicama (amazing with sea salt sprinkled on) and that weird spikey fruit is a sugar apple. It's not like an apple at all.

Breakfast in the jungle!

Papaya and apple bananas with lime, sugar apple, star fruit and those round things are called longon. You peel them and they're just like lychee.

This fruit kind of makes me queezy to think about but tasted good at the time. It's called egg fruit and has the same consistency as the yolk of a hard boiled egg. But it's sweet. It reminded me of a cross between boiled egg yolk and those candy peanuts that come in pastel colours.

The slices on the left are yacon root (what they use to make yacon syrup). So sweet and crunchy that we had them with our breakfast. The brown slices on the right is the chicu.IMG_5865
And soooo many coconuts!

And stuff made from coconut. Coconut and passion fruit (dairy-free of course) ice cream.


Rambutans were a definite favourite!

Beach mango! We picked these right off the tree, peeled with our hands and made a right old mess of ourselves devouring it.

IMG_0695Those mangos came off the biggest, mightiest mango tree I have ever seen!

Deeelish! I would run, swim, hop and skip back to Hawaii in a flash. What a land of treats! I won't be missing the tropical fruits for too long. I am back on the plane next week to head to St. Lucia for my annual retreat.

Question Of The Day: What was your best ever food discover while adventuring in a land far from home?

17 Responses to “Eating My Way To Fruitarianism in Hawaii”

  1. Good morning! Want to see what breakfast in the jungle looks like?
  2. Deborah said…
    This reminds me of Malaysia, where we lived in 1990. Longans and rambutan were favourites, but my absolute fav. discovery was mangosteen. They were about $4 for a grocery bagful! Too bad they're more like $4 each here (and nowhere near as good) :-( I've always wanted to visit Hawaii, but now I'm dying to go!!!! So glad you guys had a blast :-) xoxoxox
  3. Andrea said…
    Answer: Every fruit I ate in St. Lucia last year! I'll make it to Hawaii for sure at some point.
  4. peace said…
    That looks so amazing! Where in Hawaii did you stay? We may be traveling there later this year for our first visit. Access to nutritious food is always #1 when I travel.
  5. [...] some reason though- maybe a day in the sun, maybe by mass consumption of odd fruits, maybe the holiday spirit, but I ordered them and they were amazing. And then I kept talking about [...]
  6. Michelle Nu said…
    Where in Hawaii do you suggest for eating the best fruit, having a fun time traveling around to markets and farms, etc. ? The Big Island? Or were your adventures on other islands in Hawaii? Any specific geographic locations on the Big Island or elsewhere you suggest for fruit finding, tourism, etc. ? Thanks for any insight!

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