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Eat BBQ’d Hamburgers and Microwaved Ham To Cure Disease


I know, you are looking at that photo above and you're thinking- "Oh No! Has Meghan been arrested for protesting at the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation's M&M Meat Shops Charity BBQ raising money to find a 'cure' for Crohn's while feeding people the worst kind of polluted carcinogenic BBQ'd meat, pop - and that picture is of her prison rations"?

No my lovers, but that wouldn't be a stretch. If you have been reading me for a while, you are well aware that I don't hide my thoughts about big pharma and ridiculous cash grab walks and runs for cures that are feeding participants the very substances that fuel the disease for which they are walking for? This past weekend was the fundraiser that makes me the most insane where the Crohn's and Colitis foundation... Well- this is what their website says:

Canadians can help cook up a cure! Visit any M&M Meat Shops location across Canada to support the 23rd Annual M&M Meat Shops Charity BBQ Day benefiting Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada (CCFC). M&M Meat Shops franchisees, staff and thousands of volunteers from coast-to-coast will grill hamburgers and hot dogs to meet the 2011 fundraising goal of $1.6 million.

CCFC, I have offered many time to show you how to cook up a cure, but I am sorry- it won't fetch 1.3 million!

I may be a pessimist here, but something tells me that 1.6 million dollars (or even 1.6 gazillion dollars) isn't going to reveal any cure this year. I would even be willing to bet 1.6 million dollars that the cure is not found, and that the fundraising goal goes up next year.

I kind of liken it to the scenario of losing your keys, and looking for them under the street lamp, because that's where the light is shining so its easier, even though you were never under that street lamp. Instead,  failing to actually retrace the steps of where you've been to see where they may have dropped. You know what I'm saying?

They can bring in bigger and brighter lights, but as long as they're looking in that same area, they aren't going to find anything.

What does that above photo have to do with any of this? Well, my dad took that photo at Sunnybrook Hospital when he went to visit his long time friend who, sadly, is loosing a battle to brain cancer. That was his lunch (microwaved).

The lunch menu read:

  • 1 pkg sugar Subst
  • 1Ptn Fruit cocktail
  • 1 75 gm Baked Ham
  • 1 tn Green Beans
  • 1 Slice Pineapple ring
  • 1 Ptn white rice
  • 1 125 ml Lacteeze milk
  • 1 Ptn Vegetable Broth
  • 1 cup coffee

Do I need to breakdown the fact that the last thing someone with brain cancer should be eating is artificial sweetener, coffee and vegetable broth that more than likely contains the nuero-toxic MSG?

When I showed the menu and picture to Josh, he proclaimed it "human-to-human physical abuse".  It is!

Are we learning and knowing for their that they are not looking out for wellbeing. They they do not have our best interests in mind?

The VERY last place I would ever want to be should I become ill, is in a hospital. Disease is not a drug, canned pineapple ring, and lacteeze milk deficiency. Coffee with artificial sweetener is not going to cure. There is too much money in the business of finding the cure, to ever allow any organization to ever find it. Something in the area of 14 trillion dollars has been raised for cancer research and there has been little change in survival rates.

Many of you are quite familiar with my personal story of how I healed from Crohn's Disease, an autoimmune 'incurable' bowel disease that the Crohn's and Colitis foundation state has no cure. Their "Food For Thought" dietary guidelines for sufferers, which has on the cover (pictured above) a girl in a hospital gown pouring a pitcher of syrup over her fluffy white pancakes, states:

Currently, scientists believe that a genetic tendency triggered by something in the environment combine to set off inflammation in the gut. The immune system then runs amok and instead of dampening down the inflammation, a chronic (life-long) disease process sets in resulting in either CD or UC...

Since we do not know what causes IBD, there is no known cure – yet. We do know that stress is not a factor in its development and the reduction of stress will not cure it. Likewise, your diet did not cause IBD, nor will a “miracle diet” cure it.

This is where I want to jump up and down and shout "Hey, Hey! Look at me! Look at this client of mine and that one! Look at all the people out there who have healed from various things!!! Look over here!".

This summer I will be celebrating five years symptom free. If this were cancer, I would now be called "A Survivor".

So if hospital dietitians and doctors serve carcinogens to someone with brain cancer, are they really looking out for our health?

Imagine for a moment if half the amount of funds that went into researching and testing new drug therapies, instead went into healing therapies and effective prevention awareness? I wonder what our state of health would look like then?

Question Of The Day: If the last place you would ever want to be, when you are sick, is in a hospital, what are you doing, supporting, working for, and/or getting educated on to empower yourself to take care?

27 Responses to “Eat BBQ’d Hamburgers and Microwaved Ham To Cure Disease”

  1. Laurel said…
    My friend just had surgery for breast cancer and restoration. The first foods they offered her were sugar filled jello and ginger ale. She sent her mom downstairs to get a green juice and wheatgrass shot instead. She seems to be healing up quicker than expected.
  2. [...] sports team. There are some fundraisers that don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation partnering with M & M meat shops for example, or how about all those carcinogenic pink lipsticks for breast cancer, margarine [...]
  3. Gustoso said…
    The Crohn's and Colitis Australia website says "Diet is not the cause of IBD nor is it the cure. " Grrr... I decided not to join.
  4. [...] see, Ashley follows a gluten-free and vegan lifestyle (which, as Meghan Telpner is fond of saying, has cured an incurable disease – Crohn’s). And when you are vegan and gluten-free, you can have some challenges around finding [...]
  5. [...] Ashley follows a gluten-free and vegan lifestyle (which, as Meghan Telpner is fond of saying, has cured an incurable disease – Crohn’s). And when you are vegan and gluten-free, you can have some challenges around [...]

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