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Healthy is the New Skinny


Today I turn 33. Happy birthday to me!

I thought about doing a countdown of 33 foods I love, 33 great moments in the last year... but instead I thought it time I share some personal thoughts with you.

See- it's been my experience that everything is better after 30 and I do believe it is because at that age I came to a grand realization that promoted wicked awesome confidence, ambition, drive and also a sense of peace with who, where and what I am.

It is this: Healthy is the new skinny.

There is a massive paradigm shift happening on ground level among 30 and 40-something women. We are leading the way in a new approach to how we look at our bodies and at our health.

We are sick.

Few of us got through our adolescent years without being prescribed a hormonal supplement (birth control pill), few of us got through our 20’s without mood and digestive disorders and few of us are going through our 30’s and 40’s feeling great about our bodies.

This challenge to our collective health is behind the shift.

Leading this charge is a group of amazingly dynamic, driven and healthy group- whom I am honoured to call my colleagues and my friends- the new nutritionists, chefs, educators, authors and motivators.

We are excited, we are making change happen and it's because we understand that health is not  about being thin and eating an optimal amount of calories, or getting the 'healthier' option at the drive through.  Healthy is not about looking at a plate of food and seeing 650 calories and ratios in grams for carbs to proteins. Healthy is not about cheat days or finding junk food in the health food store that abides by our latest list of dietary restrictions.

We're about keeping it whole and real- and you are digging this approach because it works.

Health is not  an absence of disease. Health is having something. Having lots. Health is about waking up, excited for the day, having a feeling of calm, vitality and steady energy. Health is about cooking the best food ever and enjoying it. Health is about the sense of empowerment that comes when we take control of our health as an active participant in the process.

I have a degree in fashion, I spent four years working in advertising and then my body gave out on me. At 26 I was too sick to go to work. After a three year battle with digestive distress that doctors said was ‘normal’ for my age, at 26, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a chronic incurable, inflammatory bowel disease. Opting to take my health it into my own hands, with the inherent belief that if the body and mind are given what is needed to heal, than health would be the inevitable end result.

My symptoms went away within a couple of weeks and now, at 33, I am 100% healed from an ‘incurable’ and ‘chronic’ genetic disease.

As a result of my experience, I have worked with thousands, I have taught over 250 cooking class, appeared  on National television, I write daily and have a book, UnDiet coming out across North America in April 2013. I will be leading my 5th annual health retreat in February- this year in Costa Rica.

The greatest gift that these opportunities have offered is enabling me be a catalyst in this new paradigm shift that can only benefit people on an individual basis, benefit communities by having healthier, more positive members and benefit the greater universe by helping people find their place of optimal health where they are able to give their best to the world.

Health is not about weight. Skinny does not equal healthy.

When we feel great, looking great is a by-product. Health has nothing to do with the size of our jeans or where we land on the body-mass index. As young women, we have seen our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and many public figures ‘battle the bulge’, looking for a diet that works, sacrificing and stressing over this.

The solution, as many women are beginning to understand, is not to focus on what we are giving up, what we can’t have, what we are missing out on, but to focus on the health; focus on what we are getting and gaining and how amazing that is.

Healthy is the new skinny and that shift in mindset will change how we view food, how we view our body, how we view each other and how, ultimately, we will make every choice count.

So my greatest wish on my 33rd birthday is that together- we will get our health on, ditch the skinny and focus on achieving the amazing vibrancy we are all capable of!


27 Responses to “Healthy is the New Skinny”

  1. Talia said…
    Meghan, First let me say Happy Birthday! Your post really speaks to me as being happy being me (a healthy, "normal"-sized 20-something) is quite challenging at times, especially if we reflect on our very sick society and our view of what "normal" and "healthy" is. Your story is truly inspiring, and gives me inspiration to continue my career studying to become a naturopathic doctor. You serve as an inspiring voice in the world of health, which is the reason I frequently visit you blog. Happy Bday!
  2. Linda said…
    What a great new mantra for the world - "healthy is the new skinny"! Happy happy birthday, and many more Meghan. You've changed my life for the better, I can't thank you enough.
  3. [...] Yes! UnDiet living is about breaking rules and creating a lifestyle that actually works for you. It’s a fact that 85% of all diets fail, and yet people who believe they have too much junk [...]
  4. Ami L said…
    Amen to that! And a very happy birthday to you!!
  5. I couldn't have said better. I am always telling my clients to stop focusing on "being skinny" and start focusing on their health. We are so twisted in this country when it comes to what we think is healthy. Great blog. Happy Birthday!
  6. Candace said…
    Happy birthday! You sure are pretty in pink;) Have a fabulous day!
  7. Happy birthday! I couldn't agree with you more about the expansion of consciousness among women. I am 34 and in the last few years have really stepped into my skin with joy, confidence and love. I believe that finding that kind of self-love was a major factor in healing from the supposed incurable diseases I had (chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia). Kudos to all the women out there breaking the mold!
  8. Joyce said…
    You deserve a beautiful day like today! Enjoy your day and your new number! I will have a glass of organic wine tonight and toast to you !!!!
  9. Pam said…
    Happy Birthday Meghan Telpner. Hope that you have a super duper birthday! Keep up all of the fantastic work that you do!!!
  10. peace said…
    Happy birthday lovely! You are a gift to the world :)

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