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Behind The Scenes – Meghan’s Mocha Chillappe


We're Raw Food Powering this Saturday And Meal Prep Made Easying on Sunday. A weekend of fun. Come play! The February CNE Intensive is fast a filling. You in?

We work our patooties off around here- as you may have noticed, but we also cook a little here and there, and do our best to laugh until we cry once in a while. It's part of our creed really.  Up there I am rocking the awesome onion goggles Alexa introduced to our kitchen. Speaking of Alexa, I am pretty sure she never wants to look at cauliflower again.

And Jill, she is so over squash.

But then there's Kristin. She just smiled the whole way through.

But no one was smiling when we found a last jar of that curried cauliflower soup lurking in the back of our fridge ten days later. Nope. And poor Jen rolled up her sleeves and took on that fair (and vile) task.

Here is our soup cooking process in action.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, so much fun was had. I was busy writing my book, and in between was cooking up greatness.

The weather was so warm that I indulged in one of my most favourite breakfasts! A little variation on this original Mocha Chillappe.

Meghan’s Mocha Chillappe
(1 large or 2 small servings)

2 Tbs raw cacao powder
5-8 organic coffee beans
2 tsp maca powder
1/2 tsp dandelion root powder (break open three capsules, use the tea bags or grind down your own harvest)
2 tsp bee pollen
1 Tbs hemp seeds
1 Tbs Irish Moss
1 Tbs Gogi
1 Tbs coconut oil
dash of cayenne
1 cup of ice
1 cup of water
stevia or raw honey to sweeten

  • Blend and enjoy.
By the way, if you want to try this on a cool morning, use hot water instead of cold for a steamy bevvy.
I also made my way to the market on the weekend, and picked up an awesome bag of root veggies from Vicky's Veggies. I sliced and diced and seasoned and loved and created what I am calling The Meghan Tagine. I have yet to decide whether the recipe will appear on my blog, or if it is being saved for the book. Yes, this is now a new and tough decision.

Anyway, I used some of the veggies to make this special treat for my love, sweet love.


And chopped up the rest as my potluck contribution for the sweet veg loving Thanksgiving Dinner I went to at my friend Jae Steele's. Maybe you know her!


Isn't that a picture of fall bountiful beauty! Check out the spread. A Thanksgiving Potluck feast sans meat.


And what are my plans for the weekend? Uncooking and cooking of course and an afternoon at  Candian Health Food Association expo .

Off, off and away I go! Perhaps I'll see you in the kitchen this weekend.

Much love, hugs and kisses,


Pssst- if you register for any two or more classes before the end of the day today, we're offering 10% off. Sweet! Enter "DoubleTeam" at checkout.

16 Responses to “Behind The Scenes – Meghan’s Mocha Chillappe”

  1. Erika said…
    Hooray, onion googles! I have them in pink and they're a must when I'm chopping lots of onions. My eyes run so much that I get blurry double vision! The Thanksgiving spread looks amazing, too. :) MMMM.
  2. partridgeberry said…
    I LOVE Jae!! her cook books are fantastic. The soup video was a great peek into your kitchen for those of us too far away to take a class :)
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