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Ice cream, you scream, this will make us all scream!


It’s guess the “food” time!! Here’s a snippet from a long list of ingredients... You may need your encyclopedia for this one:

nonfat milk, corn syrup, water, high fructose corn syrup, sweetened condensed whole milk, cocoa processed with alkali, modified corn starch, hydrogenated coconut oil, salt, potassium sorbate and propyl paraben – as preservatives, carrageenan, propylene glycol alginate, natural and artificial vanilla flavor, soy lecithin), sugar, brownies (sugar, wheat flour, cocoa processed with alkali, water, eggs, egg whites, dried apple powder, nonfat dry milk, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, vanilla extract, soybean oil, salt), cream, corn syrup, macadamia brittle [sugar, macadamia nuts, corn syrup, butter (cream, salt), coconut oil, molasses, soy lecithin, salt, sodium bicarbonate], cocoa powder and chocolate liquor processed with alkali, stabilizer (modified whey, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, mono and diglycerides, cellulose gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan), whey powder, brown color (blue 1, red 40, yellow 5), vitamin a palmitate

This is something being marketed to us as "a healthy choice".

How can this be?

It’s a frozen yogurt called “Aloha Brownie Madness” with only 150 calories per 125 ml serving. Delish no?

Baskin Robbins contacted me wanting to offer a 'desk side' tasting of this new product, which they deem to be a “better” choice. Their selection offers a variety of options that are “dairy-free”, “fat-free”, “no-sugar-added”, and “calorie-reduced”.

Baskin Robbins hoped that I would try their new products and do a review on them.  These PR companies ought to do better research, before sending out crappola like this.

You know me well enough to predict how I responded to this offer. I said no to the product because waste is waste and asked simply for the full ingredient list.

This is what I refer to as HealthWashing- the practice of a company labelling something as a healthy choice when really it is a toxic pile of poop. Though a pile of poop might be healthier. I just grossed myself out.

Why on earth does a calorie count matter when what is needed to produce that low calorie count is toxic chemical waste? It's safe to say that we should be weary of foods advertised on television. If we followed what TV told us to do, I think we'd have nine cars, 16 credit cards, be horribly overweight, have an overload of toxins in our body from all the perfumes, hair dyes and cosmetics, yearn to be thin as a rail and be in diapers (why do so many meds have loss of bladder control as a side effect?). Wait... we kind of are!

Unfortunately, with so much media being thrown at us, we fail to see  the importance of ingredient quality. Is "propylene glycol alginate" even a food? It came from food, kelp actually, but as the emulsifier in this ice cream, I'm not sure you'd be eating that on its own. Most of this ingredient list sounds like something used to fuel airplanes.

Think about this for a second. One food I love to its and bits is the coconut. I use coconut oil abundantly. The stuff I use is virgin cold-pressed. What this yogurt treat is using, hydrogenated coconut oil, is a beat-up version that the coconut goddesses would not appreciate. When an oil is partially hydrogenated it means that after it is first extracted, it is processed further in order to increase its melting point. In this process, some fats are also converted into trans fatty acids, which can actually be deadly.

My advice? If you want ice cream, eat the real thing. Enjoy it, love it. It's a treat meant to be savoured. Don't pretend like it's a health food. If you want frozen yogurt, than freeze your yogurt.

And if you are a store bought kind of gal, I heart Yogalicious Kefir Ice Cream and whether you swing the veggie/vegan way or not, Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss is decadently delightfully

22 Responses to “Ice cream, you scream, this will make us all scream!”

  1. Andrea said…
    I went to one of their in-store tastings coordinated by their PR company and enjoyed the ice cream for what it was: Junk food and low-quality ice cream containing filler rather than high quality ice cream with fewer ingredients. I subsequently wrote a blog post calling them out on "Healthwashing" - though I didn't use that word) while encouraging people to eat ice cream if they want to eat ice cream, once in awhile, without being deluded into thinking it's healthy. I took the angle of "nostalgia" because to me, the brand is largely nostalgia. During the tasting I drew the line at the "Blue Raspberry" flavour. My mind could not temporarily suspend belief enough for that one. I do occasionally eat ice cream from BR and other stores and do so without guilt or apology because it tastes good, it makes me feel good emotionally and I consciously pick my poisons (not just a metaphor) with awareness of the potential consequences. Despite trying to keep it to myself I made some snarky remarks about the campaign during the tasting and clearly pissed off one taster with one of my skepticism. I liked the PR reps but don't support the campaign. The whole "BRight Choices" concept is an insult to intelligence while grasping for off-season marketing. I'm so surprised that they reached out to you.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      The thing is too- it's not just bad stuff for our bodies- but all the chemical processing is bad for the planet too- not to mention all the disposables that come with eating there too.
      • Andrea T. said…
        Absolutely. (And have I mentioned that I miss the function on your blog that gives the option to subscribe to comments? I have to remember to check back.)
  2. Stephanie said…
    That ingredient list is just gross! I've been struggling for the past couple of years to avoid dairy completely (though I don't drink it, I realize now I was getting plenty of it as it hides in most products with ingredient lists). But I just found out I'm allergic to it... just the kick in the butt I needed to stay away from it. And you know what? I'm ok with that :)
  3. I think HealthWashing just became my new favorite word! Of course something so dead on would come from awesome ladies like you & Lisa. Thanks for the decadently delightful Coconut Bliss shout out, I really appreciate it!
  4. [...] read my bit about the Baskin Robins Ice Cream right? Or my tweet about sending the Dempsters Bread people the Food Bank address when they wanted to [...]
  5. Mel said…
    I think Weight Watchers and their point system is a huge example of healthwashing. They promote low fat, no fat options as being healthy.

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