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I Turned 35 and Didn’t Retire. This Is Why…


Meghan Telpner Retirement Plan

For the longest time, I have been saying that I would retire at 35. I didn’t know how this was going to happen, or even have a clear picture of what this would look like — it was just a goal.

Whenever people, often in interviews, would ask what my plans or goals were, my answer was always the same. “I’m going to retire at 35.” I felt like that answered everything — like if my goal was to retire, all my other plans would help line that up. Most often, this would be met with a laugh, as if I was joking. But the thing is, I meant it. Truly and completely.

And yet, here I am, 10 days after my 35th birthday, and something very unexpected has happened.

I don’t want to retire anymore.

Most people think retirement is all about finally having enough money saved up to golf, cruise, play bridge and take advantage of the early bird dinner specials. And of course, given that retirement had been my plan, I’ve lived accordingly, most of the time. Retirement for me was always going to include some work — writing books and taking on other such projects. I needed to do something. I just didn’t want to do it all the time, everyday… or so I thought.

I’m not retiring because it’s just getting really, really awesome.

I assumed that by the this time in my life, I’d be bored with what I was doing. I’d be done. I was completely wrong. I actually fell victim to the thing I tell everyone to be careful of — putting plans in place that are intended to please a future version of yourself. I did that. And it turns out that the actual real life 35-year-old version of me, not the one I had created in my own mind, isn’t ready. I thought I’d be ready to call it a day on this Nutritionista biz and go kick it at the beach for a few months, write my memoir and live the rest of my life going to yoga, meditating on a hill top, making green juice, going for lunch, and maybe becoming a member of a committee or two (this is what retired nutritionists do, isn’t it?) There is still so much I want to learn and share and do.

I’m not retiring because of you.

When I began exploring health and nutrition, nearly 10 years ago, there wasn’t a lot to choose from in terms of nutritionists to follow, healthy food blogs to read, or online courses to participate in (I mean, there was barely Facebook). I was lucky to be one of the early birds in the field. I’ve written 2,000+ posts on this website and now, with, have a whole other way I get to teach and share.

There are dozens of articles out there that will tell you why blueberries are good for you. There are loads of recipes for green smoothies. You can learn how to add more fermented foods to your diet by scrolling through a Google search while sitting on the bus. That kind of information is out there in abundance.

I want to offer you more, and different knowledge, in different ways.

I want to create challenges for you that you have never even considered, but can’t imagine having never done. I want to lead you through programs that don’t just change the way you eat but enhance and celebrate the way you live every day for the rest of your life.

I want to inspire you to live a life that never has you waiting for the work day to end, clamouring for a weekend, or counting down until that holiday escape.

I want to do more to light that spark of inspiration in you that makes you never want to retire either.

I am not retiring because, ultimately, I was wrong.

Being 35 is awesome. This was truly the best birthday yet. I thought I’d be ringing in my 35th year with a retirement party and maybe an engraved blender (I know watches are more standard for this type of gift, but I don’t wear a watch). As it turns out, I was wrong.

Meghan Telpner goals

Retirement should never be the goal. Just the state of mind.

In my biz coaching and goal setting workshops, I always stress the importance of setting goals, but to never be too attached to the outcome. Goals simply help us focus on what we really want and need to be doing to get closer to the results we’re seeking. For me, the goal of retiring at 35 inspired me to take some scary leaps, ruffle some feathers, push some limits and work my tail off. For that, I am grateful. Most of all, I am grateful that those leaps led me to you, and the rest of this absolutely, insanely amazing community.

I am now in the process of setting new goals, changing things up a little and dreaming of what else I want to learn about and the best ways to share it with you. I’m super excited about the new ideas that are percolating and where those are going to take me. Most importantly, I’m excited about the ride we’re going to be taking together to the lives of our dreams.

As for retirement…

Let’s turn that Retirement into UnTirement and start powering up to live our lives without limits. You with me?

16 responses to “I Turned 35 and Didn’t Retire. This Is Why…”

  1. Rachel Molenda says:

    This is so inspiring and so on point. I think we all strive for this because we believe we can’t make a living by tending to our passion. But it takes risk and action to do this and you have done it, hence the UnTirement. So incredibly proud of you and thankful that you have built this community and UnDiet lifestyle all on your own and continue to motivate millions of people around the world!

  2. Val deFields says:

    Rachel said it all – I wake up every day and put on a happy face in big part because of your amazing work. I now am starting to embrace food instead of dreading the effects it would have on me – you are amazing, and I see you as being the best gift in the world (except for my daughter !!) Please know you are making a huge impact on my life. Your positive energy is infectious. You are definitely helping me “become the person I needed to know 20 years ago”. I may have “retired” recently, but I feel like I am just warming up for a fantastic, unknown future. New goals are starting to look exciting, Meghan. Thank you so much for planting the seed!

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      Wow Val! Thank you so much for your generous words. Food for the soul and the spirit. Thank YOU for being part of this community.

  3. Kat Mendenhall says:

    I. Love. You. Goals push us towards creating new ones and you are a perfect example of that. I planned on FULLY retiring at 50, but instead (thanks to you and CNE) I compromised and semi-retired at 47 in a field that I spent up to 30 years in. Like you, instead of “settling” for a life I thought I might feel comfy in, I set new goals and whoooa, look at me go. I feel more alive and happy than ever and you Miss Megan gave me the confidence and tools I needed to go get er’ done. I love that we are all in this together and and your humble spirit reminds us that life is a journey for each and every one of us. Cheers!

    • Meghan Telpner says:

      You are awesome and your energy is always off the hook. Couldn’t imagine you ever getting too “comfy”.

  4. Andrea says:

    Amazing post, Meghan. One of the statements in the post that stood out for me was this:

    “For me, the goal of retiring at 35 inspired me to take some scary leaps, ruffle some feathers, push some limits and work my tail off. For that, I am grateful.”

    This is another reason that you inspire me. This is a reminder about the effectiveness of goals with deadlines,

  5. Sherry says:

    I like how “unretirement” sounds and can’t wait to see and be a part of your new ideas and big plans. Thank you so vey much for your continued inspiration and expertise.

  6. caren says:

    Congrats Meghan and happy birthday. I’m glad you’re not retiring. The world needs you :)

  7. Anne says:

    This was such a lovely post! It’s inspiring to see you doing something you are so passionate about and to see all of your hard work paying off. I hope I can get there some day too! <3

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  9. Gisselle says:

    Loved this post! As inspiring as always!!! :*

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