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Lost At Sea: How To Help Those That Don’t Want Helping


It’s hard when we know what we know, and yet we continue to watch those around us inflict upon themselves their own worst suffering. They are lost at sea and we keep throwing them a safety line- only to have it thrown back at us.

This is the diabetic who continues to sip on diet sodas and insist life wouldn’t be worth living without a nightly scoop of ice cream. We know the person with heart disease who believes their medications will save them from a lifetime of habits that created their disease in the first place. Or that person with the chronic body pain, headaches, or inflammation who has tried a thousand different solutions for a minute each before giving up and deciding nothing would work.

What if we knew ourselves that our own pain and discomfort were optional? What if we knew without a shadow of a doubt that through right living we turn on or turn off the genetic expression of disease by way of epigenetics? What if we did all we could to live as healthfully and harmoniously as we could, only to be mocked by those around us who view our own commitment to right living as torturous?

So many UnDiet readers and thrivers- the UnDiet tribe- are now experiencing this and it’s not easy.

I know that you know that person in your life that you wish with all your might would listen to you, would heed your call, take action towards their health, their finances, their job, but instead choose to complain and do little else.

You hear them complain, or worse, they’ve become so accustomed to their misery that they can see no other way.

I really don’t know what is worse- listening to someone complain without them being open to doing anything to make changes, or the person who has resigned themselves that this is the only way it can be and become complacent.

What Can You Do To Be The Support?

  • Don’t ever volunteer your opinion or advice, no matter how expert you may be. If you are close enough to this person to freely voice, they are close enough to you to simply ignore you.
  • Send them information. It can’t come from you. This is the only thing I know how to do passive aggressively- I will send that person in need an article, a study, a first hand account, a book etc with a comment like “I read this and thought it might be of interest- curious your thoughts. And p.s.- if you would prefer me not to send you such things, let me know”.
  • Don’t be an enabler. If you need your lover to eat better but then feel bad and give them ice cream- you are part of the problem. All I have to say about that.
  • Lead by example- always, always, always. Otherwise you haven’t a chance!
  • Get their bottom into a local or online class, lecture, conference, or dining table where they can see/hear/taste for themselves the amazing options available.

5 responses to “Lost At Sea: How To Help Those That Don’t Want Helping”

  1. Sooze says:

    exactly what i needed to read — thank you!

  2. Bree says:

    You’re so inspring. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I’m starting a company here in Park City Utah, and I can get overwhelmed at times. I started 2-week GF cleanses to begin the revolution here in Utah and it’s been amazing helping / observing people transform. One of my cleansers told me about you, so thankful! Sending love and thanks~ Breezy :)

  3. Michele says:

    It is so hard when we know we can help someone, but we need to tread lightly. Great ideas… thanks for all the good work!

  4. Tina Slauenwhite says:

    Great info as always,

    Thank you Meghan.

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