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Let’s Get Ecosexy: Your Lube Is Natural, But Sperm-Friendly?


Written by Amy and Kim Sedgwick,  two sweet, sweet members of The Red Tent Sisters.

Did you know that most lubricants can harm those precious little swimmers? Even if you’re using an organic lubricant, the ingredients probably interfere with sperm motility and the pH likely doesn’t support their survival. If you’re not in the market for making a baby, this may be a good thing (although lube isn’t officially a spermicide) but for those trying to conceive, it’s best to switch to a sperm-friendly lubricant like Pre~Seed or YES Baby.

These lubricants are designed to mimic the fertility-enhancing qualities of a woman’s own cervical mucus. Pre~Seed has been around for awhile, so it’s better known by doctors and is often referenced on fertility websites and other resources. However, it’s not the most eco-friendly. It contains parabens, which many of you are probably familiar with (an icky preservative that’s a hormone disrupter and has been linked to health concerns such as breast cancer). Fortunately there’s now an alternative available that’s certified organic and paraben-free. We’re big fans of the company YES.  The co-founders Sarah Brooks and Susi Lennox spent three years researching and testing lubricants before they released their line of personal lubricants. Their new sperm-friendly lubricant, YES Baby, is similar to Pre~Seed but is a more body-friendly and eco-friendly option.

Both these products have another important feature that differentiates them from regular lubricants – they come with applicators. These applicators help you to ensure the lube reaches the cervix rather than just coating the entrance of the vagina.

While we’re not sure how much we believe these companies’ claims that these products can actually help you get pregnant, they at least won’t do any harm. It’s important to remember that a woman is most fertile when she is producing her own slippery, stretchy cervical mucus and that if a woman is not producing this mucus on her own it can be indicative of an underlying hormonal or health issue. All the fertility products in the world can’t compensate for good, strategic timing!

It’s easy when you are trying to conceive to turn sex into a chore. Aside from the fact that it’s always preferable to actually enjoy sex, there is some research to suggest that a woman’s pleasure and orgasm contributes to successful conception. While not every woman produces enough arousal fluid when stimulated to make intercourse or insemination comfortable, try to avoid applying lube as a way of compensating for lack of arousal. Whenever possible, lube should be used as an enhancement of sexual pleasure, not a substitute for it.

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2 Responses to “Let’s Get Ecosexy: Your Lube Is Natural, But Sperm-Friendly?”

  1. According to Dr. Sarah Buckley (MD), oxytocin mediates the ejection reflexes - the sperm ejection reflex with male orgasm, and the corresponding sperm introjection reflex with female orgasm which draws sperm into the cervix. If you ain't reachin' orgasm, it's pretty easy to see that it can make it more difficult to get the sperm where it needs to go! Check out Ecstatic Birth by Sarah Buckley (ebook). Oxytocin is also part of the fetus and placenta ejection reflex.
  2. Andrea said…
    Coconut oil. It's my answer to many of life's problems.

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