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Last Chance to Register! Your Questions Answered


How's your weekend treating you, my love sweet love? I hope it's the best ever- and that you are just popping in to say hello before you head off on your Funday Sunday!

A friendly reminder- registration for our new online course, Foods for Healing, closes TOMORROW- so, if you are ready to jump on the train of vibrant health, you best get registering!  Hop on over here for all the sweet deets.  We already have an amazing global community coming together for this program- from Canada, the U.S., Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, France and more.  The introductions have already begun in our exclusive Foods for Healing forum- so why aren't you joining the fun yet?

I thought I'd take a moment for those of you on the fence to answer some of the more common questions being asked.

Foods For Healing FAQ with Meghan

Q: When and how will I get the materials? I am a busy mom and want to make sure I am available when the course starts.

A. This course is self- guided online. That means that once we release the materials around noon Eastern time on Monday, November 19th, you have immediate and unlimited access to the full program. That allows you to structure the program into your own unique schedule and move at a pace that works for you. With that being said, the program has been broken up into nine modules. Every three days I will send out an email to you, with extra tips and tidbits of info relating to the next module as a guide. This gives you the freedom to work at our pace with us, or at your own. Also remember that once you have access, you are in for life. So even if this week or month doesn't work for you- you could start fresh in January or June if that better suits you! The great thing about this program is it really is designed to fit everyone's needs.

Q. I feel like I have tried everything- How do I know your program will provide the answers and information I need?

A. In short, I don't. There are of course no guarantees as so much relies on your own commitment and dedication to making this work. An important key thing that sets my program apart from many other healing protocols is  the three tiered approach that I take. We've all been giving diets where we eliminate certain foods, add new ones in etc. That's common place. I provide reasons why these foods must be eliminated, a full week-by-week transition guide to introduce new ones and eliminate the old plus introduce a key set of therapeutic properties to look for in food. This means that, yes, I give you recommendations, but I am also empowering you to understand how to make these food choices independently so you don't feel like you're doing just what I say, but doing what you're doing because you understand how it all works. Empowering you with the knowledge of why, what, and how makes sure you get it, and can do it!

Q. Can I buy this program as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! And what an amazing gift it would make. Sometimes it's hard for us to put our own health first so lending someone else a helping hand can be a huge help! When you register and go to the section to process your payment, you can simply add a note in the comments section including the first name, last name and email address of the person you are purchasing the program for. We will manually enter their details into our secure online course site and they will get an email with all the details. If you want this delivered on a specific date, simply list that as well and we will ensure it happens.

Q. I am in charge of cooking for my whole family. Will the recipes and meal plan be family friendly?

A. Yes! Or at least they should be. I could talk for days on this subject. Basically it is all about how you treat family meal time. Bring the good food to the table with great energy and a smile, maintaining calmness and this will help. Getting your kids to help in the kitchen will also help. It does depend however on how consistent you are with feeding whole unprocessed foods. The longer you keep "treating" or "rewarding" with processed and/or sugary foods, the tougher it will. The recipes themselves however do include healing snacks and treats along with beautifully nourishing meals. If you saw the preview videos, you likely saw my chocolate chia pudding. That is just one example of how healing foods can be amazingly delicious and decadent.

Q. Will I be able to get off my medications?
A. This is a tough question for me to answer as it all depends on what you're taking and for how long. I am not anti-medicine, as I've hears a lot of practitioners can be. They certainly serve their purpose and can be life saving when needed. What a foods for healing protocol can do however is promote the healing in your body so that perhaps, you can reduce your dosages or eventually transition off your medications. I do not recommend doing this however without the support of a highly knowledgable natural health care practitioner. Many refuse to work with patients who are on any meds. This is not the approach I go with, or our nutritionist Josh Gitalis. We believe in meeting people where they're at and taking them along the path to health.

Q. I am not ready to register for the bundled package that includes services with clinical nutritionist Josh Gitalis, can I upgrade at a later time?

A. Unfortunately not. Josh has been kind enough to deeply discount his services to package them up with our program and this is a limited time offer. If you wish to take advantage, you will have to do so with the program registration now. You could of course always book with Josh in the future, but that would an arrangement made between you and him/his office.

Hurry on up and click here  to register, I can't WAIT to share this important program with you.

Love and  Foods for Healing (always),

ps. As you may have heard- things are changing around here. From now on to get in the loop on all the sweet goodies- and I mean the sweetest of the sweet- you're going to have to join the party on my subscriber list. Enter your deets below and be sure to check the email you get back from us with the download link to our SUPER popular BEST BREAKFASTS recipe book.

2 Responses to “Last Chance to Register! Your Questions Answered”

  1. Anna said…
    For some reason I haven't been getting any emails for a while now. I just came to check if the blog was still going. I don't know if there's a glitch but I think it's worth checking out. There's either something wrong or I've managed to figure out how to unsubsribe in my sleep. Random question: I've been looking for a really good iron supplement made without animal products and I can't seem to find any in Canada. I need about 600 mg of the stuff and I can't find a vegetarian pill with numbers that high. Is there any brand you can recommend?
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Anna, The daily blog feed emails are no longer going out. In regards to the iron- there are so many to choose from and unfortunately, I am unable to make any specific recommendations in this format (for many reasons- many of them legal). I suggest going to your local health food store and speaking with one of the nutritionists there.

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