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End of The Beginning: A Tribute.


We only have a few spots left in our Fall 2012 semester of the Culinary Nutrition Expert program! Can't join us in person? Check out our first ever online class, UnDiet: Meal Prep Made Easy and learn anytime, anywhere.

This past Sunday, my Spring 2012 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program came to an end. This is for sure one of the most rewarding components of what I do. 12 people begin the course with me, completely open to what may unfold and the transitions, transformations, discoveries and super fun we all experienced together was really something special.

We end the program with what is as close as I could ever bring myself to a final exam- where my students get up before their class and present one of their own recipe creations- doing a little demo, offering a sample and we end with a great big pot luck dinner.

Check it out!

This is really what great food and conscious knowledge is about... the family that forms around the dining table. I wrote a whole chapter in my book about the importance of dining at the table. I have seen for myself what it can do. For 10 weeks in a row, 15 of us (12 students, myself and two assistants) dined together and a family was formed. Despite this supposedly being my job, I can honestly say that I looked forward to Wednesday dinner as much, if not more than my students- who quickly became my friends.

What's so amazing is that in addition to all the nutrition knowledge I shared with them and they shared with me- when it came time to actually eat, we all got it. We didn't need to explain why we ate one thing and not another. and our respective dietary choices were not the focus. Because we all got it, we could talk about everything else under the sun.

We truly became a family and we all had our own role. Have a look at the pictures from our final dinner.

Now, this may simply be the end of my Spring teaching season but as my students move on to their own great Culinary Nutrition adventures and I gear up now to run our first ever video coached online course, finalize the page layouts for my book and really get focussed on the planning of my wedding, I must say it doesn't feel much like the end of the year by any means. I am thinking it's more like an end to the beginning of a new chapter. This is very exciting.

To my Spring 2012 Culinary Nutrition Expert class- it takes an incredibly unique, creative thinking, open-minded, and high spirited person to sign themselves up for this kind of program, taught in a colourful loft in Parkdale. To you I say

thank you to bits...

for showing up every week with loads of questions, curiosity, energy, excitement,

a sense of humour and absolute greatest joix de vivre!

And I know you will all join me in welcoming in the next bright eyed students for our Fall 2012 semester. Only 5 spots remain open. Apply now to come play, learn and inspire change in your life and those you share your life and your work with. This course is ideal for anyone who works or plans to work directly with individuals looking to improve their health- everyone from yoga teachers and chiropractors to school teachers and dieticians.

Food is the foundation for all that we give and all that we get in life.

Have a great weekend!








5 Responses to “End of The Beginning: A Tribute.”

  1. what a fun class! and the food you made looks incredible! thanks for sharing!
  2. vaishali said…
    Yes, truly a fun class. Hopefully one day I will be one of them.
  3. Kate Jarvis said…
    It has been an amazing 12 weeks! Thank you Meghan for not only teaching us, but inspiring us class after class. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a career in the vast culinary world, or those looking to expand their culinary knowledge in general.  If you're thinking about talking this course please feel free to contact me for the scoop.  I'm on my way to do my CNE co-op hours with Chocosol Traders making raw chocolate, life is good! 
  4. Tara said…
    Meghan, Thanks for this amazing experience. Although I learned so much in the kitchen, I also learned so much about the value of cooking with those that you love and admire. The friendships created in this class are absolutely incredible. To share food with those that are as passionate about food and healing through our meals is amazing. I feel so much more confident in my future and how great of a life I have ahead of me because I have learned to feed myself and my loved ones well. It is so simple to lead an intentional and whole life once you learn that your medicine is your food. I already miss you and the girls. Its a great thing we created such awesome friendships and will continue to be in touch :)
  5. Andrea said…

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