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Hocus Pocus Natural Health Care-A-Magocus


There are very few governing boards in the natural health industry. Anyone can call themselves a natural health practitioner, wellness consultant, nutrition coach and the list goes on. I suppose this is what lead two of my clients’ physicians to refer to holistic nutrition as ‘Hocus Pocus’ and “A load of huey”. I have been thinking about this a lot of late as a colleague of mine recently discovered a practitioner with all sorts of initials after her name that she had no training to support. That is illegal and bad for the reputation of my profession.

Nutrition information abounds, as do the multi-level marketing schemes aimed at selling supplements, super foods, protein powders, neutraceuticals, weight loss and detox programs. Though not all, a lot of what is in on the market is a load of huey. People selling these products often receive their nutritional training from the parent companies producing these products. That is the equivalent of the pharma industry doing their own testing on their own experimental drugs. Individuals go to these conferences, take weekend workshops, get all rah rah rah about the products and leave with a sell sell sell mentality. After all, if they sell enough, they can join weekend golf getaways and Caribbean cruises.

They are working on building their wealth at a direct cost to the health of the people who buy from them. It is one thing to profit off the sales of knives, cookware or cosmetics when it comes to multi-level, but to profit directly off people’s health challenges or goals without the health care education to explain the claims they are reiterating is irresponsible and immoral.

I am not saying the products being sold in multi-level schemes are all bad. Some of them are fantastic. I don’t, however, believe that anyone should be taking health advice or supplement recommendations from people who are not professionally trained or certified to be giving it.

Anyone selling supplements should be able to explain specifically why those products are best for you. This is basic biochemistry. Ten different people, all with the same primary complaint, will each have their own unique needs and unique contributing factors and therefore require a unique diet, supplemental and lifestyle program.

Natural health care is unbelievably powerful, when used properly and respectfully. The state of our health plays a vital role in every thing we do. I thereforecannot stress enough the importance of seeking out the best to help you take care of your health.

When selecting a practitioner, I recommend you consider the following:

  • Find out what their formal training is, what certifications, registrations and/or qualifications they have to be practicing the health care they are practicing. You have an absolute right to know this.
  • You should expect a free initial consultation, whether in person or by phone. You have to ensure their philosophies align with yours and that you are the right fit for each other. Good health care depends on a mutual relationship of trust, support and honesty. Ideally, this is a lasting relationship.
  • Find out what their treatment plans usually are: how often a follow-up is expected, average costs above the consultation time, other supportive services available etc. You must have confidence they will support you as you go through the program, and not just until the sale is made on the products.
  • Get testimonials, and I don’t mean the ones posted on websites. Ask for a couple of clients/patients that you could contact. Also find out what kind of program or advice they were given. No two people should have identical supplements in their cupboards.

Spend the time up front in doing the research and this will save you time and a lot of money in the long run. I will leave you with this final thought on the matter: No pill, detox kit, or supplement regime will ever replace the value of eating good food, thinking happy thoughts, and moving your body about once in a while. That advice is free of charge and delivered with a big smile.

Thoughts? Comments? Encouragement? Hate mail?

I am aware that what I have shared will likely anger many people. I am okay with that as I feel this is extremely important information to share and of course, am open to all comments.

16 Responses to “Hocus Pocus Natural Health Care-A-Magocus”

  1. Marissa said…
    Meghan I agree wholeheartedly, and know that the reason I read your blog is because I agree with the vast majority of what you believe. My way is slightly different, but the base is still the same...REAL WHOLE FOODS :-) I don't believe that grains should be part of a person's daily diet, but that is pretty much the only real difference in the way we operate. I think ultimately it just comes down to having to trust your own rational thinking about things. I don't fully buy into the raw foodist diet, but I do eat a lot of raw dishes and happen to love the way they taste. I just don't believe it is "the way". Nutrition seems to operate a lot like religious beliefs for most people ;-) I know I will probably step on toes for that one, but I am constantly amazed by how many people corner me about my diet and begin to argue with it. Usually based on the food pyramid ;-) Oh I eat the entire egg, and 3 of them a day...and from chickens in my neighbor's backyard who eat veggies, bugs, and worms!
  2. Loved this post Meghan. You'll never get any hating from me...and I love the whole egg. :)
  3. Hocus Pocus Natural Health Care-A-Magocus
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