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In The Land Of Meghan: What's Up, What's Pretty and What's What!


I have a kitchen table! Like my own. In my own home. It's nice I tell you, it's nice. After three years of working where I live and living where I work, I have my own little apartment right nearby.

That kitchen table, by the way, was the very same table I had in my first apartment twelve years ago. It has been in my parents garage since 2003 and we cleaned it up and made it good as new. Want to know the best part about taking this table and now using it again? I don't have to hear my mom bla, bla, bla at me about storing it in their garage anymore. (And that amazing asparagus painting is by Elaine Clarfield Gitalis).

What does this mean to you? It means that I can now hold loads more awesometown classes at the Love In The Kitchen Headquarters, now officially entitled, ready for this, the Meghan Telpner Culinary Academy. BOOOYIZZLE FASHIZZLE.

And it means, after classes, I don't have to feel like I am curling up in a cubicle and going to bed. Most people didn't even know I lived there. My former bedroom is now the office and my main woman, Ms. Jen, now has a desk of her very own. We're growing up over here.

I thought I would take this friday post to highlight both the things that are making my week and also, down below, highlight some of the AMAZINGTOWN new services we are offering. And not to worry my far away lovers, distance programs are in the works.

1. This Sunset: Taken at my cottage on one of our evening canoe-dle adventures. Amazing right?

2. This Cinnamon Bun. I did not make this. The fine, whole food loving people over at Nourishing Meals did and I fell head over heals with this gluten and yeast free recipe that doesn't contain garbage vegan food like GMO oil cocktail products like Earth Balance, but it does have sweet potato in it. I haven't made it yet, but I will be creating my own version very soon. Hoping for a tomorrow, morning baking fun.

3. This Woman: Kristin Rugg Dovbniak of Cook Bake Nibble. Kristin is officially our resident chef and is offering the most amazing selection of one-on-one skills workshops. I am talking everything from knife skills, to how to use a variety of kitchen tools, working with spices, stocks and sauces... Check out the great and grand selection of private skills sessions here.

4. My Girl Crush: Jessi Arrington. We're soul mates. I'm kind of sure of it. I meant to share this ages ago, and am pretty sure I forgot. Watch. Be inspired. Wear colour!

5. Watch and Dance

Now, if you're still with me. As I mentioned up above, we have loads of new classes and services being offered this fall.


  • Meghan's Favourites: where I highlight all my fave kitchen and lifestyle products. Scheduled one time only (so far) on Tuesday, November 1st.


I am also, potentially adding a second retreat in April. There are just 10 spots available and already 8 on the interest/waiting list. Drop us an email if you want first dibs on registration.
And now, once again, our fall schedule for your registration pleasure!

Upcoming Classes at a Glance


Tuesday, September 13: Veggie Loving Transition (3 spots left)

Thursday, September 15: Meal Prep Made Easy (2 spots left)

Sunday, September 18: Get Baked: Gluten-Free

Tuesday, September 20: One Pot Wonders

Thursday, September 22: 6 Week Complete Cooking Program (Sold Out)

Thursday, September 22: 10 Week Total Goodness Cooking Program (Sold Out)

Sunday, September 25: Eating For Awesome Energy

Tuesday, September 27: Elixirs and Herbal Medicine


Sunday, October 2: Smoothie Up, Juice It Down

Wednesday, October 5: Detox Made Easy

Wednesday, October 12: Keeping Breasts Healthy

Saturday, October 15: Raw Food Power

Sunday, October 16: Meal Prep Made Easy

Tuesday, October 18: Edible Beauty Care

Wednesday, October 19: Raising Healthy Eaters

Wednesday, October 26: Everyday Supplementation

Saturday, October 29: Elixirs and Herbal Medicine

Sunday, October 30: Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats


Tuesday, November 1: Meghan's Favourites

Wednesday, November 2: Use This, Heal That

Saturday, November 5: Get Baked: Gluten-Free

Sunday, November 6: Veggie Loving Transition

Monday, November 7: Blood Work Explained

Tuesday, November 8: Smoothie Up, Juice It Down

Thursday, November 10: 4-Week Flavours Of The World Cooking Program

Sunday, November 13: Foods For Healing

Tuesday, November 15: Raw Food Power

Sunday, November 20: One Pot Wonders

Wednesday, November 23: Meal Prep Made Easy

Have the most beautiful weekend ever! Get to your local market. Buy lots of local food. Make lots of beautiful creations. Tell me about it!

Much super love


Question Of The Day: What classes, courses, awesome learning are you treating yourself to this fall? (And I don't just mean my classes silly!)

8 Responses to “In The Land Of Meghan: What's Up, What's Pretty and What's What!”

  1. Nancy D said…
    So many awesome things going on! I love the highlights list, and I love, love, LOVE the kitchen table!!! Happy Friday :)
  2. Wahoo for new spaces, fall classes & cinnamon buns! I love your lttle kitchen table, it actually looks very much like ours, which we scored from Nick's grandma, it's circa 1950 with crazy turquoise chairs ;) xo
    • Jen said…
      Our table is very similar too! It came from my husband's grandparents - was the first thing they bought when they came to Canada from Italy in the early 60's. Ours is red but the chairs have been reupholstered (vinyl just didn't last!). Love it!
  3. Marisa said…
    Meghan, is there a package, perhaps, where you can pay a discounted fee and use the pass to attend 3 to 5 classes over the course of a year? (When you book each class in advance per usual, of course.) I haven't taken one of your classes yet but wouldn't want to choose just one!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      We have a four workshop pass here:
  4. Pam said…
    Meghan, are you going to have any DVDs of the classes so those of us who do not live in Canada can have the benefit of the knowledge? Thanks! Pam
  5. [...] morning it was time for me to enter the world of cinnamon buns I wrote about last Friday. Have no fear, I will have my version of the recipe up next week. They were amazing! Look at [...]

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