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Happy Happy AwesomeTown New Year!


Oh me oh my! I am back from the most magical 17 days  playing till I couldn't play no more on the shores (and in the hills and volcanoes) of Hawaii. I am bursting at the seems with all the goodies I want to share with you, all the gems of info I learned, all the places I experienced... But that will have to wait. We have a year to close out and a new one to ring in. First- watch the video!

This year has had some super highs along with the challenging bits- personally and also in this big wild weather whipped world.

From national TV to book deals, sold out retreats to moving out of my kitchen (at last) and into a home of almost my own (I have a pretty sweet roomie).

I can't wait to see what unfolds in the year to come. I have my wishing hat and shoes on and am wishing real hard for a sweet things. I'd tell you what they are but, you know that if you tell anyone your wishes, they won't come true. So instead, I'll just wait until they do and then I can sky-write for all to see.

2011 made me feel like a bit of a superhero as I have come to realize that I am actually living out my dream. And it's working! I wanted to know what other people's superhero moments were and so I asked a few of my friends. Here is what they had to say...

My greatest Super Hero moment in 2011 was in fact when  Meghan asked me to be a Super Hero mom and trusting me to answer readers' questions on her blog. I never thought of myself as a super hero. I made a choice to be a full time mom and wife and try and give advice and guidance just to help everyone else get through their challenges. Doing what all mothers do all over the world. There is no schooling, no classes, no degrees just life skills, so being recognized as Super hero was my greatest moment.- Patsy Telpner

Although I try not to weight single moments or events too heavily, I would definitely have to say that I am proud to have published my first book, The Alphabet of Avoidance ( ). Running my business (I love what I do) while being a mother to my 3 incredible kids definitely makes me require superhero powers much of the time. So, thank you for granting me such status Meghan…I continue to feel great about managing to do both! - Lisa Borden

I am often told by my family and friends I am studying the wrong thing, that I really should be a holistic nutritionist.  My greatest moment would have to be when my brother told me I should quit school and open my own healthy vegan restaurant because he would want to eat there everyday.- Nicole Myers

Being a part of The Cutting Veg Organic Farm is a great privilege for me. The opportunity to see people enrich their lifestyles by choosing local, organic food is so meaningful.  My favourite quote of the season?  "We loved everything we had last week.  At first my kids thought I was nuts to get so excited about vegetables, but after they ate everything, they were convinced!"  Hearing people's stories about how our farm has affected their quality of life --- these are my favourite Super Hero moments. - Daniel Hoffmann

Swimming across the Lake with [my son] Leif on my back! -Nadine Artemis

My greatest superhero moments are when my clients discover that they are their own superheros. Cliche but true. - Josh Gitalis

After making a list of "significant achievements" from which to choose our favourite superhero moment for 2011, we realized that what really stands out for us this year is simply the gratitude expressed to us by those whose lives we have touched. In particular we made a conscious decision this year to try to reach out to our online community with the kind of vulnerability and honesty that we so openly share in-person with our customers and clients. We started writing very personal articles - of our pain and struggles, and including them in our biweekly newsletter. In the past couple of months many women have stepped forward to say how privileged they feel to receive the gifts of our tough life lessons. That's what we are truly proud of - making a difference in the lives of women every day. - Kim and Amy Sedgwick

Question Of The Day: What was your greatest superhero moment(s)?

Have a most beautiful New Year's eve and enjoy the fresh and fab start that New Year's day will surely bring.

Much UBER BIG AWESOMETOWN love- your personal vibrant life cheerleader


9 Responses to “Happy Happy AwesomeTown New Year!”

  1. Happy Happy AwesomeTown New Year!: Oh me oh my! I am back from the most magical 17 days playing till I couldn't...
  2. Shannon said…
    What a fantastic video! Thanks for sharing it Meghan. 2011 felt like a challenging year and I won't really be sad to see it go. However, I do know that when a window is closing there is another one opening for us. I try my hardest to remember that when the bumpy roads hit. Amongst the stress and sadness that filled a chunk of my time in 2011, I was able to find a courageous voice from within and my superhero moment was holding onto that as I realized it was time to reclaim the driver's sear to my life. I found the courage to tell my boss how miserable I was in my job and that I needed to change that - the stress was impacting every part of my life, including my health, and I felt like I had disconnected from life and gone on auto-pilot to get through it all. How crummy! The result...a window opened wide and it eventually came to be that my department and the roles in it needed to be tweaked, and my role changed! Had I not grabbed onto that courageous voice from within, I may not have moved back into a position where I find more joy and my skills and talents are utilized. I'm back in the driver's seat and I'm headin' on into 2012 and look forward to what it has to offer!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Thanks for sharing- the post coming on Monday may have been written just for you too!
      • Shannon said…
        Can't wait to read it! :) Happy New Year!
  3. Happy Happy AwesomeTown New Year!: Oh me oh my! I am back from the most magical 17 days playing till I couldn't...
  4. Noel Guillory said…
    What a great post! Hawaii looks amazing! Your story is such an inspiration :) My biggest superhero moment of 2011 was leaving a toxic relationship and learning to love myself. I learned to enjoy spending time by myself. I went vegan for me. I went hiking for me. I found a job in my degree field, and found the professional confidence I was previously lacking. I can't wait to see what's next! My 2012 is starting without birth control pills and without alcohol so here's to hoping it's a good one!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Already sounds like a great plan is in effect! Much love to you!
  5. Happy Happy AwesomeTown New Year!
  6. Marilene said…
    Such an inspiring post Meghan...great video! My superhero moment was definitely teaching my cooking class at your school. It was an amazing opportunity to share my passion and hear such kind words from the participants. Can't wait to see what you get "cooking" in 2012!

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