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I’m 31 1/2 Years Old And I Still Get Carded. This Is Why.


That pic above is the closest up pic of me I could find that involves no make-up. This past Friday evening, following a raw food event at a local yoga studio, I headed down Queen Street to The Rivoli to meet a friend from high school who was in town for the weekend. For those of you not in Toronto, The Rivoli is mostly restaurant, part bar, has an upstairs pool lounge, and a back venue for concerts and shows. The bottom line is that it is not a bar bar- where the only thing I might be doing there is drinking my face off.

Anyway, I locked up my bicycle and was taking my helmet off as I walked in and was stopped by the bouncer and asked for ID. I smiled, asked “really??? You just made my night”. The kid looked at my ID, laughed and goes- “Whoa- you’re almost old enough to be my mom”. I was hysterically laughing and doing that snorty hiccup thing that I’ve ben told sounds like dolphins being attacked.

I though it funny that I left a raw food event and at 31 years-old was carded at a bar I used to sneak in to 15 years earlier.

There are good reasons for my looking so youthful. Part is genetic for sure. You know my mom, right? One part is that I have chubby cheeks and am about 5 feet tall. The rest is lifestyle.

Have you ever thought for a moment that all that make-up, and creams and soaps and sunscreen we put on our face to look younger, actually ages us the most! That crappola is toxic! Avoiding fat in our diet makes us wrinkly and saggy- but then we suck back the booze to really dry out our bods (and other precious bits too- wink, wink).

One of the things I NEVER DO is wear makeup. I am often told- but Meghan, you have such beautiful skin, you don’t need makeup.

What came first? The beautiful skin or the not wearing make-up. Maybe they go together? That make-up they put on me for the Marilyn Denis Show made me look like a 65 year old rum swinging wrinkle-puss.

Instead, my prescription of choice is to keep out the bad guys- the bad toxic cosmetics, the bad toxic foods, the bad toxic people… And it seems to work for me.

Now, not everyone is ready to go totally nude in the face straight up. I get it. So I wanted to offer you one of my most favourite edible home spa recipes. This one is not included in the Natural Body Care Tutorial. The thing is, you can make these amazing face mask recipes up all on your own too- if you just think about the foods that are good for our insides.

For example- the vitamin/mineral combo that is great for promoting wound healing is vitamin A, C, E and Zinc. Loaded with all those antioxidants and tissue healing factors. So it would make sense then that mixing up foods that are high in those compounds would therefore be great for healing up external blemishes and what not.

Foods that are high in anti-microbials like raw honey, coconut oil and aloe- that help kill infection and boost immune function inside, would therefore be fantastically awesome topical treatments for scrapes, cuts, burns or wounds,  right? It sounds so simple doesn’t it.

Now on to this amazing face mask!

I developed this recipe that could be used as both a moisturizing face mask and the very best cupcake frosting ever. I did by having a gander at my smoothie making station. With all this weird weather, so much teaching and way too much time out of natural beaming sunlight, my skin needed a boost.

I mixed this concoction together using these favourite food ingredients.

Coconut Oil: For the antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and deep moisturizing goodness
Raw Honey: for all the active enzymes, anti-microbials, B-vitamins and plain old sweetness
Raw Cacao: for the amazing concentration of antioxidants
Matcha Tea: again- more anti-oxidant, anti-aging power
Lavendar Essential Oil(food grade!): For the soothing, relaxing, aromatherapuetic qualities

And that my lovers is how I made the most amazingly nourishing, moisturizing and healing face mask. Added bonus is that due to the chocolate, after I wiped my face clean, I had the sweetest little brownish glow as if I had been out in the sun for a couple hours. Perfect! Remember- if you want the goods from any facial application to be absorbed, you need a good quality fat. That will act as the transporter to get the fat soluble volatile compounds into the skin. That also means that this oil best be edible because it is getting into the skin!


Meghan’s Super Anti-Aging Antioxidant Moisturizing Face Mask
(enough for 2-3 treatments)

1 Tbs Coconut Oil
1 Tbs Raw Honey
1 Tbs Cacao Powder
1/8 tsp matcha
2 drops lavendar
1 tsp buffered vitamin C powder (optional)

  • Mix all ingredients thoroughly
  • Taking small amounts at a time, massage into face.
  • Continue to massage all areas of face and neck for 5-10 minutes (this is a good one to do with a friend!)
  • Let sit for an additional 5-10 minutes.
  • Wipe face clean using smooth cotton cloth. Unless your face still feels really sticky, avoid washing it for as long as you can- if you do feel really sticky, use a little jajoba or coconut oil on a cloth to wipe clean.

Note: This mask will get liquidy as the coconut oil will melt when it hits your skin. If you want a thicker mask, replace coconut oil for avocado or ground oats.


Question Of The Day: What are your best tips for looking and feeling young and fresh?

21 Responses to “I’m 31 1/2 Years Old And I Still Get Carded. This Is Why.”

  1. Metta said…
    Here is my question – how to prevent/stop breakouts? When I wasn’t getting my period I had fantastic skin, but as soon as my ND got me started on some hormone therapy to get my body to lessen the estrogen & testosterone/up the progesterone my skin started looking like a 16 year old boy’s. My face and back could really use some help. My diet is clean: eat lots of veggies, greens, whole grains, legumes, I avoid sugar, don’t eat meat, processed foods, gluten, dairy, little chocolate. Yet I see co-workers who eat french fries, burgers, donuts, lots of candy and they have beautiful skin!
    • massybird said…
      Gotta love those genes! As you said it yourself, hormones (and how your body reacts to them, hence genes) are at fault here for the most part. Having said that, do you avoid fructose? As soon as I cut out fructose out of my diet, my skin improved tremendously. Good luck.
      • Metta said…
        Fructose? Something to think about, but I do love fruit, and it being summer so hard to resist. Do you completely avoid all fruit? Dr. Mercola talks a lot about avoiding fructose, but other than fruit I can’t figure out what other foods (ok, other than sugars) contain it.
        • Ashley said…
          Funny all this commenting on skin. I have the same problem. I've had troubled skin since I started going through puberty and it still hasn't cleared up. I eat very well and grew up with a clean diet but something is up - I've looking into candida, hypothyroidism (apparently it can effect the detoxification process of the kidneys and block the absorbtion of vit e, EFAs other nutrients needed for skin repair) and food allergies. Frustrated :(
        • massybird said…
          I am along the same lines as Meghan, actually a bit more strict. I do not eat any fruit at all and avoid honey (read, no sugar at all) but that's due to my digestive issues. I eat a ton of veggies... literally. I make a huge stir-fried pot using coconut oil each night and toss it all in the Vitamix, yum!
      • Meghan Telpner said…
        I do eat fruit- in small amounts. And some honey. Aside from that, there isn't much fructose- no fruit juices or anything.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      You're cleansing my love! Your body is just trying to find it's way to how it wishes to be. Enemas and skin brushing are HUGE helps in getting the gunk out, along with saunas and patience.
  2. devan said…
    I'm going to do this this weekend...maybe get my boy to do it too! (love your diva-in-the-makeup chair shot!)
  3. Laurie said…
    I think doing what you love for a career helps too. I was 28 before bouncers stopped asking me for ID. Funnily enough, 28 is about when I stopped liking my job. I was out by 29, but the damage seems to have been done. Other than a memorable carding in Memphis a few years ago, no one has asked for ID since. Keep up the good work Meghan!
  4. Alex said…
    Funnily enough I have been reading a lot about the damage caused by the usage of commercial soap and shampoo lately so last week I decided to forgo shampoo (I use baking soda to wash the tip of my hair and apple cider vinegar to condition it). My hair at this point is a little oily and weird but I know I have to hang in there until the oil production goes back to normal. I'm thinking in doing the same with soap. So my question is: do you use soap and shampoo at all? Thanks ;) Alex
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Give it month and all be rebalanced, shiny and unless you get sweaty often- will only need washing every 7-9 days. Trust me!
  5. Emily said…
    Thanks for your awesome research, posts, and info as always Meghan. I enjoy reading (and learning) so much! And yay for fantastic skin :)
  6. elain said…
    A bit of a brag from Mehgan's 72 year old cousin... the genes must be a big help from both sides of the family. I too have great skin, few wrinkles, rarely wear more than a touch of eyeshadow. While i don't get carded anymore, I constantly amaze people when i tell them my age. While I try to eat right, i am not as consistent as i probably should be. My anti aging advice? 1. a bit of 'fat' fills in and hides the wrinkles (just take a look at a skinny smokers skin!) 2. Never stop playing with toys (bubble blowers, kites, bicycle, etc) 3. (optional) never have kids - but enjoy other people's kids.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      number 3 made me laugh :) I often think of you and your freedom when I consider that decision :) Though my mom has two and is doing alright :)
  7. Amber said…
    Great post and I had to comment--- I'm 42 and still get carded pretty often. No, I don't look anywhere near 21 (give me a break!), but I'm told I look closer to 30. I credit genes and my lifelong interest in health and healthy foods. I do wear make-up, however--- I wish I never had started to wear it in high school! I definitely want to try your mask--- It sounds almost yummy enough to eat! :-)
  8. Gustoso said…
    A very good book for skin is "The Healthy Skin Diet" by Karen Fischer (
  9. Jenn said…
    Hiya! Another great thought provoking post to get people thinking about some "hidden" toxins in their lives! (make-up, shampoo, skin creams and lotions, etc). In my experience, the bigger I smile, the more I get carded! Will be trying the mask this weekend :) hopefully with my mom, if I can convince her to put it on her face!!
  10. Kim said…
    I can't wait to try the yummy face mask. I got carded at 35. I wanted to kiss him. :) I think a lot of that has to do with avoiding the sun (ultra pale) and like you, chubby cheeks. I am in the process of switching all my skin care and hair care products to natural brands. I need to find sunscreen that doesn't feel like the thick white stuff they put on babies. I use it on my face year round. Do you have any favorite brands ? (P.S. I can't give up the make-up. I found some that isn't crappola...Ecco Bella ! I love it. I hear Dr. Hauschka has good stuff too)

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