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Q&A: Dining with Friends When Your Eating Has Changed


Well, isn't this just the question of the year and of the moment!

Since so many of you have hopped into the world of real food and UnDiet living, socializing does get tricky as we roll into the holiday season.

How can you dine with friends and family when none of them eat like you?

In this video, I answer this question with three very important tips that will definitely help make it easier. I also offer a script to help you respond to your friends and family so that you can kindly decline what you don't want to eat without offending anyone.

It's not we say or think that defines us, but what we do. - Jane Austen via @MeghanTelpner

If you are ready to start living your true healthy self and need a little extra motivation, be sure to check out what I'm sharing with you this healthy holiday season including a guide to help you cook for 12 to 24 guests.

Have you had a tough time sharing your lifestyle with friends and family? What strategies worked for you?

22 Responses to “Q&A: Dining with Friends When Your Eating Has Changed”

  1. Lotus said…
    I really like your idea of offering to bring something, not just for yourself, but to share. I've been vegetarian for a long time in a circle of meat-eaters, so always feel that I'm putting people out - now that I'm avoiding gluten too ....! Well, I normally don't even mention it and just suffer the consequences if I'm given something with gluten (luckily a little bit doesn't upset me much). But the offer to bring something to share would make me feel like I'm contributing something rather than causing someone hassle! Thanks Megan
  2. Overworkedta said…
    Wow. Some interesting information here that can work for people with food allergies as well. I often bring my own food but I feel awkward talking about it. I think your script will help me be more direct with my concerns and how to address them with family and friends in the future. So many people don't understand my allergies. It's very complicated to explain that you were suddenly diagnosed with terrible allergies as an adult and anything that is "processed in a facility" or "may contain" is suddenly off-limits. Having scripts in certain situations makes me less nervous. Thanks for the tips!
  3. Heather said…
    Hi Meghan! Thank you for this video. Because of health issues (namely Rhuematoid Arthritis), I'm giving up gluten and dairy, and also alcohol. It's only been a couple of months, so all this is new for me, and the holidays have been hard this year! Believe it or not, TV ads and shows can even trigger a craving for foods and drinks I've sworn off of, nevermind all the family get togethers. I'm kind of tired from all the mental and food preparation that goes into each meal. I hope it gets easier. I love your attitude and outlook!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Once you commit that anything less than what's best for your health is no longer an option- a gluten and dairy-free life because easy. I've been on this path for nearly 10 years. It's truly effortless.
  4. Lisa said…
    Great suggestions! Thanks for sharing :)

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