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Harvesting The Goodness Out Of Fall With Prana Bio


No classes this weekend because I'm taking the weekend off to turn 32! Join us for the next batch of upcoming goodness including Everyday Supplementation, Elixirs and Herbals Medicine and Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats. I'll be older and wiser by then! 

Well hello there October. I love your beautiful colours and crunchy leaves. Where have you been hiding? I was walking to the Raw Food Power workshop last Saturday and there was a little chill in the air, the leaves were crispy, and I felt that this was the very first day of Fall. No more swealtering Indian Summer weather going on over here. It's officially sweater and hot smoothie latte time. In this kitchen we sure are getting into the Autumn spirit with everything from Alexa's cozy cookies to orange coloured ice-cream. Sounds pretty good right?

It really is the best time of year in my opinion. Just taking a walk in your neighbourhood exposes you to all the goodness of the season. Here are some fun Fall facts:

  • Leaves change from green to pretty red and purple. This colouring comes from pigments called "anthocyanins" and come about due to glucose that is trapped within the leaves of the tree. We also know anthocyanins as the antioxidant flavanoids that are beneficial for our health and found in foods like red cabbage.
  • The colours red, yellow, and brown that are characteristic of fall foliage are actually within the leaves all year around, however only come into view with the diminishing of chlorophyll in Fall.
  • The brown leaf colouring comes about from "tannin" which are bitter plant compounds that only become active after cell breakdown and death.
  • Carotene is responsible for the orange leaf colours. Yup, just like carrots and pumpkins. Same deal.

We want to continue this "Fall Harvest" theme and share the love with a sweet giveaway. How does that sound?

Our good friends over at Prana Bio have a Fall Harvest gift package of joy that's ready for you! Have you heard of this amazing company? They have the best of the best nuts,  dried fruits, and other superfood goodness and we just love them. They're a Canadian company that takes snacking to a whole new level as their goods are hand-made, 100% organic, and created in small batches to ensure complete and utter deliciousness!

Here's the low down on what's included in the giveaway:
1. Organic Sundried tomatoes:  great to sprucing up any sandwich, salad or dip that needs a little excitement. Makes for a delicious tomato pesto veggie dip.
2. Sumsuma sesame squares (35gr) - 2 packages: great with a tea or to satisfy any sweet tooth after a meal.
3. Homemade trail mixes (100-200g of each): mix all of the ingredients together to have your very own homemade trail mix. You can add the goods to your oatmeal or take along with you on your Fall adventures.
a. European pumpkin seeds
b. Organic Dried Cherries
c. Organic Dried Apple rings
d. Organic Manucca raisins
e. Organic White Mulberries
4. Prana raw, cold-pressed chia oil: a great new way to receive your entire daily requirement of Omega-3s. One tablespoon gives you 8.5g of Omega-3s which can be mixed into just about everything! Great in salad dressings and as a finishing touch to your soup or sauce recipe. Chia oil should not be exposed to high temperatures.

While Prana does a mean maple-nut recipe, they also sell a large variety of raw nuts, seeds, dried fruits and superfoods. When you visit their online boutique, you will be able to find everything from the traditional dried cranberries and almonds to the more exotic manucca raisins and apricot kernels.

How To Win:

Contest closes Saturday October 29th. Get those entries in!

Question Of The Day: What do you love about this season?

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