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Help Me Eat Bee Pollen


There's nothing I love more than a great superfood. I love when food is not only beautiful and delicious but also health building. So when a food, such as bee pollen, is labelled 'the most complete food on earth', how could I not love it?

I don't. I can't stand this stuff and I feel a bit inferior because of this- like being unable to work out a delicious way to consume 'the most complete food on earth', makes me fall short as your fearless nutritionista leader.

Alas, I might just be deemed a failure in this regard because try as I might, I absolutely despise this food. It tastes, to me, like a potpourri of the smell when you first walk into a health food store, the Body Shop's Dewberry perfume which I wore when I was fourteen, mixed with Irish Spring and decorated wax crayon under-tones... But it's so healthy and I really want to love it.

Bee pollen is basically plant sperm. The grains contain the male germ cells, produced by all plants, flowers or blossoms. One teaspoon of pollen contains approximately 1,200 pellets or 2.5 billion grains. And what do those grains contain?

  • Pollen functions as a natural energizer for the body, high in b-vitamins, vital for energy production at a cellular level.
  • High concentration of lecithin helps with dissolving and flushing fat cells, as well as nourishing the cells of the brain.
  • Helps to reduce food cravings thanks, in part, to the natural phenylalanine (an amino acid), which acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Helpful in restoring the health the reproductive system and promotes relief from the discomfort of PMS
  • It helps speed up caloric burn by stimulating the metabolic system.
  • Bee pollen benefits the immune system. It contains proteins, mono and polyunsaturated fats, vitamins B, C, D, E, and beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium, selenium, nucleic acids, lecithin, and cysteine, all of which have been proven effective in strengthening the immune system.
  • Bee pollen helps you to cope more easily with stress thanks to the full profile of amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins. This sweet and dense combo helps regulate mood.
  • The amino acids within Bee Pollen are precursors to human growth hormone (HGH). Bee Pollen also contains a gonadotropic hormone very similar to the human pituitary hormone, gonadotropin, which functions as a sex gland hormone. (Research conducted at various European Universities have shown in trials conducted with impotent men that more than half of those given bee pollen experienced a dramatic improvement of sperm and most gained a higher level of self-confidence, and were able to perform better sexually... after just one month of taking bee pollen- hello!)

See- so pollen is amazing and I absolutely hate it. I need your help. Please, please pretty please send me your tips and recipes for getting it down. I want links, I want recipes, I want help 'cause I want to love it, and I want you to love it, or at least try it.

Thanks in advance for all your helpful suggestions. Peachy sweet and the the idea, suggestion, link that I decide is most helpful for my regular ingestion of this super food will receive a complementary advance copy of my Healing with Super Foods tutorial soon to be released- and supplements are not an option.

118 Responses to “Help Me Eat Bee Pollen”

  1. limc said…
    Oh, and don't forget to store it in the freezer so it stays fresh :)
  2. Gairaca said…
    I grind my bee pollen in the coffee grinder and then i mix it with raw organic cacao powder or i grind my own cacao nibs into powder. The chcocolate taste pairs unbelivably well with the sweetness and depth of the pollen, it is to die for..! I started with 1 tbsp of each and then evolved into other ratios..
  3. Ryan said…
    My favorite way to eat bee pollen is in a 650g tub of coconut yogurt with berries. I prefer black currents and usually use around 2tbs of bee pollen. I also sometimes put it into egg salad sandwiches. The egg flavor seems to mask the bee pollen and they are a powerful combo.
  4. Heidi Merrill-McDonough said…
    I also don't enjoy the taste/texture of bee pollen. I have tried many ways to ingest it. What works best for me is to put half on a table spoon then pour Barlean's 'Total Omega' oil (a mix of fish oil & flax oil) on it. I get the 'orange cream' flavored oil. Then I pour the other half of the bee pollen on the tablespoon and pour my other half of the Barlean's oil over it. I have to do it in two parts as taking it all at once is too much in my mouth. For some reason, the thick, creaminess of the oil makes it much easier to take and chew the bee pollen.
  5. Drew said…
    I think it depends a lot on how fresh/local it is. I just bought some local here from Gipson's and it pretty good. I like it plain, but it's also good to put a teaspoon or so in a bowl and then dip a banana into it. The pollen sticks to the banana and blends in nicely. Yum.
  6. John said…
    There is no magic bullet in life. I eat mostly organic food, and eat foods that so many people call "Super Foods." I do not believe there is any such thing as a superfood. There are ways to optimize our lives. The middle path is not about getting overly enthusiastic about one type of food, like bee pollen or wheatgrass. I know this through my own life experiences. Bee pollen seems to be a good food, and I also use bee pollen in my diet. Living a balanced life is much more important than looking for your next superfood, or counting vitamins and minerals and being overly concerned about what types of vitamins and minerals are in a particular food. There are a lot of claims online made about the so called superfoods. It seems like everybody saying the same thing, and it's a big cut and paste job. I've been exercising and and doing yoga for years, and I don't think bee pollen by itself makes any difference in the world. It's a combination of eating the right foods in a holistic way and exercise and doing yoga and all the other things which takes a lifetime of learning to know about oneself, that lead to being "healthy." It's nice to enjoy bee pollen (as I did this morning) but keep in mind that it's not a "game changer."
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      You're right that there is no one magic food that does it all for us - it's a combo of a healthy diet, sleep, handling stress, exercise, and more. Superfoods are a wonderful addition to the diet, but they don't need to be the bulk of what we consume - in fact, they are so potent it's usually better to consume them in smaller amounts.

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