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Look Inside My Fridge: The Meal Prep Challenge


I am super surprised that more of you haven't taken us up on our "share your fridge" challenge outlined on Monday's contest page. See- all you have to do is post a pic of your fridge on Facebook and for every like or share you get on Facebook, you get extra entries.

To motivate you, over the weekend, I actually did a full on Meal Prep Made Easy fridge organization session. I followed all of the guidelines that I offer in my upcoming course and what an outstandingly amazing difference it made.

Yes, I am a nutritionist and yes, I live with one too- but you know what? We both work about 13 hours a day right now between daytime work and evening teaching/events so things get really busy. And sometimes, even though I know better, I can't always do better. So knowing this week was going to be insane for me, I took 30 minutes after going to the market on Saturday to sort out my fridge and prep my veggies.

This, by the way, is the before.

So then, enter to win our Lifestyle Changer Deluxe package and if you're feeling super ambitious/brave/challenged by the meal prep thing- share a pic of the inside of your fridge and let us have a peak.

You could even use this line as the caption. "I need to win @Meghan Telpner Nutritionista's Meal Prep giveaway. Like/share to help me win this:".

There are other ways to enter too:

Here’s How You Can Enter to Win This AMAZING Deluxe UnDiet Package:

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  • Twitter Entries: Tweet today’s tweetable! (And share your tweet below)
  • Pinterest Entries: Re-pin our Almond Milk DIY on Pinterest (and make sure to tag @Meghantelpner & use #UnDiet!). Each repine counts as an entry.
  • Blog Enrtries: Blog about it and get five bonus entries. Every comments/like/tweet you get counts as additional entries (Share a link to your blog here.)

Happy Meal Prepping!






ps. If you missed the announcement Monday afternoon, our SECOND PREVIEW VIDEO is now up and running. Get your All Access pass and have a peak!


9 Responses to “Look Inside My Fridge: The Meal Prep Challenge”

  1. Lisa said…
    30 minutes? Really?! How come it always takes me a couple hours to clean out my fridge and prep a farmers' market-run's worth of veggies?! Guess I need Meal Prep Made Easy! (seriously looking foward to that "easy" part!!)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Part of the program helps you to plan in advance what needs to be done with each veggie. Streamlining!
  2. Meg said…
    wow it looks great! i'm wondering about your asparagus... you keep those guys in a jar of water? does that help them last longer? it seems like a great idea (mine always get lost and forgotten as they slip to the bottom of my crisper drawer and there is nothing sadder than wasting delicious local, first-of-spring asparagus!)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Of course it does! They're like flowers, right? Trim the bottoms and store in water. We bought those last Thursday and they were crispy as can be when I cooked them up last night.
  3. what a great looking fridge! love all the fruits and veggies! thanks for sharing!
  4. Jill said…
    Interesting it looks like you store oranges (or grapefruit?) in the fridge ? I always thought it was best to leave them on the counter .
  5. peace said…
    I must enter! My fridge ain't too pretty right now but that's okay :) I love the jar idea for the asparagus, takes up much less room than the bowl of water I put them in. And, that is my FAVOURITE kim chi! I'm all out, thanks for the reminder *^_^*
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      The unprettier the better- show your friends why you need the course :)
    • Kate said…
      What kind of kimchi is it!? I'm looking for a good brand of prepared kimchi.

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