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How Low & Easy Can A Recipe Combo Go


Have you ever cooked down a soup? I loooove cooking down soups. "Huh? What?"

I can hear you! What I mean by this is you have your soup, and you have enjoyed it very much as a soup, but then you think- "Hmmmm, this soup is so freaking amazing I would love it as a dressing, or a dip or something".  Well maybe you don't but I do.

Before I carry on with this, I will say that I haaaate meal plans. I hate making them and I hate following them for the simple reason that no one ever follows them. In the 5 Days Low Glycemic Eating tutorial, you get a spiffy five day meals plan complete with a schedule and recipes. In my sweet sunshiny-in-December perfect world, I like to think that everyone who ordered it will follow it to a tee, make all the yummy recipes and feel just as you should feel after the five days, so un-freaking-believable that you can't ever imagine going back to the way you ate (or felt) before.

I also know that the world is perfect in its' imperfections and sometimes, things come up and we aren't able to follow the plan exactly or maybe we get lazy or most likely, maybe we just don't feel like making or eating what is designated for us to eat as our snack on a Tuesday or as our breakfast on a Thursday. Meal plans, therefore are suggestions meant to inspire- and that is where we get to whip it out (our creativity, I mean... what were you thinking?)

I went crazy overboard making Grandma Meghan's Secret Tomato Sauce back when it was tomato season and so I have heaps of sauce to eat up. I decided that this version of the sauce that contained cauliflower and cabbage in addition to all the other low glycemic goodness should be cooked down.

I simply poured the sweet ambrosia into a pot, turned my stove on low-medium and let her just simmer and thicken up. You can do this with any flavourful soup and then use it as a dip, dressing, or ahem fancy it and call it tapenade (can I call this a tapenade? Whatever. I make the rules here.)

And look!

Isn't she gorgeous? Cooking her down concentrated the flavour and made it totally scoopable. I scooped her onto a piece of my Bread Lover's Breadless Bread (which I also added olives to) and Bon-App my dear. Another, sweet and simple low glycemic, high protein and high fibre meal without cooking a thing (today).

The foods that made up the majority of this meal were all well under our cut-off of 60 rating score on the glycemic index:  tomatoes, onions, cabbage, bell peppers, zucchini, onions, olives, sweet potato, almonds, yogurt, and flaxseeds. Ate a little, feel a lot full and oh so glycemically balanced.

Recipes Used:

Grandma Meghan's Secret Tomato Sauce
Bread Lovers Bread Free Bread

Would love to hear of the creative combos you are plotting to help you get low GI, as I am sure everyone else would too.


7 Responses to “How Low & Easy Can A Recipe Combo Go”

  1. Stefania said…
    As always, gorgeous food. I might be in the minority but I like meal plans. Sometimes it's nice to give my brain a break and then I go back to being creative in the kitchen.
  2. Michelle said…
    I have made lots of that sauce and love it! I plan to try the bread too. It reminds me, it has been a while since I made the fallafel bread. I love making a bunch of roasted veggies and chickpeas.... seems pretty low GI? I make a huge batch once a week with zucchini, sweet potato, portabellos, red onion and whatever else is around. it is great alone or combined with a grain.
  3. Ashley said…
    I guess I'm a freak because I love my meal plan! That being said, I make it so that I have all the ingredients in my house to make those things and things do change over the course of the week. I don't stick to specific days (always) and sometimes I change my mind or make things differently. I also do it to save money and time since it only means that I'm making one (ish) grocery trip each week. So I guess my meal planning goes the Ashley way, but that works well for me!!
  4. Nicole said…
    hehe, 'whip it out' know exactly what I was thinking ;)

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