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Food That Can Back Flip


Have you ever been to a science centre or children’s museum where you put your hand on a ball of electricity and it makes your hair stand on end?

Well I kind of like my food to do the same. I mean, not that you have to electrocute it, but that it is so supercharged that it just can’t limp out on you. We don’t tend to like things that go limp when they should stand firm… (um, ahem).

Let’s compare that picture up there of my fresh home sprouted sprouts with this picture below:

Doesn’t that burger just look kind of saggy and dead? Flaccid if you will? You are what you eat.  You’ve seen this video before, right?

The question we then have to ask is how can food that never rots, work towards our health? Well it can’t. This is because it is already dead. When you juice greens, the more time between juicing your greens and drinking the juice, the more nutrients are lost. Food that is alive won’t last forever. If we want food to keep us healing and alive and vital, we need to eat foods that are alive and vital. We want to eat foods that will rot.

It’s very simple isn’t it?  So if we extend this to think of our health, or dealing with any health challenges or goals, we can consider whether a food will work towards our goals or against them. Are saggy, soggy, dead burgers and fries going to heal us? Despite what my gastroenterologist told me, they won’t. Will eating these foods make us sicker? Yeppers.

You can imagine how I felt when I received a letter from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation asking me to donate for a fundraiser where they were offering bagels, cream cheese and pop tarts in the name of finding a cure (more on that here).

Have a look at your lunch or dinner today, or maybe what you had for breakfast and consider whether it was ready to back-flip up off your plate into the air, or was on the verge of sagging down into a puddle of lethargy, oil, sugar and refinement. This would likely give you an indication of how that food is going to or did make you feel.

I’ll take mine electrically charged and back-flipping.

And so this is why I do what I do with as much love as I can. I don’t want to convert anyone. No way. I just  want to offer a little delicious education, inspiration and maybe some entertainment. That means you become empowered to do what you like with the info, take on what you are ready to take on, when you’re ready for it.

And if you want to try sprouting stand-on-end sprouts yourself, here is my video where I use the word Spermies.

Question Of The Day: What prompted your interest in eating and living a healthier life?

12 Responses to “Food That Can Back Flip”

  1. Odelia said…
    Good morning Meghan! Reading this, I was thinking about how some people have experienced some particularly bad symptoms while eating a completely "dead" and refined food diet. On the other end of the spectrum, those who have tried to heal themselves with a completely raw, unrefined diet may have caused themselves too much harm (I've even done this myself, thinking that juicing daily would be an easy way to digest extra minerals)... but since everyone has different tolerances and triggers and physiologies and lifestyles, it's still worth adding in a comfortable variety of healing foods that *might* do you good instead of foods that *will not* give you anything but a heart attack or bowel cancer (heaven forbid). That's something you have to work out for yourself. For example, I cannot have daily smoothies so I aim for every other day or so, but I've decided to lightly steam most of my veggies in order to keep as many nutrients intact as possible. Maybe not as ideal as raw but certainly better than boiled. I encourage everyone to try and find the things that work for you - you'll see - you'll feel better. Have a sweet day, Odelia :o)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Absolutely- I think part of the challenge is that in our culture, if a little is good, we think more must be better. I went 100% raw for a full summer, making the switch overnight. My diet was already really healthy but that much raw food all at once was tough on me too. We need to learn to be gentler with ourselves!
      • I think it's a really good reminder to make these changes slowly. I got myself into so much tummy trouble by adding so much extra fibre so quickly to my diet with green smoothies -- I had to build up to where I am now to be able to eat like this comfortably!
  2. Erin said…
    Thanks for another great post, Meghan! I currently have alfalfa sprouts and chick pea sprouts on the go. Earlier this week I sprouted buckwheat and baby J (14 months) enjoyed raw sprouted buckwheat "porridge" for breakfast (let me know if you'd like the recipe ;-) ). As well, he shares my green smoothie with me every morning. I definitely got a lot of inspiration after having attended your Superfoods workshop. I also read up on this topic regularly, as well as search for new and delicious recipes to try. I am sure that my energy can be attributed to my diet.
    • Deena said…
      Erin, I would love that raw buckwheat porridge recipe for when my little guy is ready!!! :)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      For sure we want the recipe. Wanna guest blog it? As long as you keep that carob far far away ;)
  3. celestial said…
    very funny things happen when I picture my oatmeal backflipping...
  4. Deena said…
    This video made me gag a little....I can't believe what people are putting in their bodies! My husband and mom still eat these foods, and I'm hoping that this video will put a stop to that. Sadly, what prompted my transition to healthier eating/living was severe, unexplainable allergic reactions that doctors could not attribute to any allergen. Like your dad, Meghan, it took me getting sick and being so scared that I could have a random, severe allergic reaction at any time and for "no reason." However, after converting my eating habits, I realized the crap I was eating was probably suppressing my immune system to the point that it couldn't handle anymore.
  5. I sprouted some mung beans and fenugreek seeds because of your workshop -- YUM, I'm hooked! REAL, live food!
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