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Start With The Basics: Food


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This week, my blog has been all about vanilla bean and I featured a recipe with lucuma and cacao and coconut syrup and things, that even as a practicing nutritionist, I knew nothing about when I graduated from nutrition school. As I was scrolling through old posts to see what gems I wanted to share with you to help lighten my work load while I was away running my retreats, I came across this oldie but goodie written in October, 2008 where I discuss how Kool Aid may be just 'pennies a glass' but we all know the real cost.

The points I make here, though simple, are really really important and I think worth sharing again. Sometimes it's important to go back to the basics of where we came from, to see just how far we have travelled. And you have come right along with me which is fantastic.

Good Health Makes Cents.
Oct 19th, 2008

So there is an imminent financial disaster, dropping real estate prices, crashing markets, ongoing discussions about the food crisis and food shortage, our planet is melting, estimates have one in three people developing type two diabetes and nearly 50% of women of my generation (late 20?s/early 30?s) will be diagnosed with breast cancer. So wouldn’t now be a good time to perhaps stop worrying about how many grams of fat are in an avocado or a handful of almonds and just do what it takes to be healthy? You would think.

I always hear people talking about how expensive it is to eat organic. Why spend $10.00 on a big basket of organic, locally grown honey crisp apples when apple Kool-Aid is just pennies a glass? The answer is simple. Cheap foods give us cheap calories; calories that are just sugar without the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibre, phytonutrients, essential fats, antioxidants etc. etc. They are void of nutrients and nutrients are what we need from our food. We buy cheap food and expensive supplements and we are getting sick.

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2 Responses to “Start With The Basics: Food”

  1. You are so right! We end up paying for when we buy, plus by filling up on more nutritious foods from the get go you'll be much more energized naturally.
  2. Diana said…
    Its funny, people dont have the energy to cook, they are tired from work, drained, dont want to bother standing another hour to make food in thier kitchen, so they go buy thier favorite fast foods ( I would mention the restaurant that starts with "Mc") but lets face it, any fast food is fast food, made fast from processed ingredients to fill your belly thats it. So they go home even more tired,bloated, thier heartburn returns, experiencing sugar highs and lows. If only they took the time perhaps to make a nutritious whole food smoothie in the mornings, snacked on fruits,veggies, nuts to replenish lost vitamins, antioxidants ,heal thier body, build up thier immune system. If only they took the time to think about what they eat, where thier food comes from, and what to do with it, and what it can do for them. It really is sad that people couldnt be bothered to learn how to cook and eat healthy, and if they learned, only then, maybe they wouldnt feel too tired to do anything else.. Even though I can cook, and love to study nutrition, If I was back in Toronto, I would attend your classes. They sound wonderful, and you are doing a lot of people a whole lot of good. Good for you , and good for the people taking your classes (now if the whole world would only catch on).

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