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Longevity Now After Glowing


That cool wind has started to blow. Come on now, St. Lucia is coming and perhaps you should give yourself a treat to look forward to and say "I am going to Nourish My Soul!"

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How I even begin to describe a weekend of absolute evolution, inspiration, revitalization, and thought provocation in 500 words or less, is a challenge beyond my skills so I am giving myself 1,000.

I have just returned from David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference and I can honestly say, this was absolutely, without a doubt, the most informed, inspired and inspiring weekend of learning I have ever experienced. It will take many months and many posts to be able to properly share the wisdom and knowledge that was bestowed upon me, but know that I will.

Amongst the amazing presenters that included David Wolfe, Dr. Mercola, Nadine Artemis, Donna Gates, among others, John Robbins was undoubtedly a stand out of the weekend. He opened his lecture by commending us, the 1,000+ people in the audience, for having the courage to question the assumptions of a culture that are so widely accepted, yet so absurd and so completely out of balance.

John Robbins talked about how confused and toxic our food environment is- that we use the tripod of taste, convenience and price to make the decisions that affect our health in every possible way- the way our body works, the power of our brain, our physical appearance...

He asked the question, why we are eating anyway? Does it fuel our deepest joy? Are we really thriving? I pass these questions on to you.

I have been writing this blog for over two years now and in that time, I have presented posts on food, recipes, nutrition, life and lifestyle. I have also questioned general accepted conventions in our society like body image, the birth control pill, sunshine and cancer, artificial sweeteners, vaccinations, soda pop, the authority of doctors, high fructose corn syrup, margarine, and most recently, MSG.  I am forever astounded, though never surprised that these posts get the most animosity, the most haters.

The comments that oppose my views, though of course are welcome, are rarely, if ever, presented as a healthy balanced argument. They tend to be pointed, personal, fueled by anger (or more likely fear), and as clear as can be to me, are written through an unhealthy being, and dominating ego. Why anyone would defend artificial sweetener as if it were their first born child is beyond me.

Most often, I choose not to engage in such battles. I put it out there, you can do what you like with the info. I state the truth that I feel and know in my heart.  All I can ask of you is that you read my words with an open mind and heart, with the bravery to question whether what we have accepted as a society rings true for you and your family.

The truths that I share have alienated me from many. I have relatives, once best friends,  that no longer speak to me, and life-long friends that have taken personal offense to my sharing of personal experiences. There have been times where I wished to remove things I had written or said to avoid the conflict, but then I would not be sharing my truth.

I believe the success I have seen in the two years since I started my business is because I have always stayed true to my belief, shared my information with the utmost integrity and live what I teach. As I learn more, I continually evolve my own views, opinions and lifestyle and strive to share that with you in a way that will inspire at least some thought, if not some changes. What I say may not always be right for you. All any of us can do is continue to learn, take what works for ourselves, and leave the rest- forever maybe, or perhaps just until the time is right.

I have learned, and was again reminded this weekend, that I don’t need to appeal to everyone. That what I share is not for everyone, or at least that not every one is ready for it. I have been and will continue to be mocked and challenged, but it doesn’t really matter. Spending the weekend with over a 1,000 people who get it in the same way that I do has reignited the fire.

When you hear brand new information, that you know on the deepest level to be true and hear the support that backs those words, that is the most amazing thing of all. Being embraced by an amazingly loving, generous and healthy population and that I am not alone in my ethics, values, morals and beliefs- has confirmed again that this way of living is my religion.

John Robbins, the keynote speaker of the weekend, separated from his family when he was expected to take over as the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream heir. Instead he moved to BC with his wife to build a cabin, start a garden and live on $500 a year.  When he was asked about his relationship with his family, he described having two families. His Family of Birth, and his Family of Choice, welcoming all of us into his family of choice.

I know what he speaks of. The 12 people who will be sitting around my dinner table every Thursday for the next six weeks will certainly become a kind of family. The amazing people who will be joining me in St. Lucia in January and February will also become a family. There is no sweeter bond than that which forms around unconditional love, support and sharing a view of the present and the future when your caring becomes your way of living.

John Robbins also shared, in his loving sage-like way, that when we can coordinate the way we live with our innermost knowing, then we “tune our radio to the signal of our soul” and that is what all of this is for. His parting words of wisdom are most certainly worth sharing:

“Give up your shame, guilt, anger, or anything else that compresses your spirit, that limits your ability to show joy”.

I commit to you, the family that has formed through my writings and within the greater healthy living community, that I am now more inspired than ever to offer you as much as I possibly can. Some new inspirations have come to me this week and I want to invite all of you into the inner circle, if you are not already a part. Join my newsletter, my Facebook Page and my Twitter. Share it with your friends, family and lovers. Changes will be coming over the next few months and I want you in on it all!

With great love and gratitude,


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