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FUNderwear from UnDiet PhotoShoot


Last week- this whole book thing became very, very, VERY real to me. We shot my book! Yes we did. I had a whole crew in the kitchen with me. My amazing kitchen fairies, my editor and the designer from my publisher McClelland and Stewart, my photographer Catherine Farquharson and her assistant Nicki, Ivy Lam, my make-up artist, and Ashley Denton, the food stylist.

Wowza did we zip through loads of goodness. It was so much fun. Day 1 of the shoot was all about me in action- playing in the kitchen. Day 2 and 3 we shot all the amazing food shots. On Sunday, I invited some ladies over for a fantastic brunch and we rounded out the four day shoot with a visit to my home to catch my man and I just hangin'.

The book is all written. Handed in my last chapters before I left for Hawaii. Now I just have to edit.

I can't believe I have to wait a whole 11 months before I get to show off the prize of all these efforts. Wanna to me a favour and start getting excited right along with me?

Maybe these pictures from the first couple days of the shoot might help.

(And before you ask- all clothes from my fave store ever- Anthropologie)

Some possible cover shots!

Making the cinnamon roles- in a party dress of course.
Behind the scenes secrets.To market to market!Shooting body butter ingredients.
Applying my chocolate face mask for the camera.Tea and milkBurger magicLunch break!The cinnamon roll.Now all of these- were of course just taken with my own camera. Wait until you see the professional ones.

And before I go- please meet the two women who are leading the way in helping this GREAT BIG dream of mine come true- my editor Bhavna and Ms. Catherine herself- camera and all.

I can honestly tell you that I am still in a wee bit of disbelief that this dream of mine is coming true. I feel like this has given me full permission to dream even bigger now. Wahooo! For more pics- hop on over to my Facebook Page.

Have a great weekend,

Question of the Day: What was/is a big dream of yours you have/would like to achieve in 2012?

P.P.S. Seriously - are we excited about this book goodness, or what?! Share the excitement love on Twitter with today's tweetable!

21 Responses to “FUNderwear from UnDiet PhotoShoot”

  1. FUNderwear from UnDiet #PhotoShoot #happiness #health #inspiration #nutrition #weeklyrecap
  2. FUNderwear from UnDiet PhotoShoot: Last week- this whole book thing became very, very, VERY real to me. We shot ...
  3. Bernadette said…
    11 months, can't wait. Awesome photos
  4. Marilene said…
    AMAZING!!! So excited to see the real deal :)
  5. Pssssst...have you taken a sneak peek at my book photo shoot yet?! #funderwear
  6. Carlen said…
    11 months is WAY TOO FAR AWAY!! p.s. I love your new haircut! I bet it will be a lot easier for you to maintain with your busy schedule. :)
  7. So much from the photo shoot for my book cc @msbhavna @McClellandBooks #UnDiet
  8. Marisa said…
    Still loving the new hair, Meghan! I've been writing novels since I was 11 and I've been trying to publish them since I was 16, so my goal - as usual - is to lock down a contract in 2012 for one of those novels. I'd also like to continue with my fitness routine (I won't get into those specific goals) and continue with my resolution to make a variety of healthy meals. I look forward to the tips in your book!
  9. Pssssssst....have you checked out the FUNderwear yet? #book
  10. Shannon said…
    Wonderful photos. I love the colour, the hair, and that you were barefoot in the photo! So exciting to see someone's dream coming true. Congratulations! Very inspiring, Meghan. My dream for 2012 is a simple one: to put me first. For far too long I was running on empty, and floating through life. That's no way to be and so this is the year to begin the journey to becoming the most fabulous version of myself possible. Sounds cheesy, I know :) . For me, that means: transitioning from vegetarian to vegan (food down and just working on replacing products I use, wear, etc.), fueling my body with clean and pure foods (thank you Fab Detox for helping me tap into that and giving me the confidence to know that yes, I can do this), yoga, taking off the extra weight, playing with cooking classes, not sweating the small stuff, etc. I'm also wanting to explore this fairly new interest in treating my body right and how food plays a huge role in that. For a couple years now I've briefly thought about studying nutrition and so my goal for 2012 is to explore that, see if it's right for me, and make a game plan for 2013!

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