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I Heart Vitamin C. This is why.


Where did I find this? In oranges first, then lemons and then in red peppers. Then I learned that Vitamin C was extra vital in tissue healing and so I started high dosing on it to help get me over that little pesky bout with Crohn’s Disease.

Why I Love It: Our bodies need a lot of Vitamin C to keep us healthy and happy- especially when times are stressful. Vitamin C not only reduces your chronic stress, but keeps us from getting sick with colds, flus and more serious illnesses by speeding up the activity of our white blood cells. It’s a potent antioxidant that helps keep me looking 23 when I’m really 33, keeps my digestive tissues strong and healthy and my cells detoxifying all the live long day.

Why You Will Love It: Remember the days when getting your vitamin C  meant chewing on an awful tasting white tablet? No more! Buffered Vitamin C comes in either pill or powder form, so you can get it in whichever way you prefer.  Take the pills in the morning with your other supplements, or drop a quarter tablespoon in your morning smoothie. Powdered is my fave way to go as I’m not a pill girl.

Why You Need It: This is such a fantastic supplement to have on hand, especially during the winter months when your body may need an extra boost. Even if you eat the highest vitamin C foods, you still don’t get nearly as much as your body needs (see Josh’s handy video below for further deets. Also, when we’re stressed we actually excrete more of it in our urine. Keeping up with high doses is a great support for the immune system, meaning you stay healthy and sick free year round. Remember- vitamin C is water soluble which means we’ll pee out what we don’t absorb so better to take throughout the day for optimal benefit.

Why Resident Nutritionist Josh Gitalis Loves It: Watch this informative video Josh made on the importance of Vitamin C!

If you’re all about the super powered cold and flu defence this season, check out my Immune Power Latte.

Tell me: Have you tried Buffered Vitamin C yet? What are your favourite uses?

12 responses to “I Heart Vitamin C. This is why.”

  1. Jamie says:

    Awesome video Josh ;)

  2. Jen says:

    Love the stuff. Started a cold. Took a super high dose for three days and now I’m fine.

  3. Carlen says:

    I just finished Nutrition Fundamentals at school and have been thinking a lot about Vitamin C. I did my assignment on the immune system so I learned about the importance of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. I think we need more than we realize to stay healthy.

    I have a feeling I was deficient last year because I would crave oranges and mangos. (it didn’t hurt that the organic valencia oranges were out of this world yummy!)

    I’m definitely going to consider supplementing during winter this year. :)

  4. Candace Hendrick says:

    So yesterday I was feeling a little sore throatish. I did the garlic and honey thing last night with some hot tea. This morning I had some hot lemon water. And for lunch my meatloaf had some red bells. Hopefully all this will help. I’m feeling better already! Good stuff!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Your new hubby is adorbs!!

  6. Amanda says:

    Didnt you have a recipe for a buffered vitamin c face mask? I thought I spied it once but cant find it anymore. I may have been crazy at the time.

  7. Karen Baetz says:

    I recently started taking buffered vitamin C, as it’s the only kind that doesn’t mess up my stomach. The mist surprising and unexpected benefit for me was the immediate mood lift it gave me. I take 500 mg three times a day (with each meal) and my mood stays level all day. Plus I find it energizing. Great stuff!

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