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Message from Meghan: What if your resolutions were to stick?


Happy 2013!

So here we are. We survived the predicted end of the world and so many of you have been sharing your thoughts on twitter and on your blogs about the shift. There is a shift happening and I am sure if you are reading this, you are feeling it too.

The old quote "Twas the best of times, twas the worst of times" comes to mind. More of us are waking up and joining in together to create a more sustainable, health supportive community, while our governments continue to bend over backwards to the companies that want to own us and our food.

The world we live in is the only perfect one we have, and our body- well same goes for that too. As our community grows bigger and stronger together, I ask you this question: What would your life look like if the resolutions you made last year actually stuck?

What would your financial situation be?

What would your love and family life look like?

What would your health be like?

What would your professional realm look like?

These are great big questions, I know, and we can only use our imaginations to decide. We can't change what the years have brought us, but we have every ability to decide how we will respond to life's demands in the coming hours, days, weeks and months. We cannot control and we cannot change the past or anyone else. We can  choose  though, and every choice counts.

What are your resolutions for 2013 and what will life be like if you actually stick to them?

Today is the day and  I for one, want 2013 to be the absolute, best of the bestest- full of shiny, vibrant living and grand new adventures. I want that for you too.

There is a trick to resolutions, or what I prefer to call goals. You have to work towards them, but not be too attached to the outcome. Let your goals guide you, but let the process be the outcome. You will gain and learn so much. If we get too attached to actually making it to that specific goal, we may lose the opportunities along the way and feel like we fall fall short at the end of it. That's is a lose/lose.

The flip side of that is the removal of that epidemic fear-based disease I told you about last year, Excuse-itis.

In order to have a clear vision of what life would be like if we stuck to and worked towards our goals, I present to you some tasks:

  • Make a list of all the things (or just one, or cut it down to five, whatever) that you want to change.
  • Make a list of all the 'reasons' that this hasn't happened/been achieved yet.
  • Now take that list and scribble all over it, crumple it into a tiny ball, run it through your blender, or do the happy dance all over it.
  • Now make a a new list of what you will change.
  • For each item on that list, brainstorm all the tools, people, knowledge, strategies and skills you have at your disposal that can make this happen.
  • Then visualize what life would be like when you ditch the excuses and just do it!
This is going to be your first step in Making It Happen!
Why does this matter?   It matters because if you took the time to answer that question up there about what life would be like if you stuck with your resolutions, it is likely a vision of something even more positive, vibrant and abundant than where you currently sit.
And that's a good thing, a vital thing. We need to continually strive for positive change in order to support our own evolution.

31 Responses to “Message from Meghan: What if your resolutions were to stick?”

  1. Holly Ellerton said…
    In 2013 after I recover from my hip replacements, I will resume my exercise routine to improve my muscle tone once again. And I will continue to eat clean every day to help me achieve my best shape possible.
  2. Andrea said…
    My goal: Stop letting fear dictate my life. At the heart of it all, I think this is what holds us back.
  3. YogiCrystal said…
    For 2013 I am aiming for improved health, career choice clarity, and a trip to San Francisco :)
  4. Danielle said…
    My goals for 2013: 10 mins of yoga or stretching daily, conquer grad school!, drink a green smoothie (almost) everyday, sort out digestive issues!, run a 10 km, explore new recipes PS. I tweeted! PPS. Your blog is seriously awesome... It inspired me over a year ago when I began to change my life towards a more healthful lifestyle! And I've never looked back.

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