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Kitchen Renovation: Day 3


Action shot! I am painting my cabinets red/pink. I like to call it rasberry Rhubarb. So we are now nearing the end of the first week and the time it is taking and the budget has likely doubled. I see how renovations break-up marriages. I am about ready to divorce myself.  The plus side- I have fallen back in love with my striped overalls. I used to wear these to school when I was 14 and may or may not have worn them with one strap undone. I think I might bring the overall back. Anyone with me?

Here are some pics for you.


21 Responses to “Kitchen Renovation: Day 3”

  1. Cindy said…
    oh the chaos! I remember you!!! LOVE the Rhubarb Pink! It's a keeper! our remodel never brought us NEAR divorce...but agreeing on paint colors sure created a few colorful disagreements HA we found a happy middle! shew!!! you're knee deep in it now!!! :)
  2. How about overall shorts? I used to rock some pink ones in middle school. Love the cabinet, such a lovely color. Stick with it!
  3. Wow, I love that cabinet and the color is divine. Can't wait to see the outcome. When do you think the kitchen will be finished? Keep us posted!
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  5. Taryn said…
    The cutest little boy came into my work today in these rockin' overalls. And now kick butt overalls again? I am pretty sure my mother donated mine to the Sally Ann the instant I left for Toronto. I used to wear them at least once a week, yep and this was about uhh just a few years ago. Leaving one strap loose gave you immediate street cred, haha. Yes! Overalls!! The raspberry rhubarb paint is fantastic, where did you find this beautiful colour?
  6. Ashley said…
    Oh, overalls. I think I used to wear mine with BOTH straps down, so they were like pants with things falling off them. Eek. I LOVE the colour of the cabinets. It's going to be AMAZING when it's done!!
  7. Cara said…
    Hi, Meghan! Love your colors and how the kitchen is looking so far. Hang in there and it will all be worth the effort soon enough. Caribana week is lovely and brings back fond memories. I used to wear my beloved overalls so much in elementary school, my father nicknamed me "Big Smith." That was the name of the company that produced the goods, Big Smith. Even as a child, I was never into uncomfortable stuff for the sake of fashion, and that holds true today. I cannot even act like a human if my clothes aren't super comfy. I've been nostalgic for my overalls lately and have decided to get another pair soon. Hey, I just tried hemp protein powder this am.... Thank YOU, Canada, for being wise enough to make it legal to grow! I'll just import it for as long as I have to. I'm hooked. You are such an inspiration to me. I am new to vegetarian cuisine and lifestyle and I subscribe to your site. It's the best part of my day to read your charming posts and to get so much information from the friendliest of people. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Meghan!
  8. Love the colour of the cabinet. But more importantly, you fit into a pair of overals that you wore when you were 14? That's impressive!
  9. earthmother said…
    LOVED my OshKosh B'Gosh overalls when I was 14! Bring 'em back, I say. How 'bout painter's pants? Remember those? I'm liking the raspberry Rhubarb. Okay, will you shoot me if I say that outside of the two guys in the corner, nothing looks a whole lot different from Day 1?
  10. bibprofessor said…
    Hi Meghan, just went across your blog, I'm into homemade scones, good food and not least overalls and together with other guys, overalls fans, also loving food and overalls, see my blog and the links, I am organizing an international overalls day on November 20 ! please join us !

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