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Foodstock: Standing Up (in the mud) For What We Believe In!


 No classes this weekend because I’m taking the weekend off to turn 32! Join us for the next batch of upcoming goodness including Everyday Supplementation, Elixirs and Herbals Medicine and Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats. I’ll be older and wiser by then! 

Photo credit: Joel Solish

Extra special guest post by nutritionist + great food activist Sarah Dobec.
It was a 5 Star event in the mud, a gathering of Ontario's best chefs, food and volunteers in the name of saving 2,300 acres of prime farmland.  It is estimated that over 20,000 people gathered in Melancthon Township at the aptly named Foodstock event to protest the proposed limestone Mega Quarry.

In a nutshell, an American-financed company, Highland Companies, has big plans for our prime potato farmland 85 km north of Toronto. Below the beautiful soil there is approximately 1 billion tonnes of limestone and Highland wants it all.

It didn't take long for word to spread and action to take place. Spearheaded by Chef Michael Stadtlander, 100's of chefs, musicians and volunteers organized Sunday's protest on the site of the quarry. It was magical, not even the rain (and hail) could stop an estimated 20,000 people from attending. Everything from the parking to the food and entertainment was executed perfectly.

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More than 100 food stalls and musicians were scattered randomly around and throughout a small forest patch. Attendees brought their own plates, cups and cutlery and sampled some of Ontario's best local foods, prepared by Ontario's best chefs and restaurants. The donated time and volunteer hours alone prove that anything can happen if you put your mind to it!

I arrived about 2 hours into the event. Cars lined the highway as people made their way to the event dressed in rubber boots, raincoats, toques and scarves. No one seemed to care that enormous black clouds loomed in the distance all day long. The occasional downpour brought people closer together under umbrellas and created more mud for kids to play in.

The dishes ranged from pulled pork sliders to sushi. Much of the food was prepared over campfires and served under tarps tied to the trees, all with a smile. The site was a buzz with people gathering for a common cause dressed in bright raincoats, colourful hats and rosy cheeks.

Photo credit

Photo credit: Emily Burke

We stayed until the end in order to catch the closing acts Ron Sexsmith, Jim Cuddy, Cuff the Duke and Sarah Harmer, local acts to compliment the food!

What will the outcome be for Melancthon Township? Only time will tell. If you would like more information or would like to get involved more information can be found at The Citizen's Alliance for a Sustainable Environment website

Sarah Dobec is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist located in Toronto. She is a writer and educator dedicated to helping people heal with whole, local foods. Sarah spent 5 months interning on an organic farm where she experienced the beauty of growing and cooking with fresh, organic food. She considers farmers some of the most creative and hardworking people on the planet, and we need to support them!

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5 Responses to “Foodstock: Standing Up (in the mud) For What We Believe In!”

  1. Foodstock: Standing Up (in the mud) For What We Believe In! #event #green #health #inspiration
  2. I'm not one for supporting protests, but this one looks like it was so perfectly planned! via @meghantelpner
  3. And proud to have you! RT @sarahdobec: Proud to be a guest blogger for @meghantelpner about #Foodstock!
  4. What an event! Food, fun, and gorgeous scenery
  5. Andrea said…
    Foodstock was pretty awesome. I was so glad that the message was front and centre the entire time. 20,000 people were expected, but reports have said 27,000-30,000 attended. I'm waiting for stats before doing a final event wrap up on my blog.

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