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Harvesting For Medicine



It is medicine season! Seriously. I am talking about all the goodies popping up from the earth, wild for the most part, that just might serve to heal our woes.

We know that diet is important and we know that laughter is important. Sleep and exercise are also keys for great health. But sometimes, even the strongest and mightiest of us may fall prey to a little bug or perhaps a wound or what have you and we need a little something extra to boost us up and get us through quicker and stronger.

Kind of amazing to think that our medicine could look like this:

This, my lovely herb lovers is where my heart lies with herbal medicine. As I brushed over in the video, I do find it interesting that in mass media there is this weird attitude of peeps being suspect of natural means of healing. Someone even posted a comment on my youtube page asking why I endorse homeopathics (which I don’t do and am not trained in) if it is all just placebo.  Then there are the conventional medical types who claim that herbs have no affect on our health, can’t really benefit us but then give lists of herbs to avoid due to potential effects.

My question then is this, if herbal medicine, supplementation, homeopathics, energetic healing, crystals and the like have no real affect (which they do) and only work because of placebo- isn’t that an effect? Isn’t a placebo a measurable benefit that has zero side effects?

Herbs are my supplements of choice. I like them whole, I like them in tea form, I like them as tinctures. You can be sure that the herbs that grow wild are going to be hearty and healing. Take a look around. You’ll be amazed at the fields of medicine that surround us- fluorescent light and prescription free.

Remember how easy it is to make a tincture?


10 Responses to “Harvesting For Medicine”

  1. Deborah said…
    I loved this video! Would you ever consider doing a 'herb walk'? Or something of that sort? I'd love to go out with someone who knows what to look for and could explain the benefits of each of the plants as we come across them.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      My boyfriend is really into herbs and has done a few. I will talk to him about organizing one and perhaps we could go together. He would do the medicine part, I do the culinary.
      • Deborah said…
        That would be wonderful! You have my e-mail address I think, so please let me know if and when you decide to set one up! Thanks :-)
  2. Lauren said…
    I've tried a lot of natural remedies and some of them have helped and others haven't. I tried St. John's Wort for depression and anxiety and it didn't do anything for me, but I think it works best for people with mild depression...or at least that's what I read. I do find that ginger helps soothe my digestive issues and I've tried lots of herbal teas for other ailments and I believe that they have helped- I don't think it was just a placebo effect! Thanks for sharing this.
  3. kendra said…
    I used to make thyme and sage tea to help my sore throats... then I discovered that my sore throats were caused by a corn intolerance! My most tried and true natural remedy is actually just avoiding the things that cause the initial ailments. Works a lot better than trying to treat symptoms.
  4. Erica said…
    It's kind of funny because pharmaceuticals were originally based on natural remedies. Acetyl salicylic acid or aspirin is based on the salicylic acid from the Willow tree. You can take it as ASA and make your liver sluggish, or you can take willowbark which has so many more nutrients in it and phytochemicals. But no, that would be frigging crazy and unscientific. Right. I have to say one of my favourite natural remedies is TIME! Give yourself time to heal. No one does that anymore for example when we get colds. Even for stomach aches. Sometimes it just takes TIME.
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