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It’s TIME to change your life! CNE Online is here



And there is only one way to make it ridiculously awesometown, in our opinion. Yes my dear Culinary-Nutrition-Experts-In-Waiting, registration for the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is now officially open.

We have only 50 spots available, so if you are ready to take the plunge and eat your way to the life of your dreams, now would be the time to register.

There is truly nothing I am more proud of then this program- truly the culmination of my own journey to the knowledge I have and how I came to live the way I do. Through teaching over 300 classes in my own kitchen and presenting to tens of thousands of people live, and innumerable more through TV and youtube, well, I was ready to pull it all together here.

This program is health changing (always), career changing (very often), and life changing (without fail).

And this isn't my opinion of the program. This is what my esteemed, and awesome past graduates have told me.

Check out what Some PAST graduates had to say about the program:

"Meghan and the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program not only changed my own body, it changed my health and how I coach my clients to get amazing, real vibrant results!  Most valuable education of my career and the best investment you can make in your personal health or career."

-Sammie Kennedy, Founder BootyCampFitness (@sammiekennedy)

"Meghan and The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program sent me on a journey of growth and equipped me with the skills, knowledge & confidence to create the life of my wildest dreams!  This course inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and truly OWN my passions for food, nutrition, and spreading the health." Meghan has since quit her job in TV and has started her own business that will be taking her to Costa Rica- there very same place we run our retreats, to lead up the food prep for the winter season. Talk about dreams come true!

- Meg Pearson, Founder MAP Wellness (@MAPwellness

"Meghan and The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program changed my diet and my life for the better. I've gone from being uncertain in the kitchen to creating and sharing my own healthy recipes. I couldn't recommend her program more -- It's an amazing investment in both your career and your health!"

-Jaclyn Desforges, Writer, (@jaclyndesforges)

"Meghan and The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program rekindled my passion for whole foods and healthy, from scratch cooking. The entire experience gave me the tools and knowledge to turn classic faves into healthy raves! Anyone, no matter what their interests or current level of knowledge, will benefit from taking this life changing and inspiring program."

- Caitlin Iles, Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Bites by Caitlin 

"Through [The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program], I have gained more knowledge than I ever thought I would, learned how to put together my own workshop and cooking class- and execute one, and developed recipes galore. ??I worked hard, had a blast, and am incredibly proud to call myself a Culinary Nutrition Expert. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to boost their nutrition knowledge, gain skills in the kitchen and maybe even turn it into a career. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!"

- Chef Kristin Rugg, Chef Kristin Natural Foods (@chefkristinrugg)

"Even though I was already eating relatively healthy food, Meghan helped take my diet to a whole new level of wellness. She taught me how to make amazingly simple meals that are flavourful, diverse and easy to prepare. And now I understand how to prepare foods for optimal health and healing. Meghan’s course helped me map out a very practical plan on how to pursue a career as a Culinary Nutritionist. I can't wait to share this new-found knowledge and help others in my community!"
-Cheryl Stubbs, designer

"After completing The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, I have literally thrown myself into the world of culinary nutrition. I work as a food stylist for local TV programs, newspapers, and magazines. I have also started my own brand/company Flexi Lexi, teaching culinary nutrition workshops, creating and delivering juice cleanses to high-profile clients in the Ottawa area. The business side of the program was really helpful. I absorbed every last little bit of business advice and tips and have used them in developing my own voice in the culinary nutrition field."

- Alexa Spas, founder Flexi Lexi (@flexilexi)

"The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has made me a better Naturopath and I really hope that I can continue to develop a collaborative relationship with this business!"

- Jen Newell, Jen Newell ND (@newellND)

If you'd check out the freebie EXCLUSIVE preview videos from the course we've been sharing all week, you can register here for instant access:

 Registration is now open!

I can't wait to 'see' you in the kitchen this fall! Booyeah it's the most fun. rewarding and delicious that learning has ever been. We already have a community of excited Culinary Nutriton Students ready to welcome you in and get plotting and planning for an amazing time together. More details are here or login here to see the exclusive preview videos.


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  1. WOOOHOOO! Let the fun begin! Can't wait to meet more CNE peeps :)
    • Meghan Telpner said…

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