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My Green Beaver


Day 4 of Green Week and what could be more fitting than Green Beaver beauty products? I'll take a Green Beaver with a side order of Green Smoothie Cleanse please!

Oh my green beaver.  The men in my family will have a field day with this one when I rock up to the cottage with the full line of products this weekend.

They will of course take their humour to low levels by referring to a certain region of a woman's body being died green. Either way- they will undoubtedly take their humour south. And because I have spent the better part of my life living with them, I thought the same silly thing when I saw the products at the Holistic Nutrition Conference last weekend. Though I rarely cover specific brands on this site, how could I not talk about a shampoo called Green Beaver on a website called Making Love In the Kitchen?

I have pretty clear skin. Though, as we all know, shiny thick hair, clear and moisturized skin, and even (since we're talking green beaver), lubrication abilities  has less to do with what we put on our body, than what we put in it (trying to keep this post PG). A health supportive diet rich in essential fatty acids on the inside = goodness on the outside.

My skincare routine, which I am often asked about,  goes like this: Rinse. Dry.

Occasionally, I will give a little scrub of baking soda, perhaps a toner of diluted cider vinegar (1 part vins to 10 part water) and in the winter, will moisturize with coconut oil. I am at the point where I shampoo and condition my hair once a week at the most. I am neither smelly, dirty, nor greasy.  My hair and skin are nourished from the inside and trained to behave.

In the summer months however, I do tend to get a little dirtier (and I am not meaning in a green beaver kinda way), just that I am out on my bike a lot, air quality goes down, sweatyness goes up and sometimes I just want to wash with something that smells sweet.

So in comes a Green Beaver massage. Enrico, the sweet, cutie who was repping the products at the conference gave me a whole heap of them to play with. The shampoo, conditioner, exfoliating wash, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and lip balm. But first he gave me a hand massage, told me I was beautiful, that he loved me and accompanied all that with a smushy cuddley hug. I'll buy whatever he's selling!
n505435343_7128734_6083939A couple Green Beavers in the park.

I have tried them all and they are fantastic. I asked Vanessa (see above photo by Catherine Farquharson... we really do hang out together! And she really does pull out the jazz hands) about them. She is my go to on all things green, and she confirmed that they are some of the cleanest, chemical free-products on the market. For me, doing the primitive thing with my beauty routine for so long, these felt sweetly indulgent. Plus they didn't get all foamy, which of course if you recall my toothpaste post,  is a good thing.

Heading up north this weekend and I will surely be taking my Green Beaver with me to show off to the family.


13 Responses to “My Green Beaver”

  1. I love their toothpaste. The orange one is so tasty! And yes, when I saw your tweet that said, "Who wants to see a Green Beaver?" in reference to this post, my mind both knew that you were likely referring to the brand and also acknowledged the euphemism. Enrico sounds like quite the ladies man. Those are the types of guys who can sell product. Flattery and hugs sell product! BTW, my current cleanser of choice is from Stella McCartney's line. I found it at the Vegetarian Food Fair last fall and they sell it at The Bay and Holt Renfrew. It's expensive ($20 or $30 for the bottle) but I still have 1/3 of a bottle left because a little goes far. It's gentle for eyes too. It's certified organic, not tested on animals, doesn't use GM ingredients and the packaging is minimal and recyclable (I think). My skin likes it.
  2. Laurie said…
    Meghan, you are too funny! I'm guessing you'll get all kinds of new traffic from that title! Thanks for letting us know about Green Beaver. I'm always looking for friendly products.
  3. Julia said…
    The title totally made me giggle! I'll have to check out the products, as long as they're sold in the US.
  4. Nicole said…
    Hehe...even though I knew this one was coming, it totally made me laugh. I enjoyed it all the more knowing you were likely giggling away as you typed about the lovely green beaver :)
  5. AshleyH said…
    ooo these products look awesome. Just made it on to my must purchase list.
  6. Coconutgal said…
    Ha! Your funny girl! I will check out these products-- they sounds great (but so does Enrico)!! You mention you wash your hair about once a week- what do you use for shampoo and conditioner and do you put any product in after washing or just let it air dry? Hope you are doing well!! xoxo
  7. Marissa said…
    I am in desperate need of hair products for thick, curly-wavy-frizzy hair...and I refuse to use anything that will make fish into x-men. so I'll be checking out the green beaver!
  8. Laurie said…
    LOL Marissa. I'm sure this is just wrong of me, but I'd seriously use ANY product that would turn a halibut into Hugh Jackman. Swoon.
  9. Taryn said…
    I love a little inneudo, my good friends refer to me as one of the most crass individuals they have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I can't imagine washing my face once a week, I hope I can get to that point! Jazz hands fit any occasion. Where can one acquire the green beaver products? That's such a great picture too! Hahaha, this has got to be on the most entertaining posts you've ever posted.
  10. Coconutgal said…
    Haha I read the whole thing! It's ok-- I have the same frizz ball hair and I use a non-organic foam as well, as sparingly as possible. It's better than a drug-store brand, but still... What do you use for shampoo? I am trying to decide if I want to go through the detox of no shampoo at all....!

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