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Full Of Love This Friday


From leeks and leases to chocolate to school to interns to an amazing week past. That's just where this is going today. I write this to you late Thursday afternoon. I have just woken up from an afternoon nap. See- I feel like for as long as I continue to live and work in the same place, I will take as many afternoon naps as I can- because I can. In about two weeks from now, that will no longer be the case as this nutritionista is moving on out! That's right my lovers, we need the space here in this kitchen as this here busy biz continues to grow and expand.


First the Leeks and Leases...

Check that pic up there! I harvested all of those while up at my cottage last weekend. Amazing. I know. So long wild leeks. See you next Spring!

Well, because we are creating an even bigger and better school, we will be turning what was formerly my living quarters into mine and Jen's full time office and we will be adding more and more and more amazing classes- and soon to be interactive style classes (for all of you who live in a land far, far, far away) to come and join us.

In light of the big move, we will be having really fun event here on Tuesday, June 21st. It will be an open house kinda deal where you can come and stock up on all your superfood goodies before the summer begins and we close the school for the break. We are going to get some of our superheros over here for some mixing and mingling all while we sip on some fine bevy's. More details will follow but mark your calendars. This is a no charge event. Fun!

Then The Chocolate

In case you missed this chocolate making fun on local some local TV.
The School: Become A Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert

We announced this only yesterday and already applications are flooding in! This is crazy exciting for us. We are offering Canada's very first Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. There is currently nothing else like it! How cool is that? We have room for just 6 in our first term and will be opening it up to more in 2012. Consider this our mini-launch. Why just a mini? Well, we need to train some peeps to help teach future classes. So cool!

If you are the least bit interest, submit an application. Interviews will happen as apps come in and we will be granting admittance as we interview. Get all the glorious details here.

The 3 Month Apprenticeship Program

This is pretty exciting too! We loved having Kristin(link to her cookies post) here since January, helping out with all of our classes. She has really fantastic shoes to fill but we are on the search. We're looking for some awesome nutrition loving lover to join us as our apprentice from early September to early December. This lucky person will be playing with us in the kitchen, helping out with workshops, orders, shopping, prepping, recipe testing and so much more goodness. Get all those deets here.

Cook With My Mom: 4-Week Flavours Of The World Cooking Program

My mom has reserved one of the last spots in the upcoming 4-week cooking program starting on Thursday of next week. Come hear us laugh in stereo! Only 3 spots left!

Thursdays, June 2nd – June 23rd 2011, 6:30pm – 9:30pm: Join The Fun! Click Here For more info

This four week session explores the yummy in the tummy goodness that we get when we start to explore tastes and flavours from far off lands. And there is good reason to look at traditional cultural diets when wanting to promote health in our own. There is good reason for the uses of certain spices and food combinations. All those gems of wisdom will be revealed in this series of classes.

What Are Your Doing Next Saturday?

I am honoured to be the sole nutritionista at this delightful event. The Evergreen Brickworks just might be my most favourite place to go in Toronto. If you live out of town, drive in for the day here. Great market, great food, beautiful setting, easy to get to by car or bike, awesome people...and next Saturday I will be one of them. I am taking part in this Love Local event that will be packed with amazing local talent of all kinds. Make it a day! See you there on June 4th

Okay.. now I have to run. I am off to the man-panions for some early dins and then to check out the fabulous new movie I've been hearing so much about- Forks Over Knives.

Have the most amazing weekend ever!
Great big love!!!

8 Responses to “Full Of Love This Friday”

  1. Nerissa said…
    Horray for classes for those of us in a land far, far, away...cause that's where I live! I am so looking forward to, finally, being able to join in the fun!!
  2. Jenn said…
    Oh, so delicious! All of it. Your news, the chocolate, and you! Thanks for continuing to inspire. Happy weekend indeed!
  3. Cherie said…
    Loved the video, news about expanding & the program!!! I'm so happy and excited for you and I wish I could pack my bags and move there to join you! But since I can't, I'm also looking forward to classes for us far far away followers.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      We're working on an intensive one month program to follow in February... so could be an option!
  4. So many exciting things coming up! And I have been enjoying my share of wild leeks very much :) xo
  5. That video was amazing!! :) I LOVE the ideas! I may have to make chocolate this weekend!! :) thanks for all the inspiration!! I'm SO excited to hear the far away folks may be able to get in on the action soon!! :)
  6. Angela said…
    This is so great! Why oh why do I not live in Toronto? I would LOVE to become a holistic nutritionist and also take your culinary course, but alas I live in the US and funding is tricky, if not impossible. Congrats on all your exciting news! I look forward to the interactive classes as they become available :)
  7. Andrea said…
    This post is full of win. :D

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